June 27, 2024

Ugly scenes as loyalists march

minitwelfthflags.jpg The PSNI looked on as loyalists tore down Irish tricolours and Palestinian flags during a sectarian parade in a predominately nationalist area north of Belfast on Tuesday evening.

State funding for loyalist intimidation

antrimestate.jpg The appearance of painted kerbs and flags at a new housing estate in Antrim has been described as “inflammatory”.

Unionist election hypocrisy called out

armedforcesday24.jpg Sinn Fein president Mary Lou McDonald has urged against “seizing on the hurt of the past” in the Westminster General Election campaign.

Fresh extradition bids as human rights ignored

stopextraditionsprotest.jpg Three more Irish republicans have been arrested and dragged before extradition courts in a process which has raised question marks over the 26 County state’s attitude to the European Convention on Human Rights.

Sectarian attacks mount

sectarianattacks.jpg A Catholic man attacked for wearing a Gaelic sports jersey in Portadown has told how he was “scared for his life”.

Kneecap gets judicial review into political funding decision

kneecapnormal.jpg Belfast rap group Kneecap has secured High Court permission to challenge the British government’s decision to block them from receiving a £15,000 funding award.

Julian Assange is free, but media smears continue

assangefree.jpg Even as Julian Assange has been reunited with his family following a deal with the US government, the BBC and others in the media are peddling the same long-discredited lies. By Jonathan Cook (for Declassified UK).

Bodenstown, ‘the holiest place in Ireland’

pearsebodenstown.jpg The oration delivered in June 1913 at the grave of United Irishmen leader Wolfe Tone in Bodenstown, Kildare by Easter Rising leader Patrick Pearse, on the 150th anniversary of his birth.

June 20, 2024

UVF lines up against unity bid

uvfvaradkar.jpg The PSNI effectively headed up a giant ‘show of strength’ by loyalist paramilitaries in an act of intimidation as a conference on a united Ireland was being held just a mile away.

Justice for Hamill family over police collusion

atkinsonhamill.jpg The family of Robert Hamill have called for the publication of a public inquiry report into his murder after a former RUC policeman was jailed for colluding with a loyalist suspect.

Soldier F shielded behind court curtain

sundayvictimscourt.jpg A former British soldier accused of two murders on Bloody Sunday has appeared in court for the first time since he was charged but controversially can still not be legally named.

Warnings over parade tensions

anfieldmarch.jpg A provocative sectarian parade by the anti-Catholic Orange Order could once again take place through nationalist areas of north Belfast after loyalists applied for the parade.

Green Party leader quits after election setback

ryanfunchionming.jpg The leader of the Irish Green Party, Eamon Ryan, has become the highest profile casualty of the European and local elections in the 26 Counties after he announced he is quitting politics.

Saoradh figure subjected to cross-border harassment

thomasahemellon.jpg State forces from both parts of Ireland have been accused of combining to harass a prominent Derry republican who was part of a prisoner support group involved in talks at Portlaoise jail.

Loughinisland families demand truth on anniversary

loughinislandservice.jpg Families of six Catholic men slaughtered in a County Down pub by loyalist gunmen while watching the World Cup 30 years ago are “being let down to this very day” because no one has been held accountable for the massacre or the suspected Crown Force collusion, a lawyer for the victims’ relatives has said.

Oration at funeral of Dr Ella O’Dwyer

ellaodwyer.jpg On Thursday, June 13 republicans from across Ireland gathered in County Tipperary to bid farewell to IRA Volunteer, Óglach Ella O’Dwyer, who passed away earlier this month.

June 13, 2024

Small gains, big questions

boylandaly.jpg A score of additional local councillors and the return of a European parliament seat for Dublin have offered comfort to Sinn Féin after a bruising election which has forced it to rethink its approach to the next 26 County general election.

Abduction among sinister incidents in South Armagh

sinisterbarmy.jpg A number of alarming incidents involving joint PSNI and British Army operations in South Armagh have been reported in the past few weeks, including an abduction carried out by a Crown Force gang believed to include members of the “elite” British Army Special Reconnaissance Regiment.

Dedicated police office for spying on “troublemakers”

psnihq.jpg A Stasi-like unit within the PSNI monitored journalists’ and lawyers’ communications on a dedicated computer system to prevent details of the spying operation becoming public, a former top PSNI boss has admitted.

British forces colluded in INLA killings, court hears

inlaphoto.jpg The Crown Forces protected an alleged state agent inside the Irish National Liberation Army as part of Britain’s “toleration of murder”, the High Court in Belfast has heard.

Inaction again as paramilitary flags are raised

streetflags.jpg The sectarian intimidation of nationalists ahead of the Protestant marching season has raised fears of confrontations and violence.

Warnings as coalition pushes military alliance with NATO

natonavy.jpg The Dublin government is set to approve a proposal which would see Ireland join an EU military initiative to combat “sabotage, terrorism and espionage” in regard to marine assets and infrastructure.

The Gough Barracks Raid

gougbarracks.jpg The Irish Republican Army (IRA) made an audacious raid on Gough Barracks in Armagh town on June 12, 1954, sixty years ago this week. It marked the reawakening of IRA activity in Ireland and a re-arming that leads eventually to the 1956-1962 Border Campaign.

Only months for Sinn Féin to find answers

mcdonaldrds24.jpg The council and Euro elections in the south were in some ways uncannily like those in 2019, but in other ways different.

June 6, 2024

Draw a line in the sand

votingstation.jpg Voters in the 26 Counties are being urged to back republican/left candidates in Friday’s elections to send a message to the coalition government and limit the damage from opportunistic anti-immigrant campaigners.

Sailor attacked over boat’s Irish ensign

boatburned.jpg A boat displaying an Irish flag was burned out and a man injured in a serious sectarian attack in the seaside village of Portballintrae in County Antrim this week.

Sinn Féin TD reaches millions with heartfelt speech

thomasgould.jpg A powerful speech given by a Cork TD on the day Ireland recognised the State of Palestine has been viewed by several million worldwide as the genocide in Gaza continues.

Secret hearing on police surveillance scandal

birneymccaffrey1200.jpg Six County ‘Justice Minister’ Naomi Long has rejected calls to hold an independent inquiry into the spying on journalists by the police.

Crisp flavour is key election issue for unionists

taytoallister.jpg Desperate unionist politicians have made an election issue from an EU food safety measure which restricts the use of toxic flavourings in potato crisps.

Miscarriage of justice victims get bill for wrongful jailing

billypaddy.jpg Two brothers-in-law from north Belfast have been forced to pay a total of £82,000 for their illegal detention in a British prison in the north of Ireland, despite being found innocent and their convictions fully overturned by the courts.

A tribute to Michael Gaughan

michaelgaughancolour.jpg A tribute to Michael Gaughan, who died on hunger strike in Parkhurst Prison in London, fifty years ago this week.

Goodbye and good riddance to our Brexit hard men

heatonharrisbaker.jpg They imposed Brexit on the north, which the majority of people opposed, because neither of them knew anything about Ireland and cared less about the consequences.

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