November 29, 2013

Troops raid homes over IRA ‘surge’

ardoynesoldiers.jpg British soldiers have taken part in raids on homes in north Belfast this week after the chief of the PSNI police warned of a sharp increase in the activity of breakaway IRA groups.

Immunity for British killers while IRA veteran is jailed

seamuskearney.jpg Days after self-confessed British Crown force killers were broadcast justifying the murder of innocent civilians, the jailing of a former IRA Volunteer for an armed action in 1981 has been described as “vindictive”.

UVF behind protest parade - McGuinness

flagprotest2.jpg Unionist paramilitaries and elements within the anti-Catholic Orange Order are behind the mass loyalist parade in Belfast city centre tomorrow [Saturday, November 30th], Sinn Féin’s Martin McGuinness has said.

‘Nod and wink’ culture at heart of charity scandal

centralremedialclinic.jpg A scandal has erupted over the appropriation of funds from Irish charities and voluntary health agencies after one charity admitted the pay of its senior staff had been padded with money linked to a cash-raising lottery.

More pressure on Gerry Adams after sentencing of brother

gerryliamadams.jpg Sinn Féin has lashed out at what it said were attempts to use the conviction and sentencing of Liam Adams, brother of Gerry Adams, to smear its party leader.

Larne’s crown is king of flags and symbols issue

larnecrown.jpg A gigantic metal crown erected on a roundabout without planning permission in Larne, County Antrim, is to remain for another two years at least, the Stormont administration has said.

The Irish Volunteers

irishvolunteersposter.jpg The Irish Volunteers, the organisation which would later lead to the IRA, was publicly launched 100 years ago this week.

A blueprint for Scottish independence

snpblueprint.jpg The Scottish National Party has published a booklet of detailed proposals for Scottish independence, including the planned independence day -- Easter Thursday 2016, just days before the 100th anniversary of Ireland’s Easter Rising.

November 23, 2013

The murder and repression force

mrfattack.jpg A BBC Panorama documentary in which former plain-clothes British soldiers admitted carrying out undercover gun attacks in nationalist west Belfast has led to a public outcry and demands for an inquiry.

Death of a peacemaker

alecreid.jpg Fr Alec Reid, who was a significant figure during the initial peace process in Ireland, died this [Friday] morning, aged 82.

Justice campaigns make progress

mcgurksbig.jpg An edited version of a report into the McGurk’s Bar massacre is to be disclosed to the victims’ families within two weeks, the PSNI has told the High Court in Belfast.

Wave of anger greets call to end prosecutions

johnlarkinbig.jpg A proposal by Six-County Attorney-General John Larkin that there should be an end to prosecutions for the conflict up to 1998, the signing of the Good Friday Agreement, has drawn a sharply negative response from almost all sides.

Talks face deadline as issues bear down

flagsparade.jpg With tensions again rising in the north of Ireland, US mediator Richard Haass held a round-table meeting of the five main Stormont parties today [Friday] on the three key issues of sectarian parades, flags and symbols, and the legacy of the past.

Alerts and hoaxes continue

bombalertbig2.jpg An apparent attempt to set fire to the offices of the Alliance Party offices in east Belfast was the most serious of a number of unclaimed alerts and incidents in Derry, Belfast and Armagh this week.

‘Britain’s Secret Terror Force’

johnware.jpg An account by BBC investigative journalist John Ware on what he learned about “Britain’s secret terror force”, the Military Reaction Force

Address to 32 County Sovereignty Movement Ard Fheis

franciemackeyindoors.jpg The address was delivered to the annual conference of the 32 County Sovereignty Movement last weekend by National Chairman Francis Mackey.

November 18, 2013

Sinn Fein submission on contentious parades

The full text of a position document presented by Sinn Fein to the Haass Talks on Flags and Emblems, Parades, and Dealing with the Past, which was published today.

Sinn Fein submission on flags, symbols and emblems

The full text of a position document presented by Sinn Fein to the Haass Talks on Flags and Emblems, Parades, and Dealing with the Past, which was published today.

Sinn Fein submission on addressing legacy issues

The full text of a position document presented by Sinn Fein to the Haass Talks on Flags and Emblems, Parades, and Dealing with the Past, which was published today.

November 15, 2013

British police to patrol Irish streets

britishpolice.jpg Police from England, Scotland and Wales could become a permanent feature of the PSNI’s patrols in the north of Ireland as an alternative to the return of the British Army, it has emerged.

‘Troika’ bailout to wind down

ajaichoprabig.jpg The Dublin government has been told it should not congratulate itself after an announcement that the 26 County state will receive no more bailout loans from the EU and the IMF.

Cross-border bridge plan collapses

narrowwaterbridge.jpg Funding for a cross-border bridge joining counties Down and Louth has been withdrawn by the European Union following the failure of government ministers in both parts of Ireland to agree to meet additional costs for the bridge’s construction.

MRF gunmen ‘imitated the IRA’

patrickmcveigh.jpg The Six-County Attorney General has been asked to order new inquests into the deaths of people killed by an undercover British army unit following new information uncovered by a BBC documentary.

Corey strip-searched for parole hearing

martincoreybig.jpg Concerns have been expressed for 63-year-old internee Martin Corey after he was subjected to forced strip-searches both before and after his attendance at a hearing of the Parole Commission this week.

Widow of victim conned out of compensation

christopherquinn.jpg The Pat Finucane Centre has said documents it has obtained show that the British Ministry of Defence knew that a man shot dead by the British Army in November 1971 was innocent, but his family was never told.

Unity makes economic sense

adamsmedia.jpg There is a need for a reasoned discussion on how greater co-operation can deliver for the people north and south.

British Army stupidity increased IRA support

hillmanbullets.jpg By how long did the dishonest, sneaky, secretive unjust behaviour of the MoD prolong the conflict?

November 8, 2013

All-Ireland soccer team proposed

faiifa.jpg The prospect of an all-Ireland soccer team was dramatically raised by the 26-County Taoiseach Enda Kenny at a sports reconciliation conference in Armagh City this [Friday] morning.

Inquest hears overwhelming evidence of collusion

rosemarymallon.jpg An inquest is finally taking place into the murder of 76-year-old Roseann Mallon, who was killed in 1994 when loyalist gunmen opened fire on her sister-in-law’s house near Dungannon, County Tyrone.

New political negotiations as ‘innovative’ peace wall unveiled

stmatthews.jpg A new wall is to be built along a sectarian interface in east Belfast through the grounds of St Matthew’s Catholic church, as talks are set to resume on issues such as flags and parades.

Sectarian attacks force family out after four generations

bradleygarvagh.jpg A Catholic family in Garvagh, County Derry, was the target of a terrifying sectarian arson attack on Monday.

Irish youth fight for right to stay

werenotleavingprotest.jpg A campaign is underway to stop the Dublin government from attempting to force unemployed youth into emigration with a rally outside Liberty Hall at 11am tomorrow [Saturday].

Protests demand an end to internment

internmentrally.jpg A protest against internment in the north of Ireland is to take place in Dublin on Saturday in the latest such demonstration against the detention of Irish republican political activists.

Address to Republican Sinn Féin Ard-Fheis

desdaltonardfheis.jpg The full text of the Presidential Address by Des Dalton at the annual conference of Republican Sinn Fein, which was held last weekend

Ireland’s sovereignty will stay lost after the bailout

endakennydail2.jpg The promise by Enda Kenny that the 26-County state is on course to “retrieve our economic sovereignty and independence”. is an illusion.

November 5, 2013

‘Dream team’ is nightmare for some Irish soccer fans

oneillkeane.jpg It was confirmed today that Martin O’Neill and Roy Keane are set to become the Irish soccer team’s new manager and assistant manager respectively.

November 2, 2013

Special Branch link to death of prisoner

johnbradybig.jpg A hearing before the North’s senior coroner has heard an admission that PSNI Special Branch visited an interrogation suite where a Strabane republican was found dead four years ago.

UVF commander named as local police board member

winstonirvine.jpg Some people in loyalist areas are afraid to go to the police because of the PSNI’s links to the UVF, according to a BBC documentary broadcast this week.

‘IRA Derry Brigade’ claims attacks

iragunsalute.jpg A republican armed group calling itself the ‘IRA’ has said that it launched a grenade attack on the PSNI earlier this month.

November 1, 2013

Greysteel remembered

risingsun.jpg One of the most cold-blooded atrocities of the conflict, the Greysteel massacre of October 30 1993, was marked with a Memorial mass this week.

Clashes at north Belfast parade

paradeconfrontation.jpg There were scuffles during an anti-Catholic parade past St Patrick’s Catholic church in north Belfast on Sunday.

‘Carry on’ for British Army fascists

nazisalutes.jpg A picture which shows two British soldiers making Nazi salutes in front of British and loyalist flags has caused a fresh controversy following its publication by a tabloid newspaper in England.

Families of collusion victims deserve the truth

collusionmural.jpg An agreed truth recovery process is needed, not only for all the North's bereaved families but for our communities to learn and move forward.

The new criminalisation agenda

begleyplaque.jpg Sean Bresnahan warns that an attempt is being made to rewrite history, with some victims of the conflict being targeted and discriminated against, even in death. For the Pensive Quill.

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