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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

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The British government is seeking to maintain a cover-up of the Bloody Sunday massacre after it was announced that only one soldier will be prosecuted for the killings.

Britain sees loyalist violence as option for Brexit breach

geoffreycox.jpg A return of loyalist violence in the north of Ireland could help Britain wriggle out of its international treaty obligations in regard to the border and the Good Friday Agreement, according to its Attorney General.

Bradley again defends killer soldiers

bradleyagain.jpg British Direct Ruler Karen Bradley is facing further criticism after she praised the “courage and distinction” of British soldiers following the Bloody Sunday decision to prosecute one of them for murder.

Step forward for Ludlow family

seamusludlowflat.jpg The family of a murdered County Louth man has won the right to challenge a decision not to prosecute British soldiers and loyalist paramilitaries identified as suspects.

MI5 attempt to recruit McGuinness family member

marvincanning.jpg A brother-in-law of Martin McGuinness has said he was approached by MI5.

DUP: ‘Unionist homes for unionist people’

wellsballynahinch.jpg The DUP is facing criticism over its attitude towards housing after it issued an election leaflet calling for “local homes for local people”. Another of its political efforts sought to block the construction of housing near a Catholic area in north Belfast.


bradleyred.jpg Widespread revulsion has greeted a statement by the British Direct Ruler Karen Bradley that killings by members of the Crown Forces in the north of Ireland are “not crimes”.

Bloody Sunday families to hear prosecutions decision

katenash600.jpg A decision on Bloody Sunday prosecutions is due to be issued on Thursday, and the day will mark a key moment in a 47-year-old campaign for justice.

Trauma for families as shootings recalled

ballymurphyfamilies2.jpg An eyewitness has told the Ballymurphy inquest how he heard the last words of mother-of-eight Joan Connolly after she was shot in the face.

Downey to appeal extradition over fabricated evidence

downeytea.jpg Donegal republican John Downey is to appeal against a decision to extradite him to the North of Ireland.

Protests planned against return of border checks

borderprotestgroup.jpg A group of residents have called for mass demonstrations along the Irish border the day after Brexit, when Britain leaves the European Union and takes the north of Ireland with it.

Institutionalised bigotry at Belfast hospital

belfastcityhospital.jpg A culture of anti-Catholic hate was rife among staff at Belfast City Hospital in recent years but senior health officials chose not to take action against the perpetrators, it has emerged.

Who killed Rosemary Nelson?

rosemarynelson3.jpg North Armagh-based human rights lawyer Rosemary Nelson was assassinated 20 years ago this week in an attack in which high-level collusion is still suspected. A report by Beatrix Campbell on the smears and disinformation which continued long after her death.

Bloody Sunday - the top brass gets away with it

generalford.jpg There may be only one thing that the Bloody Sunday families and the defenders of the Parachute Regiment are agreed on following the announcement that a former lance corporal is to be charged with two murders and four attempted murders: that it is perverse and unfair that one low-ranking soldier should be made to carry the can for what happened in Derry 47 years ago.

Hunger strikers - Britain ‘blind to reason and persuasion’

bobbysands600.jpg March 1st marked the 38th anniversary of the start of Bobby Sands hunger strike in 1981. Nine days into his protest Sands turned 27 years of age. He would not live to see another birthday.

Time to go

karenbradley3.jpg There are many reasons you might think Karen Bradley should resign, but the Derry Girls may not be the first one that comes to mind.

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