October 30, 2021

Sinn Féin to support juryless courts

mcdonaldaf.jpg A motion before Sinn Féin’s annual conference to rescind the party’s opposition to the Special Criminal Court could be key to unlocking its access to government in Dublin.

Deadline missed for Irish Language Act

achtanoismps.jpg Sinn Féin’s Vice President Michelle O’Neill has said she is not worried by the failure of the British government to honour its commitment to legislate for the Irish language by the end of October.

Irish ‘turnip farmers’ route around car-crash Britain

ferryroutes.jpg Despite a senior British minister claiming that a no-deal Brexit would only affect a few Irish farmers “with turnips in the back of their trucks”, huge amounts of trade between Ireland and the EU are now taking place by sea around the island of Britain.

Tory plan brings ‘injustice and cruelty’ to innocent families

gerardrorycairns.jpg The father of two Catholic brothers murdered by loyalists acting for the British state has accused the British government of “blocking every avenue in getting to the truth”.

PSNI cite gag order to block report into killings

seangrahamvictims600.jpg The PSNI police in the north of Ireland are using a new method to try to block an investigation into the murders of 12 people killed in a series of loyalist atrocities.

Violent, destructive eviction enabled by Gardaí

prussiast.jpg An eviction gang reportedly involving loyalists from the north of Ireland were backed up by Garda police after they descended on a building in Dublin on Wednesday to evict a community group.

Britain’s shocking role in Indonesian slaughter

indonesiamassacre.jpg British spies incited mass murder of Indonesia’s communists, according to newly declassified papers.

Britain reasserts its ‘selfish strategic interest’

barmyborislewis.jpg The worst threat to the Good Friday Agreement is London’s nationalist agenda, writes Emma de Souza.

October 23, 2021

End partition now

toriespartition.jpg A large security operation failed to prevent republicans protesting against a provocative commemoration of the partition of Ireland which took place in Armagh on Thursday.

Time runs out for families seeking justice

cunninghamcarberry.jpg There are fears a long-standing British strategy to delay legal actions against state killers is succeeding after two soldiers were reported to have died within a week, leaving their victims’ loved ones without justice or closure.

MI5 linked to dangerous neglect of prisoner

issam.jpg Republican prisoner Davy Jordan has described the prison treatment of fellow Maghaberry internee and heart-attack victim Dr Issam Hijjawi Bassalat as “tantamount to attempted murder”.

Britain drops bid to overturn inquest outcome

seamusbradley600.jpg A brother of an IRA Volunteer shot dead by the British Army in 1972 has welcomed the end of British efforts to overturn a coroner’s finding that his killing was “unjustified”.

Support for Leonard family’s fight for new inquest

michaeleonard600.jpg The family of Michael Leonard has won the support of Fermanagh and Omagh council in its efforts to secure truth and justice for the unarmed innocent civilian who was shot dead on his way to cross the border to his County Donegal home.

Farage ‘hasn’t a clue’ as he reads out IRA slogans

farageira.jpg Far-right British nationalist Nigel Farage has been pranked into issuing pro-IRA messages on three successive occasions for his for-hire video request service.

The Anglo-Irish Treaty - how it began

angloirishtreaty600.jpg An account by Des Dalton of the first days of the Anglo-Irish treaty negotiations one hundred years ago, which led to the partition of Ireland.

Statement by the family of John Patrick Cunningham

johnpatrickpic.jpg A statement issued on behalf of the family of vulnerable adult John Patrick Cunningham on the passing of former British soldier Dennis Hutchings.

October 20, 2021

Tensions rise in Armagh ahead of partition event

ni100.jpg A large-scale British military operation is underway in the town of Armagh ahead of a provocative commemoration of the partition of Ireland involving Prime Minister Boris Johnson. England’s Queen Elizabeth has announced she has withdrawn from tomorrow’s event, citing ill health.

October 18, 2021

Justice denied as killer soldier ‘dies from Covid’

johnpathutchings.jpg The British soldier on trial for the killing of John Pat Cunningham, Dennis Hutchings, is reported to have died this evening in a Belfast hospital after testing positive for Covid-19.

October 16, 2021

Jingo Johnson paints up a storm

johnsonpaints2.jpg There is a growing belief that the Tory government in London is manipulating Brexit tensions for electoral purposes, regardless of the mounting political crisis in the north of Ireland.

Sectarian killer convicted of threatening grieving daughter

beattiemullen.jpg Glenanne Gang member Garfield Beattie has been found guilty of sending a threatening letter to the daughter of one of his murder victims, Aontú Deputy Leader Denise Mullen.

Palestinian internee punished in Maghaberry following heart attack

hijjawibassalat.jpg British prison authorities in Ireland are using a heart attack suffered by a Palestinian remand prisoner as an excuse to reduce his access to the outside world, his family have warned.

Children exploited in Crown propaganda exercises

crownkids.jpg Flagrant efforts by the British Army and the PSNI to influence and recruit children from nationalist areas have been denounced.

Inquest sought over ‘rule change’ triple killing

robertanderson.jpgg Relatives of a County Down man shot dead by British soldiers 50 years ago this month have requested a new inquest.

Irish author stands up for Palestine

sallyrooney.jpg Best-selling Irish author Sally Rooney is standing with Palestinians by respecting their call to boycott Israel. She is refusing to allow an Israeli company buy the Hebrew translation and publication rights for her latest novel.

A budget with no answers

mcdonaldbudget.jpg The full text of the speech delivered by Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou McDonald in response the annual Budget plans for the 26 County state set out by the coalition government in Dublin.

Johnson wants to tear up the ‘oven ready’ Brexit deal

badboris.jpg The Irish protocol has become a pretext for unravelling the international treaties Boris Johnson signed up to in 2019-20.

October 10, 2021

British bad faith on Protocol talks threatens new border showdown

frostcoveney.jpg Despite planned EU concessions, the British government has moved to sabotage a round of talks intended to deal with unionist objections to Brexit’s Irish Protocol by raising a new “red line” barrier in the negotiations.

October 9, 2021

Snub to Higgins as Govt figures to attend Partition event

coveneychambers.jpg Fine Gael’s Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney and Fianna Fáil’s Chief Whip Jack Chambers are to represent the Dublin government in an event to mark the centenary of the partition of Ireland and the creation of a unionist-dominated statelet in the North.

Trial opens into cold-blooded killing of special needs victim

johnpathutchings.jpg A trial of a British soldier in the north of Ireland has heard evidence that he intentionally shot and killed an innocent and vulnerable man who posed no threat whatsoever.

British tricks to avoid accountability for killings

patfinucanebig600.jpg The British Direct Ruler Brandon Lewis is attempting to “run down the clock” in a legal challenge over collusion in the assassination of Belfast defence lawyer Pat Finucane, the High Court has heard.

Alliance, Greens blamed for slowing progress on sectarianism

kilcooleparade.jpg A provocative ‘centenary parade’ by the anti-Catholic Orange Order was stopped from marching through a leafy suburban area of Belfast last weekend in a sign of growing opposition to loyalist parades across the North.

End of hunger strike commemorated

hunger40.jpg Republicans marked the 40th anniversary of the end of the 1981 hunger strike last weekend at events across the North and elsewhere.

Govt under pressure to end corporate tax dodges

google.jpg The operation of the 26 County state as a haven for greedy tech multinationals and the super rich is being strongly challenged by the international efforts of whistleblowers and tax justice campaigners.

Homeowners demand govt take responsibility for standards neglect

micaprotest.jpg Lisa Hone is one of thousands living with the failure of successive Dublin governments to regulate building materials, resulting in the failure of their new-build homes due to blocks containing mica and pyrite, and who are now seeking full redress.

Who will defend our political rights?

pcavanagh.jpg An opinion piece by republican activist Pete Cavanagh on the recent wave of suppression of civil rights of republicans in Derry by the British Crown Forces and their supporters.

October 1, 2021

A wrecker’s charter?

unionistleaders.jpg A unionist election deal could be forming around a plan to pull down Stormont if the Brexit Protocol is not scrapped, or if Sinn Féin becomes the largest party after the next Assembly election.

Police Ombudsman backing a ‘dirty war’ agenda

martinohagan2.jpg Pressure is growing over conflict killings in which informers are implicated after the Office of the Police Ombudsman was accused of consistently protecting those involved.

Saoradh says party under intense attack

britconvoy.jpg More than a dozen Saoradh members have now been rounded up and charged with a variety of offences in what the party believes is new initiative by Britain to increase its grip in the north of Ireland.

North insulated from Brexit chaos by Protocol

petrolrage.jpg While there is anger in Britain over empty shelves, staff shortages and a fuel crisis, the north of Ireland is avoiding almost all the negative effects of Brexit thanks to the special status afforded by the Irish Protocol.

Tribute to Diarmuid O’Neill on 25th anniversary

ferrisoneill.jpg The last Provisional IRA Volunteer killed during the conflict “continues to inspire us”, former Sinn Féin TD Martin Ferris has said.

UDA display in Derry

derryuda.jpg Nationalists in Derry’s Waterside have condemned a loyalist parade which featured the emblems of the unionist paramilitary UDA last weekend, Saturday 25 September.

End of hunger strike marked by online documentary

storyandsong.jpg A documentary marking the 40th anniversary of the end of the 1981 hunger strike is to premiere online this weekend.

When Frederick Douglass met Daniel O’Connell

douglassoconnell.jpg On September 29th, 1845, a momentous meeting took place in Dublin between a 27-year-old American and a 70-year-old Irish man.

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