August 29, 2008


craigavon.jpg Serious rioting broke out this week in Belfast and in County Armagh, where clashes between republican youths and the PSNI police saw a blast bomb thrown and shots fired.

Crisis talks at Stormont

Sinn Féin has called for urgent talks with the Democratic Unionists to resolve the crisis that is said to be confronting the new political institutions in the north of Ireland.

IRA prisoners seek to clear record

IRA prisoners falsely imprisoned are to attempt to have their convictions overturned and their records cleared.

Obama downplays Irish issues

Barack Obama could abolish the post of US special envoy to the north of Ireland if he becomes president as he responds to the Taoiseach’s call for a review of the relationship between Ireland and the US.

Sharp reaction to Lisbon re-run proposal

Opposition parties in the 26 Counties joined forces this week to strongly criticise the Dublin government’s Europe minister Dick Roche after he said that a second referendum on the European Union’s Lisbon Treaty was on the cards.

Ogra Shinn Féin goes postal

Sinn Féin’s youth wing has been causing controversy over attempts to literally ‘green’ the north - one postbox at a time.

March to overcome injustice

Austin Currie reflects on the huge and peaceful Coalisland to Dungannon March of August 24th, 1968, which marked a turning point for the Irish civil rights movement.

British human rights record still among worst

Every three years members of the United Nations are required to submit a report on human rights in their state.

August 22, 2008


rpg.jpg The use of a rocket-propelled grenade by the Continuity IRA against a PSNI patrol marks a further escalation in their ongoing armed campaign.

British soldiers observed murder of teenager

A Police Ombudsman investigation into the murder of Belfast teenager Damien Walsh will confirm British soldiers watched the killing by the unionist paramilitary UDA and did not intervene, it has been reported.

Wreathes not enough for Omagh victims

A cross-border public inquiry is the only proper tribute to relatives bereaved by the Omagh bomb blast, a memorial service heard on Sunday.

Controversy at hunger strike commemoration

Unionist condemnation of the use of a replica machine gun during a republican commemoration ceremony has pointed up the hypocrisy of the current debate on weapons decommissioning.

PSNI involved in killing, inquest told

A PSNI Special Branch agent was involved in the brutal assassination of a Belfast man outside a school in the North of Ireland, an inquest heard today.

Fr Troy moved from Belfast

The priest hero who famously went to the defence of besieged Catholic schoolgirls in Belfast’s Ardoyne in the face of loyalist attacks is moving against his wishes to Paris, as a chaplain to English-speaking residents there.

Bloody Sunday paras linked to Belfast massacre

Truth campaigners now say that Bloody Sunday might never have happened had the British Army been brought to book for the Ballymurphy slaughter.

Whose Law?

The stalemate politics that has characterised the Six County assembly since its inception following the Good Friday Agreement in 1998 has continued during the recent spate of ‘functionality’ since the St Andrews Agreement.

August 19, 2008

Paisley calls for return of shoot-to-kill

Policing Board member Ian Paisley Jnr today urged the PSNI to shoot republican militants on sight following an abortive rocket attack in County Fermanagh at the weekend.

August 15, 2008


PSNI.jpg Two men were treated in hospital for serious head injuries after a loyalist mob, including armed paramilitaries, attacked a republican commemoration in Coleraine last weekend - with the assistance of the police.

RIR to march in Ballymena

It has been announced that the British Army’s Royal Irish Regiment is to stage a full military parade in Ballymena, County Antrim, fuelling tensions over the summer marching season

Adams cites need for ‘Plan B’

The British and Irish governments should intervene in the event of the failure of the Stormont Executive to guarantee political progress by “other arrangements”, Gerry Adams has said.

Anger at desecration of IRA memorial

A memorial to IRA hunger strikers in Newry has been vandalised by loyalists.

Republicans urged to ‘report sinister approaches’

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement has urged all republicans, regardless of which movement they are affiliated with, to make contact with a solicitor and publicise any approach made by British or 26-County intelligence services immediately.

Resignation follows Robinson outburst

A controversy over comments by DUP MP Iris Robinson has led to the resignation of one of her advisors, a psychiatrist who Robinson claimed could “cure” homosexuals.

Was the Omagh bomb allowed to happen?

The families of the victims have called for a full cross-order public inquiry into the Omagh bomb, which took place ten years ago this week.

Teaching Bush a bloody lesson

There’s an uncanny symmetry in the history of Russia’s treatment of Georgia and Britain’s treatment of Ireland over the centuries.

August 8, 2008


sniper.jpg The British government is ready to declare that the Provisional IRA’s Army Council has disbanded to speed the transfer of policing and justice powers from London to the Stormont Executive in Belfast.

SF postpones justice post ambition

Sinn Féin and the DUP have agreed that neither party will fill the post of justice and policing minister -- but Sinn Féin has reserved the right to take the job at a future date.

Hurricane delays Brennan hearing

Three US congressmen have signed a letter to Department of Homeland Security secretary calling for H-Block escapee Pol Brennan to be granted bail, pending resolution of deportation proceedings against him.

Britain ‘ignoring’ human rights judgements

European court judgments on British Crown force killings and collusion with unionist paramilitaries have been ignored, human rights campaigners said yesterday.

Surge in PSNI raids

A series of raids and arrests connected to the death of County Armagh man Paul Quinn last October has drawn protests.

Sinn Féin flags debate

The Sinn Féin Mayor of Belfast has unveiled an Irish flag in his official offices, while a County Derry colleague has questioned the public’s use of the flag.

The dignity of mothers

Without them there would not have been an IRA, a Sinn Fein, war or peace or the new Ireland we have today.

Sarkosy proved ‘No’ voters were right

When Mr Sarkozy the French President said Irish people must vote again on the Lisbon Treaty, he underlined how right Irish people were to vote against it.

August 1, 2008


checkpoint.jpg The British government has confirmed that its Direct Rule Minister Paul Goggins and PSNI Chief Hugh Orde held talks with leaders of the UDA murder gangs on Monday night.

The UDA rejected an appeal to begin weapons decommissioning.

Spy device linked to SAS ambush

A Crown force spying device has been discovered at a house used by IRA Volunteer Sean O’Farrell, who died in an SAS ambush in 1992.

Mob attacks Dublin soccer kids

Dublin children as young as 12 years of age have been subjected to a terrifying sectarian attack while attending a high profile youth soccer tournament in Coleraine, County Derry.

Power struggle over Ballymena bonfire

Scuffles involving Sinn Fein representatives broke out after materials assembled for a republican bonfire in Ballymena were removed on Wednesday night at the request of a resident opposed to the event.

Restorative justice group approved

The British government has said that funding for a controversial republican neighbourhood justice scheme has been approved.

Eight years pressure to inform

A County Fermanagh man has been forced to flee the Six Counties after refusing to work as a Special Branch informer.

Glory Days of the Orange Order

The second part in a multi-part series examining the history and current context of the Protestant marching orders, this week looking at the Orange Order during the first Stormont administration, 1921-1972.

Lost lives

No matter the motives for the current politically engineered Historic Enquiry, it will lack any credibility while the British continue to suppress the Stephens reports and while those who added to the pain and suffering of the bereaved, are not held to account.

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