April 25, 2015

Internment fears for residents’ spokesperson

damianfennell.jpg A republican activist who has campaigned against sectarian parades in north Belfast has been arrested and charged in connection with a speech he made at Easter.

Corruption scandal over Anglo successor’s dodgy deals

denisobrien.jpg A major scandal has erupted in the 26 Counties over the knockdown sale by a state-run bank of the bankrupt firm Siteserv to billionaire Denis O’Brien, a backer of the governing Fine Gael party.

Election exposes unionist bigotry

jimwells.jpg Outbreaks of unionist prejudice have dominated the British general election in the north of Ireland, where 18 Westminster parliament seats are being contested.

Parades issue seen as post-election bargaining chip

newryparade0415.jpg As concerns mount over the forthcoming marching season, several thousand unionists and scores of bands brought Newry to a standstill on Friday of last weekend in what was described as “an orgy of sectarian triumphalism”.

Media war continues in the North

carshrapnel.jpg A crude propaganda exercise by the British Crown forces backfired this week when it emerged that damage to a vehicle exhibited at a press conference had been almost entirely faked by British Army operatives.

Increasing support for ‘Republic Day’ events

republicday.jpg Republicans across Ireland marked the calendar anniversary of the Easter Rising on Friday.

The Armenian genocide

armeniangenocide.jpg With many governments still failing to acknowledge it, including those in Dublin and London, we present a brief history of the Armenian genocide, one hundred years ago today.

A convenient lie?

seamusdaly.jpg With the British government attempting to use ‘secret evidence’ to block a public inquiry into the 1998 Omagh bomb and with new trial proceedings against Seamus Daly dragging out due to delays by the British and 26 County police, Cait Trainor looks at his case.

April 18, 2015

Loyalists escalate race violence

racistarson.jpg There has been a new spate of racist attacks across Belfast, with the Polish community being particularly targeted by loyalists.

Inquiry into ‘Stakeknife’ collusion

scappaticciold.jpg An investigation is to be launched into the series of killings carried out by the British agent known as Stakeknife and other Crown agents acting secretly inside the Provisional IRA.

PSNI media campaign opposed

psniposter.jpg A media blitz by the PSNI police to improve its image among nationalists in the north of Ireland is being challenged by republican activists.

British warplanes ‘in Irish skies’

rafplane.jpg The socialist republican party eirigi has voiced their concerns following a recent “training mission” conducted by the British Forces of occupation.

Gardai abuse austerity protestors

ginableeding.jpg There have been demonstrations against Garda police brutality in Dublin after two women taking part in a peaceful sit-down protest against water charges were injured when Gardai smashed down a glass door.

Call to find victims of British gun attack

marianbrown.jpg An appeal has been launched to trace a man and a woman who were shot and injured by the British Army in 1972. The pair were wounded in an incident in which a woman was shot dead in West Belfast.

Government is afraid to speak of Easter week

1916paintingballagh.jpg For this government, it is easier to deal with the notion of individual loss and sacrifice than promote the ideas of the Proclamation.

An electoral pact could change things utterly

kellydodds.jpg Tactical voting when used strategically can make a dramatic change. It can also positively contribute to progressive politics.

April 11, 2015

Adams shifts stance on ‘border poll’

adamsroslea.jpg Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams made a call for a “referendum on Irish unity” on Easter Sunday as he spoke at a 1916 commemoration in Roslea, County Fermanagh. He did not specify if the referendum should be a national one or the ‘border poll’ within the Six Counties, as Sinn Fein has previously argued for.

Tories accused over Kincora abuses, sectarian pact

savilethatcher.jpg The continuing cover-up over sexual abuse at the Kincora Boys’ Home in the north of Ireland has become a prominent issue in the British general election campaign after a former British Army intelligence officer revealed this week that he was told to drop an investigation into the scandal.

Prisoners stage lily protest

maghaberrybig2.jpg Republican political prisoners occupied a canteen in Maghaberry jail on Easter Sunday in protest at being refused permission to wear lilies to remember their dead.

Parade concerns for Glengormley

glengormleyorangearch.jpg There are fears over a new sectarian Orange Order parade through a mainly nationalist area of Glengormley in County Antrim, which planned as part of a provocative protest in support of other sectarian Orange parades.

Dunnes workers punished for strike action

dunnesprotest.jpg There has been an angry response by unions after national retail chain Dunnes Stores sacked some employees and took other hostile actions against workers in the wake of a one-day industrial action at the stores’ outlets in the 26 Counties last week.

Event to shed new light on Great Hunger in the North

faminesculpture.jpg An annual commemoration of the Great Hunger, when one million Irish people died, is to be held in the Six Counties for the first time.

Tens of thousands attend Easter commemorations

easter2015.jpg There was an extraordinary number and diversity of Easter commemorations this year as many organisations, republican and otherwise, held events with a view to the 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising next year.

Commemorative speeches and orations

easter2015lurgan.jpg A selection of the speeches and orations delivered at the 2015 Easter commemorations.

April 4, 2015

‘Ireland’s Alamo’ saved

1916painting.jpg There has been a broad welcome for news that the site of the last stand of the 1916 rebels during the Easter Rising is to be bought by the 26 County State for 4 million euro.

Loyalist bomb alert as new councils face old problems

graffitidungannon.jpg There was a hoax bomb attack and graffiti sprayed on council buildings in Dungannon as the north’s new ‘super councils’ finally took up power as part of a shake-up of local government in the north of Ireland.

Nationalists could be the story of the Westminster election

nicolasturgeon.jpg Next month’s British general election could see the Scottish National Party (SNP) win almost all of the parliamentary seats in Scotland, recreating the historic and transformative 1918 Westminster election in Ireland.

Family mark tragedy, forty years on

trainors.jpg A Portadown family have dedicated a plaque in memory of their mother who was murdered by the UVF in 1975.

No mercy from the landlord class

dublinmonopoly.jpg The Dublin government has been accused of acting only on behalf of large-scale property owners in Ireland as it emerged that a substantial number of TDs identify themselves as professional landlords.

Government’s self-loathing over Rising centenary

flyingcolumnphoto.jpg A reference to the executions of 1916 leaders and a photograph of IRA Volunteers were removed from a leaflet launching the Dublin government’s programme of Easter Rising centenary events last November, it has been confirmed.

The Rising and its aftermath

proclamationflat.jpg The second in a two-part historical feature on the 1916 Easter Rising.

Next parliament will bring radical change

asquith.jpg This election is going to confirm a change in British politics which has been happening for at least a decade.

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