October 13, 2018



Over 120,000 people joined a march for Scottish independence through Edinburgh last Saturday in the largest ever march about the issue.

Tribunal blasts Garda Chief’s ‘repulsive’ lies

mccabescallinan.jpg Former Garda police Commissioner Martin Callinan led a whispering campaign of lies and defamation against police whistleblower Sergeant Maurice McCabe and then denied it under oath, according to the findings of a sworn tribunal of inquiry.

Effort to open Britain’s archive of secrets

archivespic.jpg The widow of a man shot dead by a British soldier in Belfast 47 years ago has begun a High Court bid to obtain access to documents stored in secret English vaults.

Prison warders accused of seeking confrontation

maghaberrysplit600.jpg Maghaberry prisoners aligned to Republican Sinn Fein have condemned what it said were attempts to provoke tension at the jail by prison warders.

PSNI cooperation with investigations in doubt

pfni.jpg Sinn Fein has condemned the Police Federation in the North (PFNI) after it warned that current and former members of the PSNI/RUC police would not cooperate with the proposed Historical Investigations Unit (HIU).

Varadkar reeling as Minister quits over €500m scandal

naughtenresigns.jpg Ireland’s reputation as a centre of large-scale financial corruption has not been helped by a whirlwind of devastating revelations which brought a sudden end to the Ministerial career of Denis Naughten on Thursday.

The IRA Hunger Strike of 1923

1923hungerstrike.jpg In the Ireland of 1922, a civil war tore through the land and in its path it ripped apart families and friendships. It also created a deeper wedge in an unstable society where the church grappled for top position in an emerging new state.

Was the British government the main protagonist?

barmy1969.jpg When all disputes and diversions have been explored, we come back to one core awkward fact.

October 11, 2018

Minister quits amid questions over 500m euro contract

denisnaughten.jpg The 26 County Minister for Communications Denis Naughten resigned suddenly this afternoon as a controversy escalated over his handling of a 500 million euro contract for the rollout of rural broadband.

October 9, 2018

Budget 2019 denounced as ‘a betrayal’

budget19.jpg Fine Gael’s Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe has revealed the third and final annual 26 County budget agreed with Fianna Fail as part of their government pact.

October 6, 2018

Foster’s blood and thunder

fosterbirminghamtory.jpg DUP leader Arlene Foster has described her party’s opposition to a deal in Brexit negotiations that would result in new checks on goods moving across the Irish Sea as a “red line” that is “blood red”.

Historic civil rights march remembered

civilrights50sf.jpg Events have been taking place in Derry to mark the 50th anniversary of the 1968 civil rights’ march, which some consider to have been the start of the recent conflict in Ireland.

Roof raised as marchers take Dublin

raisetheroof2.jpg Up to 20,000 people, of all ages and from across the country, gathered at a rally outside the Dublin parliament on Wednesday demanding an end to the housing crisis.

Pat Finucane murder linked to MI5’s ‘licence to kill’

cameronfinucanemi5.jpg MI5 authorised its agents and informers to kill targets and commit other crimes under a secret policy which operated throughout the conflict in Ireland and continued until at least 2012, an investigative powers tribunal in London has heard.

New Lodge investigation ordered

newlodge6600.jpg A decision to order a new investigation into the killing of six men in north Belfast 45 years ago has been widely welcomed.

Not-so-covert spying operations

operative.jpg Aggressive house raids on republicans in North and West Belfast were followed by an open attempt to bug the family home and car of one of the victims, as British intelligence operations become increasingly public in the face of smart phone technology.

Seamus Costello

seamuscostello.jpg Seamus Costello was a founding member of the Irish Republican Socialist Party (IRSP) and the Irish National Liberation Army (INLA). He was shot dead on 5 October 1977, 41 years ago this week.

The Republic must constitute any future United Ireland

obradaigh18.jpg An address delivered by Sean Bresnahan to the Ruairi O Bradaigh Memorial School in Roscommon.

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