January 30, 2009

Workers seize plant as Waterford Crystal ordered shut

Hundreds of workers were occupying Ireland’s world-famous Waterford Crystal factory tonight after being told by text message they were losing their jobs.


europarow.jpg The relatives of those killed by British forces in the north of Ireland have criticised the emphasis placed on so-called “recognition payments” to be paid by the British government to their families as a way of dealing with the past conflict.

Long Kesh stadium proposal abandoned

kesh.jpg Plans for a new international sports stadium at the site of the former prison at Long Kesh were finally axed yesterday.

‘Partitionism’ a form of sectarianism - McGuinness

mcguinness.jpg Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness has hit out at the Dublin government for describing cross-border shoppers as “unpatriotic”.

PSNI raids in north Belfast

psniriot.jpg The PSNI police mounted raids in Ardoyne on Tuesday against an anti-drugs group which they say is linked to republican militants.

Release McCafferty call

maccionnaith.jpg eirigi spokesperson Breandan Mac Cionnaith has called for the immediate release of Belfast republican Terry McCafferty, who is currently languishing in a prison in the North.

Bloody Sunday march to protest delays

bloodysundaycommem.jpg This year’s Bloody Sunday Commemorative March in Derry will stop in William Street - where the original march was stopped on its way to the Guildhall before it was fired upon by British soldiers, killing 14 civilians.

A defining point in Irish history

firstdailadams.jpg The keynote address by Sinn Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams at the Mansion House in Dublin to his party’s 90th anniversary commemoration of the First Dail.

Long Kesh - Scenes from the inside

blanketman.jpg Can an incident-packed and prolonged time span be adequately explored in the form of a play?

January 28, 2009

‘Truth panel’ provokes unionist anger

There were angry clashes in Belfast today before the publication of an official report for the British government on dealing with issues of truth and reconciliation in the North.

January 23, 2009


obamadc.jpg On a visit to Washington DC to attend the US Presidential inauguration ceremenonies, Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams has said he believes that President Obama can assist the Irish peace process.

Flanagan, MI5 deny culpability

flanagan.jpg Former RUC police chief Ronnie Flanagan has denied any knowledge of Special Branch surveillance of prominent human rights lawyer Rosemary Nelson prior to her assassination in 1999.

Campbell extradition bid

arms.jpg Dundalk man Liam Campbell is the subject of an attempt to extradite him to Lithuania following his arrest this week.

Turmoil for Greens as economic crisis mounts

greenparty.jpg The Green Party is facing a mounting internal revolt over its participation with Fianna Fail in the crisis-hit Dublin coalition government.

PSNI technician found guilty in UVF plot

psniuvf.jpg A victims’ campaigner has said he will sue PSNI Chief Hugh Orde after his personal details were passed on to unionist paramilitaries by a computer operator who was working for the PSNI.

‘Disappeared’ claim denied

gerardevans.jpg A claim that the IRA executed a South Armagh man for working as an informer in 1979 has been denied by local MP, Sinn Féin’s Conor Murphy.

Address to First Dail Eireann commemoration

firstdailcrop.jpg Caoimhghin O Caolain TD told the official commemoration this week that the work of the First Dail remains unfinished. We publish the full text of his address.

1919-2009 - Compare and Contrast

firstdailprot.jpg Those who paraded themselves in the Mansion House on Tuesday past have little right to claim the inheritance of the revolutionary republicans and socialists who established the First Dail.

January 16, 2009


adamsdiss.jpg Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams has accused republican hardliners of demanding protection money from drug dealers and other criminals in the North.

Closer to justice for Robert Hamill

hamillfamily.jpg Part of the centre of Portadown was sealed off on Thursday night to allow the family of Robert Hamill, as well as members of a public inquiry investigating his murder, to view the area where he was fatally beaten by a loyalist gan

Anglo-Irish Bank: Ireland’s Enron

anglo.jpg The Dublin government has been forced to nationalise Anglo-Irish Bank because of a scandal over concealed debt and the serious erosion of confidence in the bank as a result, Taoiseach Brian Cowen admitted today [Friday].

Gaza protests continue

gazaprotest.jpg Thousands have demonstrated in Ireland against the continuing Israeli invasion of Gaza amid mounting calls for the Israeli ambassador to be expelled and economic sanctions against Israel.

Courts hear appeals for informer records

dannymorrison.jpg PSNI chief Hugh Orde is to be asked to provide the information which led to Danny Morrison’s conviction for kidnapping being quashed.

First Dail to be remembered

firstdail.jpg Sinn Féin have announced plans to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the first Irish parliament.

Setting the ‘free Derry’ record straight

freederry.jpg The famous ‘Free Derry’ wall was painted forty years ago this month. Eamon McCann corrects the record of the day when the inspiring international landmark was born.

Much to be optimistic about

obamahope.jpg In the face of this economic crisis the argument for stronger not weaker government intervention in the economy needs to be heard.

January 9, 2009


gazafuneral.jpg The Israeli bombing of two UN-run schools filled with children taking shelter from the continuing bloodshed in Gaza has provoked protests and increasingly desperate appeals for a halt to the killing.

Pat Doherty steps down

patdoherty.jpg Pat Doherty is to stand down as Sinn Féin Vice President after over twenty years in that office.

PSNI recruitment bid captured on phone

ukintelligence.jpg An Omagh teenager has recorded on his mobile phone an attempt by the PSNI police to persuade him to become an informer.

Sinn Féin has abandoned 2016 target - DUP

2016.jpg The DUP has interpreted comments by Gerry Adams as an admission that the hope of a united Ireland by 2016 has been abandoned.

Hamill inquiry set to open

roberthamill.jpg After a decade of delays and deliberate procrastination, public hearings in the inquiry into the 1997 murder of Robert Hamill are to begin in Belfast next Tuesday.

International events to mark Famine

faminestatue.jpg Ireland is to officially recognise the Great Hunger - more than 160 years after British colonial policies coupled with the collapse of the critical potato harvest resulted in the death or emigration of some two million people.

The Burntollet attack

burntollet.jpg The People’s Democracy march, forty years ago this week, is seen by historians as marking a significant turning point in the recent conflict.

Christmas has ended - so should Gaza siege

israel.jpg The reoccupation by Israel of the Gaza Strip and the slaughter of its Palestinian inhabitants form one of the most shameful episodes, among a long list of others, for the international community since the state of Israel was set up in 1948.

January 4, 2009

Invasion of Gaza condemned

The Dublin government and all of the political parties in the 26 Counties have condemned Israel’s invasion of Gaza and have backed calls for a ceasefire in the region.

January 2, 2009


archives.jpg Previously confidential files released this week in Dublin, Belfast and London under the 30 year ruled provide evidence of the increasing role of the ‘Dirty War’ -- the use of covert intelligence and the SAS shoot-to-kill strategy by the British government.

Anger as republican is returned to jail

mccaffertyprotest.jpg The summary imprisonment of Belfast man Terry McCafferty on the eve of Christmas is being viewed by republican activists as a vindictive reprisal for the release of the ‘Derry 4’, whose trial collapsed in Dublin just days before.

Secret to unity is Irish abroad - Adams

adams.jpg Campaigns to lobby for a united Ireland could tap into the huge Irish populations living in the US and in Britain, Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams has said.

Christmas bomb attempt at GAA club

pearseog.jpg A bomb discovered on Christmas Eve close to an Armagh Gaelic club could have been picked up by children who regularly use the area.

Peace move claim ‘false’ - O Bradaigh

ruairiobradaigh.jpg The President of Republican Sinn Féin, Ruairi O Bradaigh, has rejected a claim that the IRA sought peace talks with the British government in early 1978.

Deaths of Tony Gregory TD and Sean McKenna

tonygregory.jpg Independent TD Tony Gregory died today [Friday] at the age of 61 after a long illness.

New Year messages

2009.jpg The full text of the New Year statements issued by Sinn Fein's Gerry Adams and republican organisations in Ireland.

Hunger strikers’ contribution will endure

seanmckenna.jpg It is the contribution of the hunger strikers which will endure and make the difference to peace, justice and freedom - not that offered up by Cruise O’Brien.

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