February 29, 2024

Intervention sought for protest at Maghaberry

dermotburke.jpg Republican prisoner Dermot Burke is currently engaged in a dirty protest in Maghaberry jail after the prison regime there refused to transfer him to the republican wing at Roe House.

Brown family stunned by large-scale collusion

brownfamily1200.jpg Shocking confirmation of British state collusion in the 1997 murder of County Derry GAA official Sean Brown came during a “harrowing” inquest hearing in Belfast this week.

Armed group claim attacks on PSNI

dungivenalert.jpg A republican armed group has claimed responsibility for improvised rocket attacks on PSNI vehicles at two separate locations in County Derry.

Cover-up legislation ‘doomed’ after court judgement

legacycourt.jpg A central element of the London government’s notorious Legacy Act is in breach of international human rights law, a judge has ruled.

PSNI’s politically-motivated attack on victims fails

sundaycourtwalk.jpg The PSNI are being urged to apologise to members of the Bloody Sunday families and SDLP leader Colum Eastwood after prosecutors threw out a claim they had broken the law while walking together to a court hearing last year.

‘Dirty tricks’ suspected in PSNI smear

psniraid236.jpg The PSNI is in the spotlight once again after it emerged that a former republican prisoner was falsely accused of possessing child abuse images.

The GAA club that saw off an army

choppercrossmaglen1200.jpg A documentary on the Crossmaglen Rangers club in south Armagh highlights the difficulties it has faced throughout the conflict.

GFA process cannot deliver republican objectives

johncrawley1200.jpg A speech delivered to an American AOH delegation in Derry on 15 February by former IRA Volunteer John Crawley.

February 22, 2024

New poll confirms Six County majority for unity

ltpoll2402.jpg A clear majority of those living in the north of Ireland now support Irish reunification, according to the results of a new opinion poll, while most people under the age of 50 say they are ready to vote for unity in a referendum.

Cover-up fears as Glenanne case dropped

reaveybrothers1200.jpg Hopes for justice in the series of over 120 killings carried out by the ‘Glenanne’ gang of Crown Force death squads are fading after it was announced that there will be no prosecution against one of the senior RUC police figures alleged to have been centrally involved.

Harassment and arrest for peaceful protest

irspstop.jpg Republican activists have been subjected to harassment on issues varying from Palestine to poverty.

Sectarian objections to Dublin’s cash offer

newcasement.jpg Unionists have been protesting an announcement by the Dublin government of funding for projects in the north of Ireland, with DUP leader Jeffrey Donaldson insisting money for infrastructure plans should come from the London government.

Aggressive recruitment tactics reported

malluskapproach.jpg Both MI5 and the PSNI have approached several republicans in recent weeks in an attempt to boost their tally of informers. Several people have been approached across the north and abroad, according to reports.

RTE fat cats accused of milking the State

bakhurst.jpg There have been calls for a proper forensic audit of the Irish state broadcaster after it was alleged that millions of euro have been drained from RTE in a free-for-all by those leaving the organisation following recent scandals.

Stop this genocide

gazafamine.jpg I want to return to my home. I want to feel like a human deserving of life. Truly deserving of the most basic human rights.

Britain cannot handle the truth

patfinucane12002.jpg An extract from an essay by Megan K. Stack for the New York Times on the cover-up of the assassination of Belfast defence lawyer Pat Finucane, 35 years ago this month.

February 15, 2024

One of Kitson’s killer unit to face prosecution

mrfmcveigh.jpg A former British soldier is to be prosecuted for one of the first ‘shoot-to-kill’ targeted murders to be carried out by the British Army in the North.

Former Minister says London ‘running down the clock’ on justice

peterhain1200.jpg Former British Direct Ruler Peter Hain has confirmed that inquests into suspected British war crimes are being “deliberately delayed” until new cover-up legislation kicks in.

Tory move to silence nationalist rap band

kneecap2.jpg The London government is being challenged over an overtly political decision to withhold music industry funding for Belfast rappers Kneecap.

Leading Saoradh figure interned

alanlundy1200.jpg Alan Lundy, a member of the Saoradh national executive, has been interned, according to the party. Despite a lack of evidence against him, a court in Belfast ordered him to be detained indefinitely.

O’Neill in display of support for PSNI

oneillboutcher.jpg Sinn Féin’s Michelle O’Neill has been criticised by republicans after attending a PSNI police graduation ceremony – despite the force’s ongoing involvement in collusion cover-ups and military-style raids in nationalist communities.

Sinn Féin defends Palestine rally after protest

gazaprotestsf.jpg A number of Palestinian activists were removed from a Sinn Féin ‘Solidarity Rally for Palestine’ event in Belfast over the party’s decision to attend a White House event on St Patrick’s Day.

World leaders complicit in Israel’s crimes

israelcrimes.jpg Palestinians are at the end of the queue when it comes to international law, according to the Motasem A Dalloul of Middle East Monitor.

Perfidious Albion and the trashing of the GFA

donaldsonchh.jpg You’ve read this judgement by General de Gaulle here before but it’s worth reminding you of it again: “For England there is no alliance which holds, nor any treaty that’s valued, nor any truth which counts.”

February 8, 2024

No more second-class citizenship

oneillstormont.jpg History was made on Saturday when Michelle O’Neill became the first nationalist First Minister for the Six Counties and banished forever the concept of Stormont being ‘a Protestant parliament for a Protestant people’.

Pressure for unity as new order seen at Stormont

oneillinterview24.jpg The historic confirmation of Sinn Féin’s Michelle O’Neill as the First Minister in the north of Ireland has pushed a referendum on Irish reunification up the political agenda, and increased speculation that a ‘border poll’ is now only a matter of time.

Stakeknife’s handlers to avoid prosecution

scappaticcicrowd.jpg The police investigation into the operation of British military agent ‘Stakeknife’ looks set to be a whitewash after it was announced that two British Army handlers of the spy will not face prosecution for their role in his killings.

Inquest halted by cover-up legislation

patsyduffy1200.jpg The daughter of a Derry man killed by the British Army in 1978 has said she is “sickened to the core” that delays by the British government mean the inquest into his death cannot continue.

Volley of shots for well-known Volunteer

shotsmckinley.jpg A gunfire salute has taken place in tribute to a former IRA Volunteer and a well known member of the west Belfast community who passed away suddenly last month.

First Minister’s address at Stormont

oneillspeech.jpg The remarks by First Minister Michelle O’Neill in her inaugural address to the Stormont Assembly on 3rd February 2024.

New agreement solidifies occupation

carsonstormont.jpg Not only is it the case that Stormont will not deliver for normal working people, but it also cannot deliver a 32 County Socialist Republic. It is fundamentally flawed from its conception.

A border poll is a case of when, not if

borderpollsf.jpg There won’t be a border poll tomorrow, but Northern Ireland is closer to a vote than it has ever been before. It is not a case of if the people of Northern Ireland go to the polls – it’s a case of when.

February 3, 2024

History made as Michelle O’Neill installed as Six County First Minister


More than twenty months after her election, Sinn Féin’s Michelle O’Neill has finally been confirmed as the new First Minister in the north of Ireland, to the joy of her party and others around the world who believe it is a step-change on a pathway to Irish reunification.

February 1, 2024

Brexit deal clears the way

donaldsonchh.jpg The DUP has secured significant concessions on Brexit and “safeguards” for the Union in return for agreeing to a return of the Stormont Assembly and Executive.

A ‘historic turning of the wheel’

mcdonaldoneillbrexit.jpg Sinn Féin has denied suggestions that it sought to provoke unionists with a claim by Mary Lou McDonald that a united Ireland is “within touching distance”.

Bloody Sunday march for Gaza

bloodysundaymarch2024.jpg Thousands of people took part in the annual Bloody Sunday March for Justice, which this year was dedicated to the people of Palestine.

Nationalism split by St Patrick’s invites

adamseastwood.jpg A decision by the SDLP’s Colum Eastwood not to take part in the annual St Patrick’s Day event at the White House, when a bowl of shamrock is due to be presented to US President Joe Biden as part of the annual event, has piled pressure on other Irish political leaders to stay away.

Home of senior RSF figure raided

dungivenraid.jpg The home of the 80-year-old honorary Vice President of Republican Sinn Féin was raided by the PSNI police on the evening of January 25th in Dungiven County Derry.

Britain planned to ‘toast’ Sinn Féin in peace talks

quentinthomas.jpg Communications from 1996 marked “confidential” argued that Sinn Féin would have to bring the Provisional movement with them by remaining “faithful to the Republican myth” and claimed the party appealed to “Her Majesty’s Government” for “help” in moving towards a peace agreement.

The real change will be a Sinn Féin First Minister

michelleoneill3.jpg The plan is to get the Stormont executive up and running on Saturday before any organised resistance has time to emerge.

We will speak up for Palestinians

gazabodies.jpg Sinn Féin will show up for Palestinians in its St Patrick’s Day visit to Washington, writes the party’s First Minister-designate Michelle O’Neill.

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