November 28, 2007


The European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg ruled on Tuesday that evidence of British Crown force collusion in the murder of eight men in South Armagh in the 1970s had not properly been investigated.

Real IRA issues statement, video

The ‘Real IRA’ have issued a statement that they intend to launch further attacks on the PSNI police following two gun attacks on PSNI members in Dungannon and Derry in the past two weeks.

First DPP meeting in west Belfast

Republican traditionalists are planning to mount a protest against this week’s first ever meeting of the District Policing Partnership (DPP) in west Belfast.

Harney clings to post as cancer scandal deepens

Fianna Fail has been forced to threaten parliamentary backbenchers with expulsion in an effort to win the no-confidence vote on the 26-County Minister for Health, Mary Harney today [Wednesda

Colombia 3 book launched

One of the Colombia 3, Jim Monaghan, has this week published a book about his experiences, Colombia Jail Journal.

Rebel songs controversy

A chorus of denunciation has appeared in the mainstream Scottish media against University of Glasgow lecturer Dr Jeanette Findlay for defending soccer fans who sing Irish rebel songs.

Remembering the Manchester Martyrs

On 23 November 1867, three Irishmen, Michael O’Brien, William Philip Allen and Michael Larkin, were hanged in public in Salford, England, for the murder of a police sergeant during the rescue of two Fenian leaders.

Access to report crucial in quest for justice

The public exposure of the de Menezes case stands in marked contrast to the secrecy surrounding multiple killings by the Crown forces during the conflict in Ireland.

November 23, 2007

Judge rules out McAliskey extradition

Roisin McAliskey will not be extradited, the Belfast Crown court said today.

November 22, 2007


Sinn Fein assembly member Francie Molloy has rejected as “rubbish” a claim that he has been working as a Special Branch informer for almost 30 years.

Threats, protest in policing dispute

A District Policing Partnership (DPP) meeting in Belfast was called off on Monday night following a republican protest.

Man hospitalised after vicious PSNI assault

A republican in Derry has had his arm fractured in three places during PSNI raids in the city.

New ‘peace line’ built as loyalist attacks continue

A new ‘peace line’ is under construction in north Belfast to protect the nationalist Throne estate from sectarian attacks by loyalists living in White City, on the other side of the school.

McGuinness, Paisley to visit White House

US president George Bush is to meet Ian Paisley and Martin McGuinness at the White House on December 7 and congratulate them on taking “the historic path” towards a peaceful future in the North.

‘Race hate’ parade cancelled

A parade seen by residents as racial intimidation has been called off after talks between the ‘Pride of the Raven’ loyalist band and representatives of the Chinese community in south Belfast.

Making Shell feel the heat

A report by eirigi activists on the latest action against the development of a dangerous onshore gas refinery in County Mayo.

Finally on a path towards a new Ireland

For a new administration on a learning curve its six months in office has been surprisingly impressive.

November 15, 2007


The breakaway republican group known as the ‘Real IRA’ has said it shot two members of the PSNI in Derry and Dungannon, County Tyrone last week, and also detonated a coffee-jar bomb in Newry, County Armagh.

Horror at Omagh arson massacre

A devastating house fire in which a nationalist family of seven died in the early hours of Tuesday morning was deliberately set, the PSNI police has confirmed. A sectarian motive has not been ruled out.

UDA renegades mount attacks

Nationalist homes at a north Belfast interface came under attack from a sectarian gang just hours after statements were read by leading UDA paramilitary members at Remembrance Day commemorations.

Welcome ‘up to a point’ for UDA move

Sinn Fein’s Martin McGuinness has given a qualified welcome to the decision by the largest faction of the unionist paramilitary UDA to “stand down”.

Row continues over Quinn killing

One of the men named in England’s ‘House of Lords’ over the murder of Armagh man Paul Quinn yesterday [Wednesday] challenged his accuser to repeat the claims in public.

‘Section 31’ censorship on health issues

A decision to remove whistleblower medic John Crown from the panel of a popular Irish chat show has been strongly condemned as a new form of censorship.

Presidential Address at RSF Ard Fheis

The full prepared text of the Presidential address delivered to the 103u Ard Fheis of Republican Sinn Fein on November 11 by Ruairi O Bradaigh.

Stunt will not make UDA disappear

It is depressing how many media outlets bought the NIO spin about the UDA standing down its ‘military wing’.

November 11, 2007

UDA gangs to ‘stand down’

The largest faction of the unionist paramilitary UDA has announced that its armed gangs -- who use the cover name of the ‘Ulster Freedom Fighters’ (UFF) -- will “stand down” from midnight tonight.

November 8, 2007


The UDA decommissioning saga has descended into farce after a breakaway faction of the group denied that it had destroyed a small quantity of guns.

Paisley seeks deal on border checkpoints

The North’s First Minister Ian Paisley has lobbied British Prime Minister Gordon Brown for an assurance that planned new border passport controls will not be established between Britain and Ireland but between the North and South of Ireland.

Departing Ombudsman warns of collusion dangers

Police Ombudsman Nuala O’Loan - who left office this week - has revealed that she could not believe what she was seeing when she compiled her major report on police collusion with UVF killers earlier this year.

Pressure on Ahern after poll drop

Fianna Fail has suffered a large drop in support since the general election in May and satisfaction with the party leader and Taoiseach Bertie Ahern is also down significantly.

FIFA presents plan on political football

Proposals by the sport’s international regulators FIFA have been welcomed by nationalist politicians as paving the way for an all-Ireland soccer team.

Oration at the funeral of Martin Meehan

Full prepared text of the oration delivered by Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams at the funeral of Martin Meehan this week.

Comrades will sorely miss faithful stalwart

In times of war he was a man of war. In times of peace he was a man of peace.

Tourists discover north’s deep-seated prejudices

Next time someone tells you that our commissions for equality and human rights are just money wasted on political correctness, consider the case of Frank Kakopa.

November 3, 2007

Death of Martin Meehan

Veteran republican Martin Meehan has died, aged 62. It is believed he suffered a heart attack at home in Belfast on Saturday morning.

November 1, 2007


A breakaway faction of the UDA has said the British and 26-County governments now recognise it as an independent organisation after it began disarming.

McAliskey ordeal is prolonged

The plight of Tyrone woman Roisin McAliskey was prolonged further this week when a Belfast court deferred a decision on whether or not the mother-of-two will face extradition to Germany.

Anger at report on Cairns killings

The campaign to find the truth behind the truth of the murder of the two Cairns brothers in 1993 will continue despite a controversial finding by Police Ombudsman Nuala O’Loan that there was no evidence of British Crown force collusion in the killings.

Visitor subjected to racist nightmare

An engineer falsely accused of being an illegal immigrant while holidaying in the North of Ireland was arrested and imprisoned purely because of his race, the Equality Commission said this week.

Executive seeks to boost Six-County economy

The North’s first programme for government aimed at boosting investment and employment was overshadowed this week by the announcement that over 900 jobs have been lost in a County Derry plant closure.

US bid to bring down ‘peace lines’

A key American behind-the-scenes player in the Irish peace process visited Belfast in recent days in a bid to encourage what once were warring communities to come together.

Exploring different routes to peace

The text of a keynote address by Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams delivered at a special event on Wednesday night organised in aid of the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace.

Chance for commission to show courage

On Saturday, November 24, Orangemen intend to march into the centre of Belfast to intimidate both an individual and a community.

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