November 25, 2006


The peace process has survived one of its most dramatic days in recent years despite a major political crisis and an almost simultaneous gun and bomb attack at the Belfast Assembly.

Questions over Stone attack

Notorious unionist paramilitary killer Michael Stone has been charged with five counts of attempted murder over his attack on the Belfast Assembly at Stormont buildings on Friday.

Hain faces inquiry over appointment deception

Nationalists have warned that a scandal over the actions of British Direct Ruler Peter Hain and some of his senior civil servants over the appointment of the North’s Victims’ Commissioner Bertha McDougall is being ‘swept under the carpet’ by the British government.

Families getting caught in poverty trap

Most households dependent on unemployed persons or those on minimum wage do not have enough income to sustain a basic standard of living, new research has shown.

Objection to murder ended British Army career

A former senior British army intelligence officer has claimed that his British military career in the Six Counties was ended after he raised objections about the murder of a nationalist man in County Armagh.

Anger over mounting crime wave

The 26-County Minister for Justice Michael McDowell is under pressure over rising gun crime following three fatal shootings in just over a week.

Adams address to transitional Assembly

The text of the address by Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams MP speaking at Friday’s meeting of the transitional Assembly, when he nominated Martin McGuinness for the position of Deputy First Minister.

Unionists still believe they own the north

You could be forgiven for thinking that the only issue in Irish politics at present is whether Sinn Féin ‘will sign up to policing’.

November 24, 2006

Assembly evacuated amid political chaos

A notorious unionist killer has forced the suspension of the Belfast Assembly after he passed through security lines to throw a smoking device into the assembly buildings at Stormont.

November 19, 2006


The first meeting of the programme for government committee takes place in Belfast tomorrow despite a continuing boycott by DUP leader Ian Paisley.

SF death threats denied

A leading member of the INLA has described claims that Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness are under a death threat as “bogus”.

DUP man jailed for electoral fraud

A former DUP mayor who “attacked the very heart of democracy” through electoral fraud is beginning a four-month prison sentence.

DNA experts dispute Omagh evidence

A top American forensic expert has disputed the DNA evidence against Omagh bomb accused Sean Gerard Hoey.

Nationalist anger as Hain faces down court criticism

British Direct Ruler Peter Hain has been urged to resign after the Belfast High Court last week found that he had actged improperly in making public appointments as political concessions to the DUP.

Dingle stays on the map

The Dublin government is to yield to a demand by residents of a town in the Kerry Gaeltacht to retain the English language version in its official name.

Some republicans sowing seeds of confusion

The news at the start of this week that a tiny number of disaffected former IRA personnel, members of the INLA and other micro groups, are threatening the lives of Sinn Féin’s leadership is causing great anger among republicans, disbelief among nationalists and is a source of deep concern.

Proconsul’s jiggery-pokery comes at a price

A lot of people, including the majority of the local meedja, seem to think the judge called for an inquiry into her appointment.

November 16, 2006

Legislation lifts agreement deadline

Proposed legislation published in London today has confirmed the British government will not require the Belfast Assembly to nominate the First and Deputy First Ministers by the previously declared deadline of November 24.

November 14, 2006


The lives of Sinn Féin’s Gerry Adams, Martin McGuinness and Gerry Kelly are under threat from hardline republicans, the party has confirmed.

Garda thuggery against environmental protestors

A peaceful demonstration at the site of Shell’s construction site in County Mayo has seen some of the worst state violence so far by the 26-County’s Garda police.

St Andrews process seen struggling

British Direct Ruler Peter Hain is to include an election to the Belfast Assembly in legislation he is introducing in London on Thursday in preference to a potentially risky referendum vote.

Judge blasts Hain’s lies over appointment

British Direct Ruler Peter Hain has been disgraced after a High Court judge called for an inquiry into the biased appointment of a victims’ commissioner and an attempt to cover up the real nature of the appointment by British civil servants.

Institutionalised abuse in nursing home

The report into the Leas Cross nursing home scandal has concluded that the level of care provided to residents constituted institutional abuse.

PSNI’s HET to ‘investigate’ collusion

A new investigation team is to be set up by the PSNI police, ostensibly to probe the involvement of British forces in sectarian murders in the North.

Address to RSF Ard Fheis

The full text of the President Address by Republican Sinn Féin leader Ruairi O Bradaigh to his party’s annual Ard-Fheis in Dublin at the weekend.

Paisley gets to say yes, again

Gerry Adams recalls the recent St Andrews negotiations and how Ian Paisley said 'Yes' for the first time in 50 years.

November 10, 2006

Govts to move St Andrews process forward

The Dublin and London governments announced today they would draw up legislation to implement the St Andrews proposals to revive power sharing in the North of Ireland.

November 9, 2006


A major international report has called for an independent inquiry into what senior British government figures knew about Crown force collusion with unionist death-squads in 74 murders.

Policing roadblock looms for process

There are signs that Ian Paisley’s party will not meet the November 24th deadline for the designation of First and Deputy First Ministers.

Loughinisland - How high does it go?

The families of the six men gunned down by a death squad 12 years ago as they watched a World Cup soccer match in a bar have travelled to the heart of the British establishment to call for an inquiry.

Council plan receives mixed response

Details have been announced of new plans for seven ‘super councils’ in the North to replace the current 26 under the review of public administration announced by the British government last year.

Cross-border danger of losing votes

Up to 20 per cent of the names on the current electoral register in the 26 Counties have been deleted as part of a review of the register, while across the border a deadline for maintaining your right to vote falls this week.

Adams addresses US supporters

In a keynote address to Friends of Sinn Fein, Mr. Adams makes an appeal to republicans for maximum unity in the time ahead.

A question which won’t go away

A question haunts reports into collusion -- how high up the chain did knowledge of and complicity in these atrocities go?

On the cusp of a historic development

If the DUP come into the St Andrews process, it will be a final acknowledgement by this most recalcitrant unionist constituency that the days of domination, inequality and discrimination are gone for ever.

November 6, 2006

Adams mandated to continue St Andrews process

Following two weeks of internal discussions on the St Andrews proposals by the Dublin and London governments, the Sinn Féin ard chomhairle (leadership) has voted to pursue the current process.

November 4, 2006


Ian Paisley’s DUP is likely to give only “a conditional response” to the St Andrews document next week in tactically stating they will only go along with a political deal on power-sharing government if certain demands are met.

Sectarian murder bid

A Catholic youth survived a sectarian gun attack in Coleraine when the weapon jammed last night.

Britain to boost North subsidy

The British government is to increase its spending in the Six Counties following meetings with the North’s political parties.

Hamill anonymity ‘a cover-up bid’

Former RUC officers due to give evidence at the Robert Hamill murder inquiry have succeeded in overturning a ruling that they are not entitled to remain anonymous.

Wright inquiry opens

The public inquiry into the murder of the notorious unionist paramilitary leader Billy ‘The Rat’ Wright inside Long Kesh Prison almost nine years ago began in Belfast this week.

Referendum to protect the rights of children

A constitutional referendum is to be held in the 26 Counties to protect the rights of children, probably in the Spring.

The Burning of Long Kesh

The first in a series of articles looking back at the history of Long Kesh prison.

Is it a country or a region? It’s a basket case

When unionist politicians give a knee-jerk reaction it is the mentality they reveal that still shocks.

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