July 18, 2024

Death threat follows right-wing agitation


Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou McDonald has described a threat on her life as “very shocking and very disturbing”.

Bonfires fuel violence in Belfast

bonfirevillage.jpg Two nights of rioting have taken place near the site of an ‘Eleventh Night’ bonfire in South Belfast which identified all Catholics as ‘targets’.

Court of Appeal backs Finucane family

patfinucane1200b.jpg After 35 years battling for truth and justice, the family of Pat Finucane have welcomed the rejection by the Court of Appeal of the latest bid by the London government to avoid its legal obligations to holding a public inquiry into the murder of the defence lawyer.

Late parade ruling prevents trouble on Twelfth

nippletwelfth.jpg The Twelfth passed off relatively peacefully across the North this year, although incidents of sectarian abuse were reported as hundreds of anti-Catholic parades took place to mark the Battle of the Boyne, a 17th century Protestant battle victory.

Anglo-Irish ‘reset’ must include action on Irish unity - report

harrisstarmer.jpg An all-party parliamentary committee has called for preparations for a united Ireland to begin “immediately”, saying that every Irish government department should examine the implications of constitutional change.

Newry family tormented by PSNI

psninewrycar.jpg Saoradh have accused the PSNI of targeting a family in Newry, ransacking their home and carrying out a shocking and sinister raid two days later as they sat in their car.

Israel strikes five schools in week of massacres

gazaschools.jpg While the worlds’ attention was diverted by the attempted assassination of Donald Trump, Israeli forces have been attacking schools including a UN-run school in Nuseirat camp, where they killed 17 and wounded about 80, mostly women and children. A report by al-Jazeera.

Bodenstown commemorations

bodenstown24.jpg Extracts from two recent orations at Bodenstown, County Kildare, to honour the founder of the United Irishmen, Wolfe Tone.

July 11, 2024

New British govt urged to ‘get head out of the sand’

sflabour.jpg Celebrations across Ireland at the demise of the Tories in the Westminster general election have given way to concern at the incoming British government under Keir Starmer, the leader of the party he refers to as ‘Changed Labour’.

Bonfire madness returns for 2024

bonfiremoygashel.jpg As sectarian images and effigies have been appearing on loyalist bonfires ahead of the ‘Eleventh Night’ sectarian festival, one prominent loyalist has claimed one bonfire carries an “artistic message”.

Sinn Féin joy after Six County election boost

electioncullen.jpg The outcome of the Westminster election in the north of Ireland has confirmed the degree to which the political map has changed since the Good Friday Agreement was signed.

Rampant loyalist racism in Antrim

racismantrim.jpg Sinn Féin has called for “robust” action against a UVF paramilitary gang behind a campaign of racist and sectarian intimidation in Antrim Town.

Disorder in Derry as youths respond to PSNI

creggandisorder.jpg The PSNI have been accused of provoking trouble in the Creggan in Derry after a phalanx of armoured police vehicles were suddenly deployed into the area on Wednesday with predictable results.

‘Batty’ objections to Gaelic school

gaelicschool.jpg Councillors in east Belfast have hit back at desperate objections submitted by unionist representatives over plans to establish an Irish language primary school in the area.

Remembering Martin Hurson

martinhursonpub.jpg Martin Hurson became the sixth republican to die on hunger strike this week in 1981. In this archive article by Connla Young for Daily Ireland, his fiancee recalls the place where the couple grew up.

Changing electoral map shows need for border poll criteria

electionmap24.jpg By Sinn Féin retaining its seven seats and the DUP losing three of its eight, another historic electoral milestone was reached.

July 5, 2024

SF celebrate ‘election treble’; Starmer names new Direct Ruler


Sinn Féin have called for talks on Irish unity with the new Labour government in London after it emerged from a tumultuous count as the largest Six County party in Westminster and the fifth largest party in the London parliament overall.

DUP suffer heavy losses


The story of the Westminster election in the north of Ireland is one of upheaval within unionism amid the strong retention of all nationalist seats, leaving Sinn Féin by some distance the largest Irish party at Westminster.

July 4, 2024

Tories annihilated as British Labour win landslide - exit poll


Labour will win a landslide victory in the Westminster general election, defeating the Conservative Party that has been in power since 2010, according to a comprehensive exit poll by a group of British broadcasters.

Election brings long-awaited political pivot

chhdonaldson.jpg A historic Westminster election has the potential to kill off the hated Conservative Party while confirming the decline of unionism in the north of Ireland.

Republican prisoners protest in response to abuse

prisonerssupport.jpg Republican prisoners in Maghaberry prison have engaged in days of protest following abuse inflicted on a republican prisoner, resulting in tense confrontations with the prison’s riot squad.

PSNI ‘tapped phone’ of Aontú leader

toibin2.jpg Aontú leader Peadar Tóibin has said he believes that his phone calls to a journalist in the north of Ireland may have been secretly recorded by the PSNI police.

Peace fund shakedown blamed for attack on home of disabled boy

kidantrimhome.jpg Unionist paramilitaries have attacked the home of a disabled boy in their latest move to claim ‘territory’ in County Antrim.

British legacy body ‘spookfest’ condemned

sheridan.jpg Republican Sinn Fein have condemned the recruitment of an infamous former RUC police commander and four other ‘intelligence officers’ to run the British government’s ironically named ‘Independent Commission for Reconciliation and Information Recovery’.

Loyalists turn on themselves at east Belfast parade

sommeparade.jpg After steel fencing was once again used by the Crown Forces to allow the Orange Order hold a coat-trailing parade past a nationalist community, violence erupted when some of the heavily intoxicated loyalists turned on themselves.

The British Army’s rape of Kenya

kenyavictims.jpg The British Army trains in Kenya. Many women say soldiers raped them and abandoned children they fathered. A report by Larry Madowo (for CNN)

Westminster election statements

oneillbrolly.jpg Election statements issued by the leaderships of Sinn Féin and Aontú for the 2024 Westminster General Election.

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