May 30, 2024

Britain’s role in Gaza horror

britscargo.jpg Britain’s air force are taking part in genocidal war crimes directed against the civilian population of Gaza, it has emerged.

‘Peace fund’ sponsors arms charge loyalist

ifiirvine.jpg There have been calls for an investigation into the activities of the ‘International Fund for Ireland’ after it emerged the organisation is a leading funder of a loyalist group headed by alleged active paramilitary boss Winston ‘Winkie’ Irvine.

Daly hits back at Murdoch over prisoner campaign

murdochdaly.jpg One of Ireland’s foremost anti-imperialist activists, independent Dublin MEP Clare Daly, has said she has been effectively smeared in a Sunday Times article which has made insinuations about her work on prisoners’ rights.

Adams willing to debate new flag, anthem

adamsinterview.jpg Gerry Adams believes the Irish national flag and anthem could be “on the table” in any future negotiation about constitutional change in Ireland.

Prisoner’s family victimised by Maghaberry regime

maghaberry1200.jpg The partner of a republican prisoner has described the harassment endured by her family during a recent visit to a British-run prison in the north of Ireland.

GAA club attacked again

bombalertgaa.jpg A hoax bomb alert at the home of an east Belfast Gaelic sports club has been widely condemned across the political spectrum. It is the latest in a series of sectarian attacks and incidents by loyalists targeting the club since it was founded four years ago.

Details of 1921 Derry prison break unearthed

derryescape.jpg A recently unearthed document provides a valuable insight into Derry’s history. By Seamus McKinney (for the Irish News)

1984 or 2024?

1984.jpg An opinion piece by Saoradh National Chairman, Stephen Murney, on the continued use of lists by British occupying forces excluding republican activists from talking to each other.

May 23, 2024

Ireland backs freedom and statehood for Palestine

palestinerecognised.jpg Ireland is leading the cause of peace in Palestine by becoming one of the first European nations to recognise the state in the face of the Israeli genocide.

Sunak announces July date for Westminster election

sunakrain.jpg There has been a strong welcome across Britain and Ireland for the announcement of a British General Election on July 4 by Rishi Sunak.

Strong support for truth on Dublin/Monaghan anniversary

higginsdubmon.jpg The Irish President Michael D Higgins has dramatically spoken out against the continuing cover-up of the Dublin and Monaghan bombings on the 50th anniversary of the massacre, which killed 34 people and injured almost 300.

PSNI urged to come clean on serial-killing agent ‘King Rat’

billywright1200.jpg A leading loyalist paramilitary has admitted the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) knew Billy Wright, the organisation’s leader in Mid Ulster and later the leader of the Loyalist Volunteer Force (LVF), was a British state agent.

Posters up for 26 County elections

posterselection24.jpg Campaigning is well under way ahead of the local and European elections in the 26 Counties, the first such elections in five years.

Harassment and intimidation by MI5

cashmi5.jpg A Belfast Republican has said he has been subjected to an approach by British military intelligence which was facilitated by the PSNI police.

The collective amnesia over the Dublin-Monaghan bombings

dublinmonaghan2.jpg The Dublin-Monaghan bombings directly affected thousands of people, not just the relatives of the 33 people and an unborn baby who were killed, but the hundreds injured and their families.

Immigrants are not the enemy

immigrantprotest.jpg Conservative and right wing elements are exploiting the issue of asylum seekers and immigrants or race to advance their own agenda.

May 16, 2024

Tyrone man feared he would be shot over IRA claim

armedpoliceengland.jpg A Saoradh member from Tyrone working in England has described how the taxi he was travelling in was rammed by masked British police and he was then forcibly dragged from the vehicle at gunpoint before being bundled into a van.

Anger at continued arming of Israeli genocide

bombgaza.jpg Moves by the US and British governments to deliver further bombs and weaponry for the annihilation of Gaza have been greeted with anger and protests in Ireland and Britain.

Evidence of collusion seen in Dublin and Monaghan attacks

colinwallace.jpg Explosive material used in the Dublin and Monaghan bombings 50 years ago was manufactured by the IRA but then passed into the hands of unionists, according to a former British Army intelligence agent.

PSNI under pressure over spying revelations

journalismisnotacrime.jpg Two human rights organisations are seeking an inquiry into Britain’s surveillance of journalists after police were found to be spying on those investigating British state collusion in loyalist atrocities.

‘Irish Sea Border’ exists for immigration, court rules

borderforceport.jpg The north of Ireland has a different legal basis for handling asylum seekers than Britain, a ruling at the High Court in Belfast has confirmed.

‘Cross border’ bridge to be delivered

narrowwaterbridge1200.jpg Work on the long-awaited Narrow Water Bridge is finally expected to begin “within weeks” after a €60m contract for the project was awarded.

‘We won’t be silenced’

gavinmcshanefamily.jpg The family of an Armagh teenager shot dead by a British state agent say their campaign for justice won’t be stopped. “We know the truth; what we want is for it to be recorded, set down in history, that this man killed Gavin.”

Remembering the forgotten victims of Dublin and Monaghan

talbotstbomb.jpg The Dublin and Monaghan car bombings were the single biggest atrocity of the conflict committed in one day. Last Friday a new documentary film on the massacre opened in Dublin.

May 9, 2024

‘Troublemaker’ journalists subjected to routine surveillance

journosipt.jpg The PSNI police carries out ‘industrial scale’ spying on journalists in the North of Ireland by trawling their phone data to see who they are in contact with, it has emerged.

Victory for Irish students’ action on Gaza

trinitygaza.jpg A student protest camp on the grounds of Trinity College in Dublin has forced the college to break ties to the genocidal Israeli regime after just five days.

Poll shows expectation of Irish unity within a decade

timeforirishunity.jpg A majority of people in the Six Counties believe they will be reunited with the rest of Ireland within the next ten years, according to a new poll conducted by European Movement Ireland.

UDA brutality on display

udaroselawnfence.jpg Unionist paramilitaries have been blamed for a horrific attack in Bushmills, County Antrim, during which a man was nailed to a fence.

Bonfire builders make statement of intent

bonfirehut24.jpg A loyalist HQ which became known as the ‘hut of hate’ after violent and sectarian images were displayed has returned to a notorious bonfire site in east Belfast.

Campbell inquest to continue due to crime link

campbell.jpg An inquest into the murder of a Catholic RUC man in 1977 is set to continue despite the introduction of the British government’s Legacy Act this week.

Immigration and border tensions make Unity more urgent

nohardborder.jpg The May 2024 local election results in England have confirmed what the opinion polls have suggested for the past year. The Conservatives are destined to lose the next UK General Election. But their actions for the remainder of their time in government can still have an impact on both Britain and Ireland.

There cannot be an official history of the Troubles

britsira.jpg There was a revealing spat last week between the NIO and academic historians about the British government’s plans to bowdlerise the original historical archival proposals in the Stormont House Agreement (SHA) on legacy

May 2, 2024

A legacy of collusion and cover-up

justiceprotest0524.jpg New British legislation has been described as an “obscenity” as investigations and inquests into war crimes in the north of Ireland were cruelly terminated at midnight on Tuesday.

Calls for all-island checks on illegal immigration

larnelorries.jpg A row over asylum seekers “pouring” into the north of Ireland to escape deportation from Britain has brought pressure for identity checks on passengers crossing the Irish Sea.

Springhill/Westrock inquest ‘gets over the line’

springhillwestrock.jpg Final evidence was delivered at the inquest into the Springhill/Westrock massacre just hours before it was due to be shut down this week.

Miscarriage of justice overturned

patrickthompson.jpg A man wrongly jailed for life over an IRA attack nearly 50 years ago has had his convictions quashed by the Court of Appeal.

Saoradh Executive harassed in Tyrone

psnimasked.jpg A meeting of the Saoradh National Executive in Dugannon was subjected to an “onslaught” of state harassment before, during and after the meeting, according to the party.

‘Crass’ bid by Britain to ‘absolve’ itself of war crimes

publichistory.jpg A plan by the British government to produce its own history of the conflict has been denounced in Ireland.

Black flag vigil for 1981 Hunger Strikers

eirigivigil.jpg Éirígí has announced details of a vigil in Dublin to mark the anniversary of the death of Volunteer Bobby Sands.

In memory of Volunteer Patrick O’Callaghan

patrickocallaghan.jpg John Crawley delivered the oration at a commemoration in Crossmaglen on 28 April, 2024 in honour of IRA volunteer Patrick O’Callaghan.

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