September 27, 2007


There are fears other areas are being drawn into a unionist paramilitary feud between rival gangs of the UDA in County Antrim.


Hundreds of campaigners created a giant human harp in County Meath to mark Tara Heritage Day on Sunday. The protest is the latest in a string of high profile moves to pressurise the government into rerouting the M3 motorway away from the historic site.

The sites under threat are inextricably linked with the harping and bardic traditions for more than 2,500 years. Protests were also held in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Dublin.

Ahern survives vote of no confidence

The 26-County Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern, last night won a vote of confidence in the Dublin parliament, despite a challenge by the main opposition parties over the veracity of his evidence before the Mahon corruption tribunal.

British imperialism appears again

Britain is preparing natural resource claims on tens of thousands of square miles of the Atlantic Ocean floor, stretching from Rockall Island off the Irish coast down to Las Malvinas and Ascension in the south Atlantic.

Policing Board divided over human rights

Sinn Féin representatives have refused to endorse the Policing Board’s latest human rights report.

Adams speaks out against suicide, crime

The governments on both side of the border need to show leadership in tackling suicide and self-harm, Gerry Adams has said.

Diarmuid O Neill remembered

A large crowd assembled at Timoleague Cemetery last Sunday to remember IRA Volunteer Diarmuid O’ Neill whose 11th anniversary was that day.

US Urgent Action Appeal

An action alert issued on behalf of the McAllister family, which is facing deportation from the US.

SDLP will be devoured

It will be FF’s aim to become the dominant party in the North.

September 20, 2007


The PSNI have been using CS gas nearly every day on average since a hand-held spray form was introduced three years ago, it has been revealed.

‘Republican Party’ heads North

In a significant policy shift, Fianna Fail is to become an all-Ireland political party with a view to gaining power in the North -- but will not contest elections to the Westminster parliament in London.

RUC faulted over Nelson murder

Death threats against prominent human rights lawyer Rosemary Nelson were broadly ignored by the RUC police prior to her assassination, according to a new report.

Tension in north-west following threats

A brick and a package containing three bullets were thrown through Sinn Féin offices in County Fermanagh last week. The same offices were badly damaged in a suspected arson last month.

Protesters enter Shell site

Up to one hundred protesters breached the perimeter of the Shell site in Erris, County Mayo as part of a planned ‘day of action’ last weekend against plans for a high-pressure gas pipeline and refinery.

Irish speaker wins court appeal

An appeal court has acquitted an Irish language teacher who had been arrested for talking to the PSNI police in Irish.

The Flight of the Earls

This year marks the 400th anniversary of the ‘Flight of the Earls’. We conclude our series of historical articles on a major event in Irish history.

Right time for Paisley to step off

It was time for Paisley to step off the vehicle which he built and which gave him the respectability and momentum to take him to where he is today.

September 12, 2007


An attempt to secure tax-varying powers for the Belfast Assembly was defeated on Monday. Unionists blocked the Sinn Féin motion after DUP Finance Minister Peter Robinson expressed reservations.

Paisley quits church role amid protests

DUP leader Ian Paisley will step down in January as Free Presbyterian Moderator to avoid a split in the church with those who disagreed with his political position.

Loyalists issue death threats

Ten families in County Antrim have been warned their homes may be targeted in UDA gun attacks within the next week.

New shoot-to-kill hearings

New hearings are to be held into six deaths at the centre of a Crown force shoot-to-kill policy in the North 25 years ago.

British soldier back in combat despite killings

A soldier who was jailed for life following the shooting dead of two teenagers in the North of Ireland is to serve in Afghanistan, according to a report today.

Veteran republican opposed oppression

More than 1,000 people attended the funeral in Maghera, County Derry, on Saturday of founder Provisional IRA member and former Sinn Féin Assemblyman, John Kelly.

Nairac commanded Miami massacre

He was a guitar player in one of Ireland’s biggest bands but after their tour bus was stopped at a checkpoint on a lonely country road near Newry on July 31 1975, nothing would ever be the same for Stephen Travers.

Consequences of the Flight of the Earls

Nationalists have never sought to undo the Plantation of Ulster which next year will be four centuries old.

September 6, 2007

Death of John Kelly

Provisional IRA founding member and former Sinn Fein assemblyman John Kelly has died.

September 5, 2007


A retraction of the 35-year-old British Army claim that a teenager shot dead by a soldier in Derry was a “terrorist” has been welcomed by nationalists.

North’s politicians lend experience to Iraq

It has emerged this week that senior unionist and nationalist politicians from the North have been working to build relationships between Iraq’s warring factions.

Republicans criticise PSNI actions

The PSNI police have been accused of acting ‘in a brutal manner’ during an incident in a County Derry village in the early hours of Saturday morning.

SF, DUP hit by resignations

Sligo Sinn Féin councillor, Sean MacManus, has dismissed speculation that he is about to resign from the party after two others councillors in the South quit the party last week.

Sectarian attacks continue

A bomb attack on a Catholic church in County Down is the latest in a series of sectarian attacks across the North.

Gilmore is new Labour Party leader

Eamon Gilmore is certain to become the next Labour Party leader after a number of potential rivals confirmed that they would not be contesting the leadership election.

German charade

Like a cruel joke, the German demand for Roisin McAliskey’s extradition was delivered 10 years to the day after she gave birth to Loinnir, under armed guard, in a London hospital.

Jumping to conclusions over ‘unity’ talk

The one contribution that stood out in this year's summer schools was Sir Kenneth Bloomfield’s talk to the Merriman School.

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