January 27, 2012

Kenny’s blame game

endakennydavos.jpg Taoiseach Enda Kenny is the focus of mounting anger in the 26 Counties after criticising the Irish people for their “greed” and “mad” borrowing-- just days after he paid one and a quarter billion euros of public funds to international bond speculators.

Duffy ‘will not change’ despite ordeal

duffyreleased.jpg Colin Duffy has spoken out after he was dramatically cleared last week of involvement in the 2009 Real IRA attack on the Massareene British Army base.

North’s politicians at odds over Scotland vote

salmondreferendum.jpg The Scottish government has this week unveiled the question that could lead to the end of the union between Scotland and England.

March showdown over Boston College subpoenas

moloneymcintyre.jpg Researchers employed by Boston College to conduct interviews with former IRA members -- the subject of a British government subpoena -- have said they are not surprised at the latest court ruling against their efforts to prevent the interview transcripts falling into the hands of the PSNI.

Sinn Fein hold talks on Maghaberry

raymondmccartney.jpg A Sinn Fein delegation of Stormont Assembly members -- Raymond McCartney, Sean Lynch and Jennifer McCann -- met with the Six-County Justice Minister David Ford on Wednesday to discuss the ongoing crisis at Maghaberry prison.

Compensation award over ‘appalling’ harassment

laurenakane.jpg An award-winning social worker has won “significant” damages following a campaign of sectarian harassment by her ‘colleagues’ at a care centre.

Bloody Sunday commemoration 2012

marchforjusticeposter.jpg The ‘Hooded Men’ were a group of internees who were systematically tortured by the British military in 1971. We carry a statement from several of the surviving ‘Hooded Men’ on the subject of the 40th anniversary Bloody Sunday march, to take place in Derry on Sunday 29th January, as well as a program of events for the weekend.

No Oscars for Margaret Thatcher’s Irish legacy

margaretthatcher.jpg The recent publication of British government papers from 1981 have reminded many people of the negative role played by British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher at that time.

January 20, 2012

Duffy freed but Shivers jailed over Massereene attack

duffyshivers.jpg Prominent republican Colin Duffy has today been found not guilty of the Real IRA attack on Massereene British Army base in 2009, although there was disbelief at the court when his co-accused, Brian Shivers from Magherafelt, was found guilty.

RUC killers rehired by PSNI

rucpsniposter.jpg Former RUC Special Branch police who were forced to retire as part of the policing reform process have been rehired as civilian contractors for the PSNI, it has emerged.

Emigration is ‘lifestyle choice’, says Noonan

michaelnoonan.jpg The 26-County Finance Minister Michael Noonan infuriated the Irish public on Thursday when he described emigration as “a choice of lifestyle”.

Warnings over UVF attacks

uvf.jpg No arrests have been made and no searches carried out, two weeks after the brutal sectarian attack on Catholic teenager James Turley.

Derry explosions raise tensions

strandroadpsni.jpg Two explosions in Derry last night [Thursday night] appeared to target government offices and have again ratcheted up concerns for the political process in the North.

Politicians clash as poverty deepens

alasdairmcdonnell.jpg Over 80,000 children in the Six Counties are living in poverty, according to a new report published this week, with nationalist areas such as west Belfast experiencing the highest figures.

Appeal for republican prisoner

tonytaylor.jpg The wife of a Derry republican prisoner has appealed to the city’s political leaders to do something about the crisis at Maghaberry prison before someone dies.

Kevin Barry

kevinbarry.jpg Kevin Barry, one of Ireland’s youngest martyrs, was born in Dublin on January 20, 1902, 110 years ago today.

Unionists most to gain in Scottish ‘devo max’

scotlandmap.jpg It is going to happen. Slowly, slowly catchee monkee. Just watch Alex Salmond walking the naive and intemperate Cameran into his elephant trap.

January 13, 2012

PSNI silence over film set nightmare

jamesturley.jpg A vicious attempt to murder Catholic teenagers last Friday was covered up by the North’s police for over three days before details finally emerged.

Cameron may pre-empt Scottish independence move

cameronsalmond.jpg British prime minister David Cameron has dramatically attempted to hijack moves towards a referendum on Scottish independence. The move has accelerated a British constitutional crisis which could have profound implications for London’s rule in the north of Ireland.

SF ‘not interested’ in all-Ireland efforts

northsouth.jpg Both the Dublin government and the Six-County executive have been accused of turning their back on cross-border co-operation, one of the cornerstones of the 1998 Good Friday Agreement.

McGeough case could set precedent

gerrymcgeoughposter.jpg Lawyers for prominent republican Gerry McGeough argued for his entitlement to release under the 1998 Good Friday Agreement for more than four hours this week.

A step forward for the Finucane family

finucaneposter2.jpg The family of murdered Belfast defence lawayer Pat Finucane has been granted a judicial review of the decision by the British government not to hold a public inquiry into his death.

‘No public interest’ to PSNI’s use of rally footage

riraeaster.jpg The PSNI police have failed in a legal bid to force the handover of unseen TV news footage from a rally by the 32 County Sovereignty Committee.

Echoes of 1981

maghaberrycells.jpg Tensions are deepening at Maghaberry as riot squads take the place of regular warders. A look at the current situation and the history of the current prisoners’ protest.

Enough generalities

victimeye.jpg It's a long way from the Village area of Belfast to Stormont, but two simple actions would help considerably to tackle sectarianism.

January 6, 2012

Betrayal and bloody-mindedness

moloneymcintyre.jpg Participants in Boston College’s ‘Troubles Archive’ project have demanded the return or destruction of all of its taped interviews after parts of the archive were delivered to the British Crown forces.

‘Lucky escape’ for British soldier

britbomb.jpg Breakaway IRA group Óglaigh na hÉireann says it was behind an attack on a British soldier in north Belfast on Thursday.

Rebel Cork versus the NAMA republic

vitacortex.jpg Two protests in Cork have demonstrated the city’s fighting spirit in the face of social injustice.

Released prisoner recounts Maghaberry nightmare

damianmclaughlin.jpg A republican prisoner on dirty protest in Maghaberry jail has warned the North’s highest security prison is fast deteriorating into a cesspit of disease.

1981 archive papers

archives.jpg A round-up of the revelations from the historical papers, mostly pertaining to 1981, which were released over the New Year period.

New Year’s statements

2012.jpg Messages issued by three republican political organisations on the occasion of the New Year 2012.

Thatcher’s stance shown to be intransigent, duplicitous

margaretthatcher.jpg Papers released under the 30-year rule reveal a prime minister refusing to deal with the substance of the Irish prison protests, writes Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams TD.

NIO unionists vetoed hunger strike deal

hungerstikecoffin.jpg The recently-released British state papers from 1981 are certainly not infallible nor full accounts, but they do reveal the mindset that the prisoners, their families and supporters had to overcome.

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