April 10, 2021



Sinister efforts to involve nationalists in the current wave of loyalist violence are continuing after a week of some of the worst disturbances seen in the north of Ireland in over eight years.

Loyalist claims to ‘peaceful protest’ rejected

loyalistkids.jpg The British authorities in Ireland are coming under pressure to finally dismantle the loyalist drugs gangs behind the current wave of street violence and cease the state funding that supports them.

State harassment at Easter events

saorueaster.jpg A member of Republican Sinn Féin was arrested at an Easter Monday commemoration for refusing to speak to Gardaí in English.

Moves to all-island links in sport, transport

faiifabig.jpg A potential All-Ireland soccer league could be on the cards with the two football associations in both parts of Ireland working on it, according to reports.

Council backs campaign for justice for Eddie Fullerton

eddiefullertonbig.jpg Donegal Council Councillors have unanimously backed a call for truth and justice for the murder of Eddie Fullerton as the 30th anniversary of his death approaches.

Flag and anthem ‘up for discussion’ in unity talks

irishflag.jpg Members of the Dublin parliament have suggested that the tricolour’s status as the national flag could be reconsidered as part of efforts to secure a united Ireland.

A turning point in history

sandselected.jpg Bobby Sands’ victory in Fermanagh and South Tyrone 40 years ago this week gave the republican movement a “victory that not even countless IRA military operations could have achieved”, according to a former prisoner in the H-Blocks.

There is a democratic pathway

irishunitybanner.jpg The imposition of Brexit by the Tories, with absolutely no regard for its impact on the north and our economy, has led to many people asking questions and considering new options and opportunities.

April 8, 2021

PSNI attempt to provoke nationalists on Springfield Road

psnispringfield.jpg An attempt by the PSNI police to draw nationalist youths into conflict near a tense west Belfast interface failed tonight thanks to the efforts of community leaders.

Loyalists riot at West Belfast ‘peace line’

peaceline2021.jpg Another night of intense loyalist rioting has been criticised by politicians including British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, although DUP leader Arlene Foster blamed Sinn Féin as “the real law breakers” over a lack of social distancing at a Sinn Féin funeral last year.

April 5, 2021

Easter statements 2021

1916executed.jpg A round-up of the annual speeches and statements released by republican organisations to mark the 105th anniversary of the Easter Rising.

April 4, 2021

DUP rhetoric blamed as UDA sustain disturbances

loynewtownabbey.jpg Petrol bombs have been thrown at the PSNI for a second night in County Antrim as loyalist paramilitaries have continued to orchestrate violence.

April 2, 2021

Let him rest in peace

funeralstorey.jpg An attempt by unionists to weaponise Covid-19 regulations to demand prosecutions of leading members of Sinn Féin over the funeral last June of party colleague and IRA veteran Bobby Storey appear to have failed.

Loyalist disturbances recall flag protests

sandyrowrow.jpg Crowds of loyalist youths clashed with PSNI police on Friday night following appeals for “protests” on loyalist social media pages. The trouble erupted at locations where demonstrations had been orchestrated on Facebook, primarily in Belfast.

PSNI raids linked to Rising anniversary

psniraid3.jpg An annual PSNI operation to harass and disrupt Irish republicans ahead of events for the anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising has seen raids in three counties.

30th anniversary of Drumbeg massacre

drumbeg30.jpg On the 30th anniversary of the brutal murders of Eileen Duffy, Katrina Rennie and Brian Frizzell, families attended a quiet memorial for them in Craigavon last weekend.

Questions mount in trial saga

mccroryduffy.jpg A court hearing in the long-running trial of three well-known republicans heard doubts about the prosecution’s evidence amid questions over the analysis of alleged covert audio recordings and the role of British military intelligence.

Easter commemorations scaled back

wreath.jpg A number of organisations have said that commemorations and wreath-laying ceremonies in honour of the 1916 Rising must again be restricted due the Covid-19 situation.

What I would have said on RTÉ

joebrollytv.jpg Commentator Joe Brolly has responded to RTE’s controversial effort to silence him during a TV debate on a united Ireland.

The real reason unionist politicians are mad

storeyfuneral2.jpg The heart of the matter is that Bobby Storey’s funeral was an orderly, dignified tribute to a man seen as an outstanding republican.

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