January 13, 2022



Deepening chaos at the top of the Conservative government in London has increased uncertainty ahead of key talks on the north of Ireland.

‘Bullyboy’ tactics of Gardaí at commemoration

ohanloncommem.jpg Gardaí police set upon republicans in County Monaghan this week as a commemoration was taking place in honour of Fergal O’Hanlon.

Dangerous ‘dog whistles’ as election looms

katehoey.jpg The DUP’s endorsement of a loyalist rant against nationalist activists who “dominate professional vocations” has set the scene for a polarising and bitter Stormont Assembly election campaign.

Torture victim sues over treatment

liamholdenold.jpg The last man to receive the death penalty in the Six Counties has begun an action against the British government for using torture to extract a false confession from him.

Stakeknife handler linked to Kenyan slaughter

kenyanstk.jpg A British soldier who handled ‘Stakeknife’, an infamous IRA informer, also gave spy tips to east African wildlife rangers whose shoot-to-kill anti-poaching policy killed dozens of innocent Kenyans, it has emerged.

Pogues man is staunch republican – biographer

macgowanadams.jpg Interviewed for his upcoming authorised biography, Pogues singer Shane MacGowan said that the conflict in the north of Ireland “has preoccupied (his) mind since childhood”.

Jack Clafferty

jackclafferty.jpg An obituary written by Aisling Claffery for her father, a draughtsman who produced memorable images connected with the conflict in the north of Ireland.

The Treaty debate

mansionhousedebate.jpg A historical account of the parliamentary debate on the Anglo-Irish Treaty of 1921, 100 years ago this week which presaged the outbreak of the Irish Civil War, by Des Dalton.

January 6, 2022

A sign of broken promises

irishsignblasted.jpg There were celebrations for Irish speakers on New Year’s Day as the Irish language became an official language of the European Union, but it has piled on pressure for the implementation of rights for speakers in the north of Ireland.

‘I thought sectarian attacks were a thing of the past’

oldparkattack.jpg A 16-year-old boy was attacked on Wednesday by a number of youths in the Lower Oldpark area of Belfast in an anti-Catholic hate crime.

Condemnation of Tory/DUP axis of destruction

jonathanpowell.jpg Brexiteers are endangering the North of Ireland because of their hard ideological beliefs, according to the man who was Britain’s chief negotiator during the Irish peace process.

Activists taking action on housing

homelesschild.jpg Economic data has revealed that some 300,000 people in the 26 Counties are facing impoverishment as a direct result of the housing crisis there.

Family of Bloody Sunday survivor remember ‘great mother’

peggydeery.jpg Nearly 50 years after their mother was shot on Bloody Sunday, the family of Peggy Deery have said it feels like it happened “yesterday”.

New Year Statements 2022

2022statements.jpg A round-up of the statements issued by republican organisations to mark the New Year.

Deaf ears and blind eyes fuelled rage we felt for years

joebrolly600.jpg Commentator Joe Brolly has addressed the southern establishment’s selfish response to the conflict in the north.

2022 will bring north’s disappearance closer

roadahead.jpg Unionists’ bad faith, bad behaviour and seditious lawlessness demonstrate the truth of Enoch Powell’s conclusion that there is no halfway house between full integration into the UK and a united Ireland.

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