April 19, 2019

Journalist dies in Derry riot

mckeetweet.jpg A journalist has been killed amid heavy rioting in the Creggan area of Derry on Thursday night as Crown Force police raided the nationalist area of the city ahead of republican Easter commemorative events.

April 13, 2019



An extraordinary incident involving Garda Commissioner Drew Harris has forced the Dublin government to confirm that heavily armed members of the British Crown Forces are routinely making incursions into all areas of the 26 Counties without any checks or controls.

‘I was told to plant bullets on Paras’ victims’

ballymurphyvictims600.jpg A former British military medical assistant has told the inquest into the Ballymurphy Massacre that a senior figure in the British Army asked him to plant bullets on two innocent civilians he had treated. It is thought to be one of the first incidents of British Crown Forces in Ireland attempting to falsely portray civilians as combatants.

Condemnation of Bradley deepens after referendum comments

alderdice600.jpg One of the pillars of the British establishment in Ireland, former Alliance Party leader John Alderdice, has joined growing criticism of British Direct Ruler Karen Bradley.

DUP boasts support of drug-dealing gangster

dupofficer.jpg The DUP in north Belfast has won the competition for the most outrageous pre-election news story after it emerged that their candidates’ nomination papers have been signed by a convicted cocaine dealer, as well as another infamous loyalist convicted of driving at speed into a crowd of nationalists.

Still no red card for soccer fat-cats

johndelaney600.jpg Corruption in the world of Irish sport is in the spotlight after the former CEO of the Football Association of Ireland (FAI), John Delaney, refused to answer questions about the organisation’s finances or a mystery six figure payment he made to the soccer body, for what he said were legal reasons.

Report finds a billion euro blown on hospital ‘fiasco’

childrenshospital.jpg A devastating report has been published on the national children’s hospital that identified “significant failings” in planning and budgeting which is set to lead to a one billion euro cost overrun.

The Amritsar Massacre

amritsar.jpg An infamous event in Britain’s colonial occupation of India took place a hundred years ago this week. A historical account of the massacre at Jallianwala Bagh in Amritsar on Apri 13, 1919.

Amid the Brexit chaos, Scotland is a beacon of sense

scotlandbrexit.jpg An analysis piece from the Enniscorthy Guardian looks at how Scotland’s approach to Brexit resonates in Ireland.

April 11, 2019

Brexit deadline pushed out to October 31

brexiteuleaders.jpg European Union leaders have agreed to a request by British Prime Minister Theresa May for an extension to the Brexit date. They have agreed to a ‘flexible’ extension to October 31, subject to certain conditions, including one which calls for elections to the European Parliament to take place in Britain and the north of Ireland next month.

April 6, 2019

Irish are ‘second class citizens’ in new GFA breach


The British government has provoked anger after it said Irish citizens born in the north of Ireland cannot vote in a unity border poll or any other referendum under British law, and cannot have the same rights as other EU citizens.

Britain will honour Brexit pact on border - Varadkar

varadkartv.jpg With just days to go before the April 12 deadline for Britain’s departure from the European Union, the island of Ireland is bracing for the reinforcement of a land frontier through the island between EU and British jurisdictions.

Amnesty on the way for British soldiers - report

parascorbyn.jpg Plans to give former British soldiers immunity from historic prosecution have been described as “an affront to justice and an insult to grieving families”.

British military testify at Ballymurphy inquest

howlett.jpg A former British soldier has told the Ballymurphy inquest he saw paratroopers shooting and killing civilians.

Inquest ordered into first shoot-to-kill victim

patsyduffy600.jpg The North’s Attorney General has ordered a new inquest into the British state killing of Patsy Duffy, widely regarded to be the first example of a shoot-to-kill operation by the British Army in the North.

Tensions over PSNI’s public relations efforts

psnimedia.jpg Sinn Féin and Saoradh have clashed over the cancellation of a police ‘youth engagement’ event in Derry following criticism by the hardline republican political party.

Petition to boycott Israel’s ‘cultural whitewash’

eurovisionprotest.jpg Protests have been taking place to convince Irish state broadcaster RTÉ to withdraw from this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Israel over its attacks against the Palestinian people.

A referendum on unity is coming

unityref.jpg The fiasco that is Brexit, and the Tory and DUP shambles of a response to it, have together opened up a willingness for a real and meaningful conversation on Unity.

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