January 30, 2021

Britain signals readiness for debate on Irish Unity

lewisqt.jpg An acknowledgement by the head of Britain’s government in Ireland that there should be a ‘conversation’ about Ireland’s constitutional future has been welcomed.

UDA/UVF in talks with Britain over Brexit ‘anger’

udabig.jpg A group of loyalist paramilitary representatives have held a meeting with British officials to demand an end to the Irish Protocol of the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement, raising questions over London’s attitude to loyalist paramilitary violence.

Warning as unhinged loyalist killer released

michaelstone.jpg Loyalist serial killer Michael Stone has been released from prison despite warnings he could resume sectarian attacks against nationalists and republicans.

Paisley insists armed struggle was ‘genocide’ by ‘Catholic IRA’

paisleyarm.jpg The DUP MP Ian Paisley has doubled down on an absurd remark in which he compared the Nazi Holocaust to the actions of the “Catholic IRA”.

Family of late republican blast funeral critics

peggymccourt.jpg The family of Derry IRA veteran Eamon ‘Peggy’ McCourt have denounced politicians who criticised his republican funeral and made insensitive allegations that it had broken Covid-19 restrictions.

Loughgall families take action over social media hate campaign

loughgall600.jpg The sister of an IRA Volunteer shot dead by the British Army has called for tighter regulation after images of his remains were repeatedly posted online.

MI5’s sinister policing of the 26 Counties

drewharriscar.jpg To believe that Drew Harris is not still in the employ of the Government which had placed him at the top levels of their intelligence apparatus in the six counties stretches credulity to the limit.

Nothing reckless about affording people a democratic choice

mcdonaldspeaks.jpg If ever we needed a reminder of the stark flaws and practical problems associated with the partition of our island, then the coronavirus pandemic and Brexit have exposed them like never before.

January 23, 2021

Pressure on govts to facilitate Irish Unity poll

osbornerobinson.jpg A clamour for a realignment of borders in the aftermath of Brexit has seen the most senior figure in David Cameron’s former Tory Cabinet join increasing numbers of unionists in admitting that Ireland could soon be reunited.

British Army Covid stunt rejected by republicans

britmedics.jpg A deployment of British Army paramedics to hospitals in occupied Ireland has angered nationalists, particularly among families of those killed and injured by British soldiers.

Relief for family of victim of cold-blooded killing

paddymcelhone2.jpg The family of Paddy McElhone, who was aged 24 when he was shot and killed by a British soldier near his Tyrone home, have said the truth of his 1974 murder has finally been heard at an inquest.

Further claims of responsibility by armed groups

cirashots2.jpg The Continuity IRA have issued a second statement with specific details of a gun attack on a PSNI helicopter last week.

Legal challenge to airport harassment

psniairport.jpg A north Belfast community activist has won High Court permission to challenge a decision by the PSNI to detain and interrogate him at an airport.

Questions mount over cronyism in Ireland’s health system

covidvaccine.jpg Top health officials in Ireland provided doses of Covid-19 vaccine to their own family members and friends ahead of frontline workers, care home residents and other vulnerable people, according to reports this week.

January 22, 2021

Bloody Sunday March 2021

bloodysunday2021.jpg The Bloody Sunday March Committee is organising a week of online events and a virtual march for justice for the 1972 massacre of 14 civilians by British forces in Derry, under the banner ‘It’s Never Too Late For The Truth’. It has published a context and programme of events for the week.

Avoidance and denying rights is not sustainable

letterrelatives.jpg A total of 3,500 relatives of victims have signed an open letter calling on the London and Dublin governments to implement previously agreed proposals to deal with the legacy of the recent conflict in the north of Ireland. A commentary by Mark Thompson of Relatives for Justice on the background to the letter, included below.

January 16, 2021

Helicopter attacked as armed groups remain active

psnichopper.jpg A high powered gun attack took place against a Crown Forces helicopter on Thursday near Newtownbutler, County Fermanagh. The attack took place in the border area near where the Continuity IRA launched a booby-trap attack in 2019.

‘For God and Asda’ – ‘onslaught’ threat over bare shelves

seabordergraffiti.jpg Unionists have claimed they been “screwed over” by a new regulatory border in the Irish Sea, with senior MPs hitting out at the Tory government in London over shortages of some items in foodstores, and calling for some Brexit regulations to be scrapped.

Prosecutors refuse to reveal MI5 role in case

mi5saoradh.jpg A lawyer acting for a group of republican activists held after an MI5 entrapment operation has said that British military intelligence “appears to be ignorant of the rule of law”.

Wake harassed by PSNI over presence of republicans

wakepsni.jpg Eight PSNI vehicles, including six armoured Land Rovers, swarmed a family home in west Belfast on Thursday night, and harassed mourners attending a wake.

Report on Mother and Baby homes ‘a cop-out’

motherbabyhome.jpg A Commission of Investigation has established that some 9,000 babies and children died over eight decades in Irish ‘Mother and Baby’ homes, but a limited report and an official State apology have only increased demands for full redress for a history of murderous neglect and misogyny.

Signage move brings new hope for Irish language in Belfast

brysonst.jpg A major policy change by Belfast City Council will make Irish language street signs easier to erect.

An inappropriate and unreasonable detention

zacksmyth2.jpg A letter by lifelong republican Kieran ‘Zack’ Smyth to highlight his internment at the hands of MI5 has been published by the Irish Republican Prisoners Welfare Association.

Not preparing for a United Ireland is irresponsible

crossflag.jpg The young people of Ireland know that the key to a better, stronger and brighter future lies in their hands. The time is coming, very shortly, where they will seize the opportunity that is being presented to them.

January 9, 2021

Brexit advances Irish economic unity

brexitflags.jpg The Dublin government is being urged to help facilitate the increasing reality of Irish unity following the end of the Brexit transition period and the creation of an Irish Sea border.

Campaign for Noah intensifies

justicenoah.jpg A convoy of over a thousand vehicles took place around Belfast in support of the family of teenager Noah Donohoe on Thursday night as concerns mount over PSNI failings and possible collusion in the stalled investigation into his death.

Sort out Rockall mess, governments urged

boardedrockall.jpg British authorities have been urged to abandon their claim to the remote rocky outcrop of Rockall after an awkward incident on Monday in which a Scottish patrol boat boarded an Irish fishing vessel.

DUP mistakenly condemn second ‘republican funeral’

salford.jpg As concern grows over a dangerous new English strain of the coronavirus, the determination of unionists to fit the deepening Covid-19 crisis into a sectarian agenda has reached a new low point.

Tensions follow BLM-style death in Dublin

nkenchoprotest.jpg Hundreds of people have been taking part in daily protests outside Blanchardstown Garda station in Dublin after a man with mental illness was shot dead in a hail of gunfire this week by Gardai in the garden of his own home.

Shock in Ireland after US Capitol is seized by mob

capitolinvasion.jpg Political leaders in Ireland universally condemned the invasion of the Capitol Building in Washington DC by extremist supporters of Donald Trump.

New Year statements 2021

2021.jpg The New IRA and several republican political organisations have issued statements to mark the New Year.

DUP disparages constitutional change while denying it

borderready.jpg One of the more enjoyable aspects of last week was watching the mental gymnastics of Arlene Foster and other representatives of the Democratic Unionist Party.

January 2, 2021

Michael McKevitt passes away

michaelmckevitt600.jpg Former Provisional and Real IRA leader Michael McKevitt has died following a long battle with cancer. He is survived by his wife Bernadette Sands McKevitt, sister of IRA hunger striker Bobby Sands.

January 1, 2021

Happy New Year from Irish Republican News

newyear.jpg A short note to wish you all a Happy New Year.

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