October 29, 2016

Death of a traitor

raymondgilmour.jpg The lonely death of an IRA informer has drawn attention to the contempt which British agencies hold for those who have betrayed their own communities to take the queen’s shilling.

North’s ‘principle of consent’ subordinate to UK powers - judge

brexitjudgement.jpg A Belfast judge has ruled that the 1998 Good Friday Agreement can not prevent a change in the North’s constitutional position if a process is initiated to pull the Six Counties out of the European Union.

PSNI run amok on the Falls

psniarrestfalls.jpg Police assaulted and threatened to shoot people in separate incidents amid heightened tensions in west Belfast.

British sought to re-convict the Guildford Four

gerryconlonreleased.jpg The sister of Guildford Four member Gerry Conlon has called for secret papers on his case to be made public after a small number were released to the BBC.

Wealthy loyalist says band members ‘defend north Down’

stittfoster.jpg Prominent loyalist Dee Stitt has appeared to admit that a publicly funded loyalist flute band is engaged in paramilitary activity.

New criminalisation effort opposed

criminalisationbanner.jpg There have been calls to strengthen efforts against the criminalisation and isolation of republican prisoners following a debate at the Stormont Assembly on the issue.

Maire Drumm remembered

mairedrummmural.jpg The daughter of a prominent republican shot dead in her hospital bed by loyalists 40 years ago has said she wants to know who gave the order to have her killed.

Thomas Russell, United Irishman

thomasrussell.jpg Thomas Russell spent a year promoting the United Irish cause in Ulster among Presbyterians and Catholics, becoming legendary as “the man from God-knows-where”.

October 22, 2016

Child’s political conviction over water protest

jobstownprotest.jpg There have been international protests after a judge in Dublin convicted a 15-year-old boy of illegally “imprisoning” the Irish Tanaiste [Deputy Prime Minister] by peacefully demonstrating against water charges in front of her police-escorted car.

ONH ‘housekeeping’ link to shootings

joereilly.jpg It is unclear if a shooting on Thursday which left west Belfast man Joe Reilly dead is connected to tensions within a small breakaway IRA group which saw another man survive a ‘punishment’ shooting earlier in the week.

No bar to deportation of Irish citizens after Brexit

deportationuk.jpg Legal experts have warned that Britain’s exit from the EU could be used as an excuse to bar Irish citizens from the Six Counties and Britain from living there, and that the rights of Irish citizens to live and work under British jurisdiction will need to be enshrined in law.

Manus Deery inquest makes progress

manusdeeryfamily.jpg The former commanding officer of the two former British soldiers directly involved in the shooting of a 15-year-old boy in Derry has expressed his sorrow to the family of the deceased teenager, but said he would not accept the killing had been unjustified.

Saoradh warns over MI5 approaches

mi5hq.jpg The new republican party, Saoradh, has warned its supporters to be vigilant when confronted by British military intelligence, who they said are operating “outside the parameters of any legal framework”.

PSNI harassment seen as threatening and coervice

psnikids.jpg Republican Sinn Fein has said its members and their families are “under attack from the colonial police of British rule” after another series of harassment incidents.

Standing Rock

indiansstandingrock.jpg The campaign against the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) at Standing Rock Sioux reservation is a true symbol of unity and a defiance of corporate interests being put before the people and the planet.

Brits plan to ignore human rights laws - again

theresamayquote.jpg Last week’s Tory party conference exposed once again the British establishment’s largely xenophobic view of the world outside of England.

October 15, 2016

Shifting lines as Brexit tempo increases

borderprotest.jpg The first shot in Britain’s departure from the EU has been fired across Irish bows after its governor in the north of Ireland, James Brokenshire, said Ireland should form part of Britain’s new immigration controls.

Budget 2017 ‘a failure of leadership’

budget17.jpg The 26 County budget announced this week for the 2017 fiscal year was marked by derisively meagre and delayed increases for those in deprivation, while generous measures were implemented to benefit bankers, developers, and landlords.

The mask slips again for North’s political justice system

davidjordan.jpg A court has thrown out politically-motivated charges against a prominent County Tyrone republican after British prosecutors abandoned the case.

Fennell open to dialogue over parade protest

fennelldonegan.jpg Prominent north Belfast republican Dee Fennell has said he is prepared to meet the Catholic priest he confronted over his support for a provocative Orange Order parade through Ardoyne and neighbouring areas.

Attacks on Catholics continue

arsonkat.jpg An arson attack on a flat in north Belfast was a sectarian bid by loyalists to burn out Catholics living in the area.

Sellafield safety fears renewed after TV expose

sellafieldbig.jpg The Dublin government has been urged to demand the complete closure of the Sellafield nuclear site on the west coast of Britain after a BBC programme raised concerns about safety at the facility.

Budget will re-enforce inequality

budget17noonan.jpg The spin is that last week’s Budget spreads the benefits to all. It doesn’t.

Brexiteers should know consequences of ignoring Ireland

brokenshire.jpg There will be consequences if the carefully worded deal in the Good Friday Agreement about how to advance Irish unity peacefully and democratically is casually set aside unilaterally by the British government.

October 11, 2016

Budget 2017 - main points

noonandonohue.jpg The main changes in 26 County taxation and spending for the 2017 fiscal year, as announced in their budget speeches by Minister for Finance Michael Noonan and Minister for Public Expenditure Paschal Donohoe this afternoon.

October 8, 2016

Tories lurch towards the extreme

maythatcher.jpg British Prime Minister Theresa May has drawn comparisons to Margaret Thatcher after she outright rejected Irish and Scottish concerns over Brexit and moved to quash the right of Irish and other EU citizens to live and work in Britain and the north of Ireland.

Drumcree Orangeman seek Ardoyne-style ‘deal’

drumcreestandoff.jpg An Orange Order parade which was forced through the Ardoyne area of north Belfast last weekend has reopened the north’s biggest parading dispute.

Censorship bid by British military over new book

charlieone2.jpg The British Ministry of Defence (MoD) has attempted to suppress a book by a former soldier about his involvement in ‘dirty tricks’ operations in the north of Ireland.

UDA marches towards the millions

mckeagmural.jpg New UDA murals are being erected as millions of pounds of public funds are funnelled by the Stormont administration to a group closely linked to the loyalist paramilitary organisation, it has emerged.

Senior Gardai sought to “annihilate” reputation of whistleblower

noirinosullivan.jpg The Garda Commissioner Noirin O’Sullivan is under pressure to quit after the former head of the Garda press office admitted that he had taken part in a top level smear campaign against a whistleblower to try to undermine his allegations of corruption.

Tributes paid to hunger strikers

galballyhscommem.jpg A large crowd turned out in tribute to the H-Block Martyrs of 1981 when the 1916 Societies held their annual National Hungerstrike Commemoration on Sunday last, October 2nd, in Galbally, County Tyrone.

‘We are the authors of this struggle’

duleekhscommem16.jpg The oration delivered by Francie Mackey, chairman of the Irish Republican Prisoners Welfare Association, at the Hunger Strike commemoration in Duleek organised by the Duleek Hunger Strike Monument Committee on Saturday, 17th September.

Dialogue, not deflection

donegangarc.jpg Pauline Mellon on the Ardoyne parades dispute, from her blog, ‘The Diary of a Derry Mother’.

October 1, 2016

Orange parade ‘returns’ after 3 years

garcprotest0916.jpg An Orange Order parade was forced through the greater Ardoyne area in north Belfast on Saturday morning, October 1, amid a military-style policing operation and a bitter war of words among nationalists.

McGuinness facing investigation over use of royal powers

mcguinnessgloomy.jpg The secret use of royal privileges by the Office of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister is to be investigated by an Assembly committee after it emerged it has been used on three occasions since 2008.

New republican party may contest elections

saoradhaf.jpg The launch of a new republican party ‘Saoradh’ last weekend could bring disaffected nationalist voters back to the polls in the north of Ireland.

Killers ‘boasted they would never face trial’

martinohagan2.jpg A former newspaper editor has said the loyalist murderers of fellow journalist Martin O’Hagan have never been brought to justice because they were paid police informers.

Unionists seek to turn back tide on Irish language

banrionuladh.jpg A row over the name of a fisheries protection boat has highlighted efforts to undermine the Irish language within unionist-controlled departments at Stormont.

Dublin becomes the capital of homelessness

homelessdublin.jpg The housing crisis in Dublin continues to escalate, with the latest figures by the Dublin Regional Homeless Executive (DRHE) revealing that 998 families are now in emergency accommodation in the capital, an increase of 64pc on last year.

The murder of Volunteer Diarmuid O’Neill

diarmuidoneill2.jpg On September 23 1996, IRA volunteer Diarmuid O’Neill was shot dead during an arrest operation by armed members of the Metropolitan Police in Hammersmith, London, England.

Have Sinn Fein been outwitted by the DUP?

fostermcguinness.jpg In setting out to free Ireland, in believing they could outwit the British, Sinn Fein have in fact set us backwards to the days of unionist domination.

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