June 28, 2010

Clashes as key battle recalled

adamsstmatthews.jpg Hand-to-hand fighting briefly broke out in the nationalist Short Strand enclave on Friday night on the eve of a commemoration in the area of the Battle of St Matthew’s.

RUC compo case ‘could name’ informers

gunman.jpg Former members of the RUC police seeking compensation payments are threatening to publicly name killers who acted as informers.

eirigi protests at normalisation effort

eirigicityhall.jpg Republicans protested in Belfast city centre on Saturday at the celebration of [British] Armed Forces Day in the north.

Sunday families thank campaigners

sundayrelatives.jpg The Bloody Sunday families and the surviving wounded who were shot by the British Parachute Regiment on January 30th, 1972, have issued a statement thanking their supporters and well-wishers.

New Belfast extradition bid

michelena.jpg A third Basque man, arrested in Belfast city centre on Thursday night by the PSNI, is being held on foot of a Spanish extradition bid.

Seando Moore

seandomoore.jpg The death occurred in Belfast recently of well-known republican activist and ex-PoW Seando Moore.

The battle of St Matthew’s

battleofstmatthewsbrits.jpg The geographical and symbolic position of St Matthew’s Church, facing on to the staunchly loyalist Newtownards Road, played a major factor in the events which were to unfold in June 1970.

Bloody Sunday’s architects

sundayreportrelatives.jpg The Saville report has underscored the difficulty of “truth and reconciliation” inquiries.

June 24, 2010

‘Normal’ visit by Queen planned

queen.jpg The Dublin and London governments have formally begun the process of arranging a state visit to the 26 Counties by the ‘Queen of England’ Elizabeth Windsor, it was announced yesterday.

Mourner jailed over friend’s funeral

bloodysunday2.jpg The son of a murdered Sinn Fein activist has become the first person in almost 30 years to be charged in connection with a republican funeral.

Loyalist rampage in Belfast

racistloyalists.jpg Loyalists have carried out a series of racist and sectarian attacks in south Belfast.

Obama praises Cameron statement

obamacameron.jpg US President Barack Obama has told British prime minister David Cameron that his Bloody Sunday apology was “historic” and would contribute to reconciliation in the north.

Union implicated in new slush fund scandal

siptu.jpg A total of 31 overseas trips were funded from a controversial multi-million euro “training fund” which was shared by trade union officials and public servants.

Fine Gael ‘silly’ on the North - Adams

endakenny.jpg Gerry Adams told Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny at Stormont yesterday that Fine Gael was not trusted on the “national question” after the Fine Gael leader said he would not enter into a coalition government with Sinn Fein.

New republic not possible without a united island

gerryadamsflat.jpg Both North and South have failed miserably as separate entities. The best way forward is to avoid the wastes and inequalities of partition, writes Gerry Adams.

Saville missed the failures of leadership

marksaville.jpg The Bloody Sunday operation emerged at the intersection between the political and the military, in a grey space which left plenty of room for manoeuvre by individuals.

June 21, 2010

Dirty protest at Maghaberry

dirtyprotest.jpg Protesting republican prisoners in Maghaberry jail in County Antrim have begun a dirty protest after prison authorities refused to implement an agreement made with the prisoners to address their concerns at the conditions.

Bloody Sunday prosecutions pursued

bloodysunday2.jpg Lawyers representing some of the Blood Sunday victims’ families are to meet the Public Prosecution Service about prosecuting the soldiers responsible.

Child attacked by loyalists

shannonsmyth.jpg A thirteen-year-old girl was knocked out and lost her front teeth when a brick was thrown by loyalists over a west Belfast ‘peaceline’.

Orangemen escalate Drumcree standoff

drumcree.jpg Nationalist politicians have accused the Orange Order of holding the community to ransom over fears that it will attempt to stage an illegal Drumcree march.

Bomb left at Tyrone PSNI station

vanbomb.jpg No group has claimed responsibility for a 300 pound bomb which failed to detonate outside the PSNI base in the border village of Aughnacloy, County Tyrone.

Armagh man cleared as MI5 plot falters

desmondkearns.jpg A county Armagh man has been cleared after a judge ruled that he had been entrapped by an MI5 attempt to snare him and a friend in an arms smuggling plot.

Does the inquiry hide darker aspects of Bloody Sunday?

bloodysundayinquiry.jpg It would be a mistake to see Saville's report as supplying the definitive answers to what happened on January 30, 1972 in Derry.

Not a bad day for the British army

sundayreportguildhall.jpg Derry is still dizzy from the eruption of joy which greeted the Saville report’s recognition on Tuesday that all of the Bloody Sunday wounded and dead were unarmed civilians gunned down by British paratroopers for no good or legitimate reason.

June 17, 2010

The truth breaks free

sundayreportrelatives.jpg Suppressed for 38 years by the mendacity of the British Army and its soldiers, the facts of the bloody massacre of innocent Irish nationalists in Derry in January, 1972 have been affirmed by a British tribunal of inquiry and publicly accepted by a British Prime Minister.

Now for justice

sundayreportvictims.jpg The prosecution of the Bloody Sunday soldiers is being sought by at least some of those whose loved ones were shot dead and then smeared by their killers.

Cameron praised for accepting findings

cameronwestminstersunday.jpg Sinn Fein’s Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness complimented the Conservative British Prime Minister David Cameron on a “generous” statement in which he apologised for the Bloody Sunday killings.

Kenny holds on as Bruton coup defeated

endakenny.jpg Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny has retained the leadership of his party, fending off a disastrous power grab by the party’s former Finance spokesperson, Richard Bruton.

Calls for entrapment trial to be thrown out

mi5logo.jpg The prosecution case against two Armagh men facing charges arising out of a sting operation by MI5 (British military intelligence) should be thrown out, their lawyers have argued.

Local council reform plans collapse

stormontstatue.jpg A shakeup of the north’s local councils has collapsed after the Six-County executive failed to reach agreement .

How Saville reported the killings

sundayvictims.jpg How the Saville and Widgery reports differed in their findings for each of the Bloody Sunday victims.

Saville’s truth brings hope

sundayguildhallthumbsup.jpg A thumbs-up sign, shortly after 3.30pm, squeezed through the narrowest of gaps in an upstairs window in Derry’s Guildhall, was the first indication in almost 40 years that something of huge significance was happening for the relatives of those murdered on Bloody Sunday.

June 15, 2010

Bloody Sunday Inquiry report welcomed

The victims of Bloody Sunday were innocent and their names have been cleared, a relative said today.

Saville Inquiry exonerates Bloody Sunday victims

The Saville inquiry into the Bloody Sunday killings found the actions of British soldiers was “both unjustified and unjustifiable”, British prime minister David Cameron said today

Report of the Bloody Sunday Inquiry

The first five chapters included in Volume One of the report of the Bloody Sunday Inquiry, published this afternoon, which outline the events of the day, addresses the question of responsibility for the killings, and provide an overall assessment.

Families receive Bloody Sunday report

Relatives of the victims of the Bloody Sunday massacre have entered the Guildhall in Derry after retracing the route taken by civil rights marchers in 1972, and have begun examining the findings of the Saville inquiry.

June 14, 2010

Anger at Sunday spin

sundayrelatives.jpg The people of Derry and campaigners for the victims of Bloody Sunday across the world are eagerly awaiting the findings of the Saville Inquiry this Tuesday afternoon.

Fine Gael in turmoil

endakennyrichardbruton.jpg Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny has sacked Richard Bruton as the party’s finance spokesman and deputy leader as speculation mounts of a looming leadership challenge.

UVF still armed - PUP

johnkyle.jpg The political representatives of the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) have dismissed pressure for the group to fully decommission its weapons as they appointed a new leader last week.

Tour of the North rerouted from Ardoyne

marchbrits.jpg Sinn Fein has welcomed a decision by the Parades Commission to ban marchers heading to the highly controversial ‘Tour of the North’ march from the Ardoyne interface in north Belfast.

Legal challenges to Maghaberry regime

maghaberry.jpg A prisoner at Maghaberry jail has received High Court permission to challenge prison authorities over stripsearching policies.

Trimble to take part in flotilla raid inquiry

davidtrimble.jpg The Israeli announcement that former Ulster Unionist leader David Trimble will take part in an internal investigation into its murderous assault on a convoy of Gaza-bound aid ships has been greeted with disbelief in Ireland.

Bloody Sunday - A personal reflection

bloodysundaydaly.jpg The British public has the right to know what has been done in their name and the fact that ordinary working class families, as well as all those wounded on the day, were left to carry the burden of injustice for almost 40 years.

A 38-year wait for the truth

bloodysundayinquiry.jpg On Tuesday, the Bloody Sunday Inquiry will publish its 5,000-page report into the mass killing of protesters in 1972, an event that was unique among Troubles atrocities and that changed the North profoundly.

June 11, 2010

Fianna fraud

uvf.jpg The 26-County Taoiseach Brian Cowen is facing a motion of no confidence in the Dublin parliament after his government was harshly criticised by two preliminary reports into the banking crisis and linked to an attempt to falsify the financial position of Anglo Irish Bank.

Israeli crimes continue

rachelcorrieashdod.jpg Israel targeted an Irish aid ship heading for Gaza last week despite continuing outrage over the bloody assault on the main humanitarian relief flotilla, which left nine aid workers dead and stunned international public opinion.

RSF leadership denies Continuity IRA ‘coup’

ciragraffiti.jpg The leadership of Republican Sinn Fein (RSF) admitted this week that a recent convention of local leaders of the Continuity IRA has sought to form a breakaway republican armed group. It described the meeting as “unauthorised”.

Govt condemned as ‘desecration’ motorway opens

hilloftara.jpg The opening on Saturday of the M3 motorway past Tara, the ancient capital of Ireland, was a day that heritage campaigners had hoped would never come.

Stormont AG blocked soldier’s prosecution

williammcgreanery.jpg A 41-year-old Derry man shot dead by the British army in 1971 was an innocent victim and was not carrying a rifle, as claimed by the soldier who killed him, the Historical Enquiries Team (HET) has found.

SF and former councillor in slanging match

dessieward.jpg A major row has erupted between Sinn Fein and former party councillor Dessie Ward following his resignation from the party.

Bloody Sunday - A long walk to justice

bloodysundaymarch.jpg They have fought so hard for so long, but in just a few days’ time, the families of those killed and injured on Bloody Sunday will gather in Derry’s Guildhall to see whether they’ve finally been given justice.

Freedom flotilla

corriefreedomflotilla.jpg The Flotilla was an heroic effort to highlight the imprisonment of one and a half million people by the Israeli state and the humanitarian crisis that the siege has created.

June 4, 2010

UVF threats multiply

uvf.jpg PUP leader Dawn Purvis has resigned after a campaign of intimidation by the unionist paramilitary UVF has seen it issue death threats against its critics and a message of terror against the people of the Shankill Road.

Rachel Corrie to attempt aid delivery

mvrachelcorrie.jpg The Irish aid cargo ship, the Rachel Corrie, is poised to make a fresh attempt to reach Israeli-blockaded Gaza despite Monday’s deadly attack by commandoes against the humanitarian mission, in which at least nine activists died

MI5, Special Branch orchestrating arrests - Murphy

colmmurphy.jpg Colm Murphy, whose conviction in regard to the 1998 Omagh bomb was overturned and who was subsequently cleared of criminal charges, has accused an alleged British agent of attempting to frame both himself and his son.

Injustice on the Irish language

irish-need-not-apply-.jpg Senior judges in the North have rejected a legal bid to over turn a penal law ban on the use of Irish language in court proceedings.

Expenses scandal hits Fianna Fail

ivorcallely.jpg Senator Ivor Callely is set to be expelled from the Fianna Fail parliamentary party after a formal investigation was opened into his expense claims.

Spanish extradition bids fade

basques.jpg The High Court in Belfast has no power to revoke bail granted to a Basque man whose extradition is being sought by the Spanish authorities, judges ruled yesterday.

Did Israel deliberately kill civilians?

freedomflotilla.jpg There is clear evidence present that the State of Israeli may have deliberately and with forethought intended to provoke a conflict in order to assassinate civilians sailing aboard the Freedom Flotilla, and therefore violently discourage any further attempts to deliver humanitarian aid to the Palestinians of besieged Gaza.

Double standards and simple solutions

forensicteam.jpg Has any politician - unionist, nationalist or republican - stood up and said UVF decommissioning was clearly a fraud?

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