October 26, 2023

Collusion on show at ‘supergrass’ trial

maskedgangpsni.jpg Masked loyalist paramilitaries were allowed to sit in the public gallery of Belfast Crown Court with the connivance of the PSNI in a shocking act of public intimidation.

Global anger at genocide of Palestinians

celticpalestine.jpg The world has been rallying in support of a ceasefire in Palestine after the United Nations admitted there had been ‘clear violations of international humanitarian law’ by Israel in its carpet bombing of the Gaza Strip.

Minister looks to waive the rules on a border poll

bakerbipb.jpg A suggestion by a British Direct Rule Minister that a majority vote for Irish reunification in a border poll would not be enough to bring about unity has been strongly rejected across the political spectrum.

Catholic family attacked with pipe bomb

pipebombdoor.jpg A young mother whose home was targeted in a pipe bomb attack in Derry has said she was targeted because she is Catholic.

Border rules hampering health, social, emergency services

creeslough.jpg Some ambulances were unable to attend to Creeslough in County Donegal after last year’s gas explosion that killed ten people, because foreign-born paramedics on board did not have visas that allowed them to cross the border, it has emerged.

IRSP founder passes away

terryrobsonshots.jpg A volley of shots was fired over the coffin of veteran Derry republican socialist, Terry Robson, ahead of his funeral last Saturday.

The bombing of Britton’s pub

brittonspub.jpg There are many questions which need answers about the bomb at Britton’s pub and other loyalist attacks in the border area of Fermanagh during the early 1970s.

To hell or to Connacht

gazarubblekid.jpg What we are witnessing now in Palestine is the final stage of the Zionist project of colonisation of this part of the Middle East.

October 19, 2023

Dáil stops short of condemnation of Israel

gazabombed23.jpg Ireland has been expressing its outrage at the war crimes of the Israeli authorities and the increasingly genocidal slaughter of innocent civilians in Gaza.

Protest as new ‘truth’ body starts up

sheridanpsni.jpg Doubts have been expressed at claims by a controversial former RUC police figure that he consulted “senior republicans” before applying to head up a new British “information recovery” team.

Confusion as Boutcher jumps horses

boutcher1200.jpg English police chief Jon Boutcher who has been investigating British state collusion for seven years has expressed “absolute support” for the police in the north of Ireland after being named the interim PSNI chief here.

Euro 2028 faces border visa mayhem

euro2028.jpg Soccer fans flying into Dublin for a major international tournament may be unable to cross the border to watch matches in Belfast due to a new travel permit requirement that the British government has threatened to impose on the island of Ireland.

Housing activists brutally arrested

pimlico.jpg A building in Dublin that has been empty for more than two years which was occupied by homeless housing activists was subjected to a violent and illegal Garda eviction on Monday.

Strip-searching back at Maghaberry

stripsearch.jpg The Irish Republican Prisoners Welfare Association say they have been notified by republican prisoners currently held in Maghaberry Gaol this week that prison authorities have reinstated their policy of strip searching.

My family are trapped in Gaza

humzagaza.jpg Nadia El-Nakla, wife of Scotland’s First Minister Humza Yousef, has said her family are among those trapped in Gaza in desperate conditions with only salt water to drink.

Bryson has access republicans would never be granted

bryson1200.jpg Jamie Bryson’s journey into the heart of the British political establishment is staggering.

October 12, 2023

Ireland urges peace with freedom for Palestine

ipscdublin.jpg Protests have been taking place across Ireland in support of the Palestinian people and to demand international action to end Israeli violence.

Israel seeks revenge after Gaza ‘storm’

hamasgazabombed.jpg A shock military offensive by Palestinian resistance to end Israeli apartheid and end the blockade of the Gaza Strip could precipitate a new peace process for the Middle East – or an apocalyptic act of revenge by a humiliated Israeli Prime Minister.

Loyalist double agent Haggarty to give evidence

conviefox.jpg A senior UVF figure is to be the key prosecution witness in the trial of a man charged with the murders of two Catholics by the UVF in Belfast city centre in May 1994.

Glenanne collusion heard in court

glenannefarmmitchell.jpg Imported paramilitary weapons stored by a former RUC reservist were removed ahead of a raid after his RUC colleagues tipped him off about it in advance, the High Court has heard.

Starmer says vote on Irish unity ‘hypothetical’

starmer1200.jpg The leader of the British Labour Party has cast doubt on the prospect of the peaceful reunification of Ireland, saying that a referendum on Irish unity is ‘not even on the horizon’.

Saoradh chair targeted by MI5 in Spain

mi5bribe.jpg The National chairperson of the Revolutionary Republican Party Saoradh, has been targeted by MI5 whilst abroad with his partner.

Get this straight – Palestinians aren’t sub-human

gazabombed1023.jpg Dehumanisation of Palestinians is as central to Israel’s war strategy as the deadly missiles it wields.

MI5’s serial killer

mckeague.jpg It has long been claimed that John McKeague, a notorious loyalist terrorist, serial killer and child molester, was a British agent. This is now confirmed, writes the Phoenix.

October 5, 2023

‘Sea Border’ a damp squib

seaborder.jpg Unionism is facing a moment of truth as patience with the DUP’s attempts to block political change has run out.

Unionists target GAA stadium, university campus

casementmagee.jpg Opposition to investment in a sports stadium in a nationalist area of Belfast could bring anti-Catholic discrimination in the north of Ireland to an international stage.

A ‘final exquisite cruelty’

hegartyfamily1200.jpg The sister of Derry teenager Daniel Hegarty has said she is “heartbroken” after learning that Crown prosecutors have launched an appeal to the Supreme Court to overturn a decision requiring a prosecution of the British soldier who shot him dead.

British cover-up reaches across the border

belturbet.jpg Relatives of two teenagers killed in a loyalist bomb in the 26 Counties have said the Dublin government must take an international case against London at the European Court of Human Rights over its efforts to end investigations into conflict attacks.

Inquests frustrated by erratic access to files

browntopper.jpg Efforts are intensifying to ensure investigations into British war crimes can obtain files still being withheld by the Crown Forces ahead of a cut-off date for conflict investigations.

Brexit ‘driving acceptance of Irish unity’

bonofarage.jpg U2 lead singer Bono has gained international headlines for comparing moves towards Irish reunification to a marital relationship – and a small frog pond.

How Lough Neagh was stolen

neaghshaftesbury.jpg Lough Neagh was snatched in the early 17th century, with English titled families claiming ownership of a large share of the body of water.

Joint authority between London and Dublin is next step

varadkarsunak.jpg In the north, across the political divide, the general electorate share a belief that they get little to-nothing from having an actual government.

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