August 30, 2010

Royal Black thugs

royalblack.jpg A Catholic woman in her late 50s was punched and thrown to the ground by three marchers as she tried to cross a sectarian parade by the Royal Black Institution in Ballymena on Saturday.

Pressure grows to slay the Anglo monster

angloprotest.jpg Tension is increasing within the Dublin coalition government over its continuing attempts to maintain the nationalised Anglo Irish Bank as a going concern.

Media piles blame on Claudy ‘fall guy’

mediapapers.jpg A leading figure in the Catholic Church has blasted the establishment media for its failure to question the British line on the 1972 Claudy bomb attack.

GAA targeted as loyalist threat mounts

ulstergaa.jpg A rocket was fired at a GAA club in County Tyrone in an escalating loyalist campaign against the Gaelic sports association.

PSNI blamed for Ballycastle riot

psniriotgear.jpg The PSNI have been accused of provoking a riot in the seaside town of Ballycastle, on the north Antrim coast.

New Irish effort to help Gaza

corriefreedomflotilla.jpg Up to 50 Irish campaigners are to help mount a second humanitarian aid flotilla to Gaza, it was revealed today.

Ombudsman’s claims must be challenged

edwarddaly.jpg Bishop Edward Daly speaks out about a 'less challenging style of journalism at work now'.

Common criminals or political law-breakers?

prisonerbars.jpg There are ongoing attempts to criminalise Republicans still engaged in armed actions against the British state.

August 27, 2010

A protected species?

frchesney.jpg The British government has apologised for protecting a ‘suspect’ in the 1972 Claudy bombing, but is still refusing to reveal to the public the full details of what it knows about the attack.

Donaldson inquest delayed again

donaldsoncottage.jpg An inquest into the death of ‘super-spy’ Denis Donaldson has been adjourned for the fifth time at the request of the Gardai police in the 26 Counties.

Right wing convergence seen at Beal na mBlath

lenihanbealnamblath.jpg An address to the Michael Collins commemoration in County Cork by Fianna Fail’s Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan has led to considerable discussion about the end of ‘civil war politics’ and a potential realignment in Irish politics.

Group vows action over Royal Black parade

garcprotest.jpg" A nationalist residents group is planning to block the Crumlin Road in north Belfast if yet another sectarian march due to take place this weekend is not rerouted.

Partition problems highlighted

partition.jpg Calls for an all-island taxation and social welfare system in Ireland are to be made through local authorities on both sides of the Border.

New tax for van usage

johngormley.jpg A ban by Environment Minister John Gormley on using commercial vehicles for family journeys has sparked a coalition rift.

Saville report a job well done for victims’ families

sundayrelatives.jpg Many of the Bloody Sunday relatives have spoken publicly about their feelings since the publication of the Saville report for the first time at Belfast’s Feile an Phobal.

The framing of Gary Donnelly

garydonnellyprotest.jpg The PSNI, MI5 and PPS displayed stunning myopia in relation to this prosecution of anti-Stormont Republican Gary Donnelly.

August 24, 2010

Claudy lies exposed

The British government conspired to cover up one of the worst atrocities of the conflict, an investigation has found.

August 23, 2010

‘Oglaigh na h-Eireann’ speaks out

onhbadge.jpg One of the breakaway IRA groups heavily involved in the recent upsurge of armed actions has confirmed that it is growing in strength and that most of its members are former members of the Provisional IRA.

PSNI reroute illegal midnight parade through village

rasharkin2010.jpg The PSNI are facing court action alongside organisers of a sectarian band parade in Rasharkin after the parade was illegally directed along a different route last Friday.

Bailed Donnelly blasts ‘ridiculous’ charges

donnellybailprotest.jpg Prominent republican Gary Donnelly has been released on bail after he appeared in court in Derry on Thursday

‘Landlords’ attempt return after 90 years

rossespoint.jpg A County Sligo community is reeling after English-based ‘landlords’ staked claim to property that the original owners left almost a century ago.

Australians died to protect informers - claim

melrosespanos.jpg A documentary to be screened next Sunday will air suspicions that British intelligence had advance knowledge of an IRA attack in Holland, in which two Australian tourists died, but failed to stop it.

RSF condemns breakaway Limerick group

rsf.jpg Republican Sinn Fein has accused a new splinter organisation operating under the name ‘Real Sinn Fein’ of engaging in a “policy of disinformation” against their former colleagues.

Interview with ‘Oglaigh na h-Eireann’

onh.jpg Extracts from the interview between the Irish News and a representative of ‘Oglaigh na h-Eireann’.

How my dad was murdered by the British state

ballymurpymural.jpg Internment - indefinite imprisonment without trial - was reintroduced into the North of Ireland on August 9 1971 at 4am.

August 20, 2010

Talks ruled out as Donnelly ‘interned’

garydonnellyprotest.jpg There has been a protest at Derry courthouse this [Friday] morning following the arrest and detention of prominent local republican Gary Donnelly.

PSNI propaganda exposed by CCTV video

strandroadbombcctv.jpg The PSNI has refused to say why it did not divert civilians away from a dissident republican bomb attack for 15 minutes until the device was about to explode.

DUP threat secures coat-trailing parade

rasharkinparade.jpg Residents of an overwhelmingly nationalist County Antrim village are furious that the Parades Commission has accepted a route for a sectarian loyalist parade without consultation.

SDLP seeks return of Special Branch

sdlpsf.jpg Sinn Fein has criticised a call by the rival nationalist SDLP for control of state intelligence operations in the North to be transferred to the PSNI police from British military intelligence agency, MI5.

Demo planned against royal visit

queenposter.jpg As the countdown to an official visit by the British head of state to the Twenty-Six Counties continues, details have been announced of the latest protests against the move.

Corruption controversy hits Stormont

stormontstatue.jpg Sinn Fein’s Six-County Development Minister Conor Murphy has suspended his most senior civil servant under amid a controversy over the award of contracts for water supply.

Michael Collins

michaelcollins.jpg An account of the life of Irish military leader Michael Collins, who died 88 years ago this week.

Prejudice must end against former political prisoners

coiste.jpg Coiste na nlarchimi is a national organisation dedicated to upholding the rights of former political prisoners and ensuring that society’s institutions do not discriminate formally or informally against ex-political prisoners.

August 16, 2010

Lies upon lies

rubbishbomb.jpg A small explosion inside a rubbish bin in Lurgan, County Armagh on Saturday was the focus of an absurd British propaganda campaign at the weekend.

Mystery talks relieve march tensions

relief2010.jpg The Apprentice Boys’ ‘Relief of Derry’ march -- the largest sectarian parade of the year -- passed quietly on Saturday following reports of dialogue between nationalist groups and the Stormont and British administrations.

Parades legislation revamped

paradesworkinggroup.jpg The DUP and Sinn Fein have been challenged to scrap the entire draft parades legislation after making an apparent U-turn on some major elements.

Tell truth about Majella, Britain urged

majella.jpg The British government should acknowledge at “the highest level” the truth about the shooting dead of a 12-year-old girl by a British soldier in south Armagh 34 years ago today, politicians have said.

Public in the dark as electricity prices jump

esblogo.jpg An increase in electricity prices will cause further hardship to those struggling to pay bills as new figures show the Electricity Supply Board (ESB) is cutting power to 900 households per month over non-payment of bills.

RNU allege Euro recruitment bid

rnu.jpg The Republican Network for Unity has slammed what it said was an attempt to blackmail and threaten one of its members.

Hunger strike commemoration

hungercommemoration2010.jpg Some 10,000 people gathered in Bellaghy, County Derry for Sinn Fein’s annual hunger strike commemoration.

Why label disillusioned Republicans as criminals?

dissidentgraffiti.jpg Those who pretend dissident Republicans are unimportant, dismiss them as criminals, ignore them or expect Sinn Fein to control them, have badly miscalculated.

August 13, 2010

Maghaberry protest ends

maghaberrycells.jpg The protest by republican prisoners at Maghaberry prison has ended after three weeks of talks.

Govts in talks with dissidents - McGuinness

riraeaster.jpg The British government has talked to dissident republicans in recent weeks, Sinn Fein’s Martin McGuinness has said.

Attacks increase ahead of Derry parade

realuff.jpg Unionist paramilitaries have targeted the homes of Catholics in Antrim town with pipe bombs as sectarian tensions once again ratchet up in the Six Counties.

Councillor is target of tabloid witch-hunt

martinconnolly.jpg A former Sinn Fein councillor who refused to condemn the current armed campaign by breakaway IRA groups has apparently become the subject of a high profile media hate campaign

Cuts not needed to balance budget - SF

arthurmorgan.jpg Sinn Fein has said it is the only party in the Dublin parliament opposed to the 3 billion euro in planned spending cuts.

Unionist election co-operation seen unlikely

davidtrimble.jpg Unionists have attacked each other over the possibility of Sinn Fein’s Martin McGuinness becoming First Minister following next May’s election to the Belfast Assembly at Stormont.

GARC ‘setting the record straight’

garcposter.jpg GARC (the Greater Ardoyne Residents Collective) has issued what it says is an attempt to set the record straight on the July 12th protests against an Orange Order march in north Belfast.

SDLP displaced by Sinn Fein

ritchieadams.jpg You can discern a real shift in the position of the SDLP.

August 12, 2010

Breakthrough in republican prison protest

A dirty protest between republican prisoners and the authorities at Maghaberry jail in the North has been resolved to the prisoners’ satisfaction following talks.

August 10, 2010

Furore over talks proposal

adamsmaccionnaith.jpg A challenge by Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams to rival republican organisations to meet him for discussions about the way ahead has met with a suspicious reaction by the parties involved and condemned by the British government.

Killer Knight freed again

torrensknight.jpg A loyalist mass murderer Torrens Knight has been controversially freed from prison a second time.

Prisoners’ dirty protest continues

maghaberryprotestmay.jpg Efforts to end a dirty protest by republican prisoners at Maghaberry jail have made little progress, but talks involving the Six-County department of justice and the North’s Prison Service are continuing this week.

British Army seals off rural road

britisharmy.jpg The British Direct Ruler in the North, Owen Paterson, has used his ‘executive power’ to permanently seal off a road in County Down near a British Army base.

Loyalist ‘feeder parade’ gets Ardoyne go ahead

ardoynetwelfthmarch.jpg The loyalist Apprentice Boys parade has been given the go-ahead to pass by the Ardoyne shop fronts in north Belfast on Saturday.

Stormont gets rebranded at Feile

pocfada.jpg Sinn Fein President and West Belfast MP Gerry Adams has praised all of those involved in the west Belfast festival, including a hurling event in the grounds of the Six-County Assembly at Stormont.

The politics of internment, 1971

internmentposter.jpg An extract from the book, Internment, by John McGuffin, on the thinking that went into the policy of internment without trial, implemented in the north of Ireland 39 years ago this week.

Sinn Fein grip on the ghettoes loosens

tricolourriot.jpg A number of explanations have been put forward for the sustained outbreak of rioting across the North of Ireland following the Orange marches

August 6, 2010

Normalisation under attack

strandroadbomb.jpg A bomb attack on a PSNI base and the attempted assassination of a senior British Army officer have rocked the political system in the North of Ireland.

Activists see increased harassment, violence

psnibadge.jpg The recent suspension of Section 44 of the British government’s ‘Terrorism Act’ has not deterred the PSNI in harassing nationalists.

Jobs figures point to second recession

doleq.jpg An incompetent Dublin government has allowed a second wave of jobs losses to further undermine the 26-County economy, with unemployment in the state reaching a 16-year high, opposition leaders have said.

Derry tensions ahead of giant parade

abod.jpg Sinn Fein has warned that tensions are rising in Derry ahead of a major sectarian parade in the city.

Graveyard attacked as ‘hoods’ challenge republicans

milltowngraves.jpg Sinn Fein has expressed outrage after the Republican plot in Milltown was desecrated last night.

Forgery allegation marks new low for Fianna Fail

ivorcallely.jpg A police investigation is underway after evidence of fraudulent expenses claims by Senator Ivor Callely was published by the tabloid media.

The Miami Showband massacre

miami.jpg The slaughter of three band members saw the unintentional exposure of the involvement of British military personnel in directing and assisting unionist death squads in their murder campaign.

Gerald Donaghey, Saville and the nail bombs

geralddonaghey.jpg The Saville Report devotes more space to Gerald Donaghey - 17 years-old when shot dead on Bloody Sunday - than to any other individual.

August 3, 2010

Bomb attack in Derry

A PSNI base in Derry was damaged in a dissident bomb attack early this morning.

August 2, 2010

H-Block plan agreed

hblocks.jpg Agreement has been reached on the development of the site of the former Long Kesh prison as a peace-building and conflict resolution facility.

New evidence on Ballymurphy killings

ballymurpymural.jpg The families of 11 people shot dead by paratroopers in West Belfast are to present the British secretary of state for the North, Owen Patterson, and Stormont justice minister, David Ford, with a new dossier of evidence on the killings.

Adams holds talks with loyalists

adamstalksardoyne.jpg Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams held talks with a loyalist group today [Monday] aimed at defusing tensions over sectarian parades in north Belfast.

Govt lawyers deployed for electoral dodge

adamsdohertycourt.jpg The full hearing of a legal challenge by Sinn Fein’s Pearse Doherty to the Dublin government’s refusal to move the writ for a by-election in the Donegal South West constituency is expected to be heard on October 18th at the High Court.

Walmart rep jets in over Asda outrage

asda.jpg A Walmart executive reportedly wept last week as he apologised to the family of two loyalist murder victims for the “deep hurt” caused after their killer was given his checkout job back despite having been sacked for sectarian remarks.

Remains found after 30 years

charliearmstrong.jpg The remains of a Crossmaglen man who went missing at the height of the conflict almost 30 years ago have been found.

Ghosts of a forgotten massacre

ballymurphyfamilies.jpg In August 1971, British soldiers went on a three-day killing rampage in Ballymurphy, murdering 11 innocent people. Now their families want justice for Belfast's Bloody Sunday.

WikiLeaks and British lies in Ireland

confidentialsecret.jpg The British army's role in the deaths of civilians in Afghanistan will come as no surprise to the people of Ireland.

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