September 26, 2015

SDLP spells it out

alasdairmcdonnell2.jpg Amid the latest bout of crisis talks in Belfast, SDLP leader Alasdair McDonnell has warned that the Democratic Unionist Party simply don’t want to work with Catholics.

‘Change of heart’ by PSNI on McGurk’s massacre

mcgurksmassacre.jpg The PSNI has been forced to accept a finding that the original police investigation into the McGurk’s Bar bombing was biased.

British Labour leader backs Irish self-determination

mcdonnellcorbyn.jpg Jeremy Corbyn has reiterated his support for a united Ireland amid an ongoing hysterical reaction in Britain to the election of the socialist as leader of the Labour Party there.

Dublin parliament returns amid scenes of death and despair

elderlybegging.jpg The body of a homeless man could be the first of several grim discoveries through the winter months following a complete failure of the coalition government to confront the crisis of poverty and inequality in the 26 Counties.

Britain’s dirty secrets given precedence over truth and justice

villiers2.jpg The independence of the planned Historical Investigations Unit (HIU) has already been compromised by news that the British Direct Ruler Theresa Villiers is to grant herself a power to veto the contents of investigation reports to families on ‘national security’ grounds.

Gloves off as names are named in NAMA scandal

brysonnama.jpg There were a number of important developments in the corruption scandal over the sale of the ‘Project Eagle’ portfolio this week.

Remembering Tomas Ceannt: soldier, patriot, revolutionary

kentarrest.jpg Like many other men and women before and since Tomas Ceannt demonstrated incredible courage and selflessness in the struggle to free Ireland from British occupation.

DUP made mistake in confronting Cameron with threats

cameroncricket.jpg The way the British government has handled the impasse is very instructive. They did not give in to unionist amateur dramatics, ultimatums, hissy fits or walk outs.

September 19, 2015

Talks back on track

mcguinnessrobinsonclash.jpg Sinn Fein has said it is willing to help find a way to deal with armed groups, including former Provisional IRA elements, as it was confirmed that multi-party crisis talks are to go ahead at Stormont next week.

Fears for prisoner on second hunger strike

hannawaybig.jpg A relative of Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams is already into his third week on a prison hunger strike over conditions in Maghaberry, it has emerged.

PSNI harassment of ex-prisoner ends in tragedy

mcerlean.jpg A former republican prisoner who was violently arrested while putting up a suicide awareness poster on a lamppost has taken his own life.

Parties seen aligning ahead of election

coalitionfffg.jpg Sinn Fein has said it is preparing for government in the 26 Counties and has refused to rule out any potential coalition partners following the forthcoming general election.

Kenny delivers oration for 1916 rebel amid commemorations row

thomaskentfuneral.jpg A state funeral for 1916 martyr Thomas Kent took place yesterday in a re-interment openly stage-managed by the Dublin government to boost its nationalist credentials.

Assessment sought on unionist paramilitaries

gacarson.jpg There are concerns that the PSNI is attempting to conceal levels of loyalist violence after they refused to describe an arson attack on a second Gaelic sports club in Tyrone as sectarian.

Gerry Adams and Jeremy Corbyn and what matters in politics

adamscorbyn.jpg Criticism of Corbyn’s non-singing of the British national anthem, or the clothes he wears, or his beard, are obviously superficial to the brink of ludicrous.

Stormont has served politicians, not the people

teabiscuits.jpg What has Stormont delivered for working-class nationalists? Zilch.

September 15, 2015

DUP say talks on hold after British statement

villierscommons.jpg The DUP leader Peter Robinson has said the failure of the British government to make a statement addressing its demands has ‘delayed’ the start of crisis talks aimed at rescuing the North’s political institutions.

September 12, 2015

Welcome for election of Corbyn as British Labour leader

corbynelected.jpg The election of veteran progressive Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the British Labour Party has been welcomed in Ireland.

Return to the brink

arlenefoster.jpg The cycle of crisis in the north of Ireland lurched towards the farcical this week as the Democratic Unionist Party blustered and threatened but, in the end, fudged an ultimatum to pull down the political institutions over allegations that the Provisional IRA still exists.

Sinn Fein concern over policing as republicans are released

storeyreleased.jpg Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams has said he wants to meet the PSNI police chief over the arrest of his party’s northern chairman in the murder inquiry which sparked the current political crisis.

Secret Garda unit behind ‘shoot-to-kill’ incident

ronanmaclochlainn.jpg A woman who witnessed an alleged shoot-to-kill incident in 1998 in County Wicklow was later visited by senior gardai and told to “stay quiet”, a commission of investigation into the fatal shooting has been told.

PSNI mock Derry family, escalate harassment

bigknock.jpg A member of the deaf community in Derry says she was traumatised after a heavy-handed PSNI police raid on her home in the Shantallow area of the city on Tuesday.

Powerful bombs used in UDA feud

ahoghillbombs.jpg Two explosions which shook the village of Ahoghill, County Antrim in the early hours of Thursday morning have been blamed on a drugs dispute among rival unionist paramilitary gangs.

Water charge campaigners defy Garda oppression

waterprotestpepper.jpg A 26 County police team led by the Garda Commissioner’s husband has been secretly spying on water charge protesters amid further allegations of political policing of left-wing TDs.

Political policing is not a ‘legacy issue’

fennellsns.jpg Local Republicans and residents’ groups analysis of the PSNI, MI5 and repressive state apparatus and legislation is the correct one.

Stormont is a failed political experiment

stormontstatue2.jpg Since the current Stormont is now more unpopular than the old one, many might wonder why Sinn Fein is trying to preserve it.

September 10, 2015

Robinson steps aside, puts ‘gatekeeper’ in zombie Executive

dupstatement.jpg In a dramatic day in Belfast, DUP leader Peter Robinson has backed away from a threat to immediately collapse the Six County Executive, instead opting to step aside temporarily and withdraw all his Ministers, leaving one.

Stormont collapse likely after DUP ultimatum is rejected

dupstormont.jpg A Stormont committee has refused to adjourn the Six County Assembly despite a DUP threat that it would otherwise pull down the North’s political institutions.

September 9, 2015

Arrests of top republicans adds to talks chaos

bobbystorey.jpg The PSNI police this morning arrested three very senior Provisional republican figures in connection with the murder last month of Belfast man Kevin McGuigan -- one of whom, Bobby Storey, is the chairperson of Sinn Fein in the Six Counties.

September 7, 2015

Talks hit by Tory threats, DUP go-slow

robinsonvilliers.jpg Crisis talks due to begin tomorrow in Belfast face an uphill battle amid serious attacks on the Six-County political process by both the British government and unionists over the past 48 hours.

September 5, 2015

Stormont back from the brink

robinsontanned.jpg The DUP leader Peter Robinson has offered to take part in a fresh round of multi-party talks as a deep crisis over allegations that the Provisional IRA still exists appears set to extend over a period of weeks or months.

Arrested republicans ‘pawns in a political game’

seankelly.jpg A prominent former IRA Volunteer has spoken out for the first time to defend himself after unionists called for him to be returned to prison by the British authorities.

Policing report exposes dysfunctional coalition

judgefennelly.jpg The interim report of the Fennelly Inquiry on policing matters in the 26 Counties has revealed a catalogue of delinquency and deception at the highest levels of the State’s justice system.

Refugees welcomed by Irish republicans

kurdibrothers.jpg Thousands of Irish families have pledged to provide shelter to refugees following a dramatic recognition of the plight of those fleeing conflict

Committee hears of culture of white-collar criminality

garethgraham.jpg A witness at an investigation into political corruption by a committee of the Stormont Assembly has claimed to have hundreds of hours of tapes revealing “an ingrained culture of inappropriate and possibly illegal conduct” across the political, banking, legal and accountancy sectors.

Welcome for state funeral for 1916 rebel Thomas Kent

thomaskent.jpg A State funeral is to be held for 1916 Rising hero Thomas Kent -- one of only two rebels executed by the British outside of Dublin -- after DNA testing confirmed that remains found in Cork Prison belong to him.

The French Invasion of Ireland, 1798

castlebarhumbert.jpg Bill Peterson looks at the extraordinary military campaign of France’s General Humbert 217 years ago this week, which some historians say laid the groundwork for the Easter Rising over a century later.

Ireland’s record on migrants has been shameful

faminerefugees.jpg How quickly we forget. When it suits. Are we about to disgrace ourselves again?

September 1, 2015

Report finds Taoiseach’s message forced top Garda to quit

kennycallinan.jpg The 26 County Taoiseach Enda Kenny is facing calls for his resignation after an inquiry found today that the former Garda police chief commissioner Martin Callinan felt obliged to retire as a result of a message conveyed from the Taoiseach.

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