Who will defend our political rights?



An opinion piece by republican activist Pete Cavanagh on the recent wave of suppression of civil rights of republicans in Derry by the British Crown Forces and their supporters.


Today is the anniversary of the 5th of October march by the Civil Rights Association in 1968.

Many say that day was the first day of the so-called ‘Troubles.’ It was a day that thousands turned out in Duke Street to march for Civil Rights and the ending of systematic and institutional discrimination against the Catholic and Nationalist population of the British occupied six counties of Ireland. That day was the beginning of an end that still hasn’t come.

Fast forward 53 years and what has changed? When one looks at a list of Civil Rights and ask yourself which of them have we really been afforded? Is it not the case of Rights denied to one, is Rights denied to all? Or has that war cry gone out the window because a majority have been bought and pacified?

Irish Republicans in the occupied six counties were previously threatened by the Chief of the unreformable RUC that they would take our children, our cars, our benefits and homes. This threat by an unaccountable Englishman in charge of a sectarian army, armed by Britain with weapons and an agenda is now implementing his threat.

Irish Republicans, including myself are being attacked and hounded in every aspect of life in an attempt to break our will and spirit; an aim that will never be achieved.

Irish Republicans who remain true to the cause of ridding our island of British interference and influence continue to be targeted physically, psychologically and financially. They are attacking our families and loved ones.

A compliant media who do the bidding of the British war machine in Ireland are as much to blame. When the surface is scratched as to who owns our local media outlets and the Derry people writing the stories and what political parties they belong to, it isn’t hard to work out the political agenda behind their ignorance and lack of scrutiny, as that would only legitimise our claims.

We know the truth:

1.1 Right to Liberty and Security of the Person. ... ✖

1.2 Right to Equal Protection Before the Law. ... ✖

1.3 Right to Freedom of Assembly. ... ✖

1.4 Right to be Free from Torture. ... ✖

1.5 Right to Freedom of Expression. ... ✖

1.6 Freedom from Discrimination. ... ✖

1.7 Access to the Judicial System. ... ✖

1.8 Participation in Political Life. ... ✖

Civil Rights denied to one is an affront to all citizens. You may not agree with the political aspirations of Irish Republicans in our pursuit for freedom from Britain and all its appendages but who will be next?


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