April 24, 2009


The Sinn Féin leadership has begun a fight-back against rival republican groups who are seeking to maintain an armed struggle against British rule.

Plan for mass ‘supergrass’ trials

A purpose-built ‘supergrass’ unit is to be constructed inside Maghaberry Prison in the North of Ireland following a decision to revive the policy of using informers’ evidence in courts.

Injunction bid to stop informer pressure

British intelligence has offered a six figure sum and a home abroad to a South Armagh man if he would work with them to help imprison a republican from the area.

‘Equality Commission’ rules against Easter Lily

A protest by Sinn Féin’s youth wing blocked the entrance to the Equality Commission’s Office in Belfast in protest at a recent ruling discriminating against the wearing of the Easter Lily by nationalists.

Activist hospitalised after Shell site beating

Farmer and environmental activist Willie Corduff is in hospital after being attacked by a masked gang during a protest at the planned Corrib gas pipeline early on Thursday.

Belfast’s Basque community in fear

A political activist from the Basque country was arrested in a raid in Belfast this week and faces 14 years in prison if extradited back to Spain.

Long Kesh could be a ‘must see’ attraction

Belfast’s Crumlin Road Prison is not only an impressive, indeed, imposing, example of Victorian prison architecture it is also a museum, an artefact, in its own right.

‘Get off our backs’

Veteran Derry republican Gerry McCartney argues that the recent killings of two British soldiers and a PSNI officer by dissident republican groups will do nothing to achieve Irish unity.

April 17, 2009


brokenmemorial.jpg There are concerns that tensions between Sinn Féin and republican dissidents could escalate further.

‘Real IRA’ says it executed Denis Donaldson

denisdonaldson.jpg The ‘Real IRA’ has claimed responsibility for killing infamous Special Branch informer Denis Donaldson in County Donegal just over three years ago.

Diverse groups mark Easter Rising

easter2009.jpg Hundreds of events, large and small, were held across Ireland to mark the 93rd anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising by a variety of republican groups, large and small.

Anger at treatment of prisoners

maghaberry.jpg Republican prisoners at Maghaberry jail have been punished for wearing Easter lilies in communal areas at the weekend.

Last chance for Pol Brennan

polbrennan.jpg Pol Brennan, who has been imprisoned in a US jail since January of last year, has lost an appeal against a federal judge’s decision to deport him to Ireland.

Dublin govt recognises ‘Londonderry’ name

passports.jpg A controversy has arises after it emerged that loyalists from Derry are to be allowed to register their birth place as ‘Londonderry’ on Irish passports.

Adams address to Easter commemoration

easter09sf.jpg The full text of the address by Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams to his party’s Easter Rising commemoration in west Belfast.

Easter Sunday in Duleek

duleekeaster.jpg It is difficult not to feel a surge of emotion racing through the veins when reflecting on what the men and women of 1916 gave up in order to make a stand against a malign foreign power.

April 16, 2009

Hugh Orde to quit PSNI

PSNI police Chief Hugh Orde is to leave his position in the North of Ireland after securing a job in England.

April 13, 2009

‘Real IRA’ statement

A statement was read out at an Easter commemoration organised by the 32 County Sovereignty Committee in Derry city today.

April 10, 2009



The Dublin government stands accused of targeting children and other vulnerable groups in the Budget, rather than the banks and property developers responsible for causing the current crisis.

Tensions rise in Belfast

peaceline.jpg Political tensions have increased in Belfast with an increased number of incidents at sectarian interfaces ahead of the marching season.

Gaza is ‘open-air prison’ - Adams

adamshaniyah.jpg Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams entered the Gaza Strip on Wednesday after former British Prime Minister Tony Blair was forced to intervene to enable the visit.

Increased loyalist threat

uda.jpg Several Gaelic sports clubs across the north have been forced to increase their security after a loyalist paramilitary group made threats to kill members.

CIRA statement amid disturbances

ciramural.jpg British Army bomb-disposal teams found a “viable explosive device” during a bomb alert in County Tyrone this week.

Fresh controversy over hunger strike talks

blanketman.jpg Claims of a possible deal that could have saved the lives of up to six republican hunger strikers have been rubbished by former Sinn Féin director of publicity Danny Morrison.

Murdered priests remembered

mass.jpg Two Catholic priests shot dead by the British Army during the conflict were remembered this week at St Peter’s Cathedral in Belfast.

Force of argument is way forward

risingflag.jpg The 1916 Rising was the end product of more than a century of protest, largely peaceful, since the brutal suppression by the British government of the 1798 Rebellion.

Sinn Féin Easter statement

On this the 93rd anniversary of the 1916 Rising the leadership of Sinn Féin extends its solidarity to the families of all our patriot dead.

April 7, 2009

Emergency budget revealed

The 26 County Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan has confronted the Irish people with the toughest Budget announcement in the history of the State

April 3, 2009


burnedtruck.jpg Days of disturbances in the North this week amounted to a show of strength by so-called “dissidents” following a recent PSNI crackdown.

Budget from Hell 2

cowen.jpg Concern is mounting over next week’s “emergency budget” planned by the Dublin government deal with the economic crisis.

Anger at treatment of Colin Duffy

duffyrellies.jpg Friends and relatives of Mr Duffy have expressed outrage at a protest meeting in Lurgan, Couty Armagh at his treatment and the conditions of his detention.

Israel refuses meeting with Adams

adams.jpg Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams is to visit the Middle East next week.

Struggle to defend rights, jobs

doleq.jpg Catholics are still more than twice as likely to be seeking work as Protestants in the north of Ireland, according to the latest labour statistics, published on Friday.

Rockall dispute rocks on

rockall.jpg The Dublin government to make a claim to the United Nations for control of gas and oil exploration rights potentially worth billions of euro around Rockall, a tiny, remote island off Ireland’s north-west coast.

SF owes debt of gratitude to Marie Moore

mariemoore.jpg To me, Marie Moore, who passed away a few weeks ago, belonged to a heroic generation.

Can intelligence services be trusted?

mi5.jpg There is a connection between the civil action brought by relatives of Omagh bomb victims and the arrests in relation to the killing of the two soldiers in Antrim and the PSNI officer in Lurgan.

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