June 26, 2021

MI5’s evil tactics exposed

vickyduffy.jpg A Lurgan mother-of-three has spoken out after an intimidating encounter with MI5 left her feeling “stalked” by British military agents.

Loyalist mouthpiece works for ‘peace charity’

davidcampbell.jpg There have been calls for an investigation into a ‘peace-building charity’ after it emerged one of its board members is a loyalist spokesperson who has been linked to recent threats of violence.

Signs of acceptance in DUP following turmoil

donaldsonpoots.jpg Outgoing DUP leader Edwin Poots has admitted that unionists have been exaggerating their grievances and that Irish language legislation being opposed by his party is balanced and moderate.

Loyalists looking to create friction

bonfiregolf.jpg Sinn Féin’s Gerry Kelly has called for a loyalist bonfire in the New Lodge area of Belfast to be removed from a sectarian interface after golf balls were fired from the site aimed at houses and vehicles in nationalist areas.

Protest as Dáil renews support for kangaroo courts

sccprotest.jpg Sinn Féin and the Green Party have faced widespread condemnation after they failed to oppose the renewal of the ‘Special Criminal Court’, a court dating from 1939 which is used to deprive republicans and others of the right to a fair trial by jury.

Gardaí ignore 999 calls, offered powers to search phones

drewharris3.jpg New legislation is being put forward to give police in the 26 Counties the power to search through private phones and other electronic devices, even as it emerged the Gardaí been ignoring more than a thousand emergency phone calls for help every month.

Recalling the ‘corridor of hate’

holycross600.jpg Catholic children attending the Holy Cross primary school in north Belfast came under extended attacks from loyalist missiles, ranging from urine to blast bombs, beginning twenty years ago this week. The PSNI did nothing to stop the attacks. The following is a recent interview with one of the victims.

Change, sharing power and building for the future

mcdonaldspeaks.jpg The former British Prime Minister Harold Wilson once famously said that a week was a long time in politics – if ever that was evident it was here in the north over the past seven days.

June 22, 2021

Jeffrey Donaldson to become next DUP leader

donaldsondup.jpg Jeffrey Donaldson has been named as the next leader of the DUP. It emerged today that he was the only candidate to replace Edwin Poots, who announced his resignation following an internal party revolt last week.

June 19, 2021

Unionism in turmoil as basic rights asserted

pootscamera.jpg A second collapse of the leadership of the largest unionist party, in the face of Irish language speakers receiving a commitment that their rights will be protected, marks a further loosening of the grip on northern politics by the DUP’s extremists.

Fine Gael to organise in North, work for ‘inclusive’ reunification

varadkaronline.jpg There has been a cautious welcome among nationalists and republicans to a speech by Fine Gael leader and Tánaiste Leo Varadkar in which he said Irish unification should be part of his party’s mission.

Angry loyalists threaten Dublin

newtownardsprotest.jpg Loyalist paramilitaries have issued a veiled threat to the Dublin government that its Ministers “are no longer welcome” in the north of Ireland.

Ireland plays key role for British military

raftyphoon.jpg A secret defence pact with London has allowed British RAF fighter jets to operate with complete freedom in sovereign Irish airspace, it has emerged.

PSNI forced to cancel PR events

psnibikes.jpg A 13-year-old girl was struck with a bicycle by a PSNI man as republican activists confronted the British police force at a recent publicity event in south Armagh.

DUP MPs off the leash

paisleyvanmorrisonwilsonsausages.jpg The bizarre antics of two of its MPs has provided further evidence of the disarray within the DUP.

Springhill – ‘the forgotten massacre’

springhillmassacre.jpg Springhill is often regarded as the ‘forgotten massacre’, having received very little coverage in the mainstream media, but the people of West Belfast have never forgotten.

Ireland can never be shared with British imperialism

fagancommemoration.jpg An oration delivered by a Pádraig Ó Fearghail on behalf of Anti Imperialist Action at the recent commemoration to Fenian and ‘Invincibles’ member, Michael Fagan, in Collinstown, County Westmeath

June 17, 2021

Poots quits in DUP meltdown

pootsout.jpg Edwin Poots has said he will stand down as the leader of the DUP following an internal party revolt against him. He was ratified as party leader less than three weeks ago.

DUP in crisis over deal to support Irish language


The North of Ireland has a new First Minister, although with no increase in political stability, after DUP leader Edwin Poots defied his own party to go ahead with nominating colleague Paul Givan as First Minister this afternoon.

‘Historic night’ after Britain commits to Irish language act

achtnagaeilge.jpg Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou McDonald has expressed delight early this Thursday morning after receiving a commitment from the British government to legislate for Irish language protections.

June 12, 2021

Loyalists march as ‘sausage war’ looms

maskedmarch.jpg Scores of masked paramilitaries took part in illegal loyalist parades this week ahead of a key Brexit deadline for EU safety checks on goods traded from Britain into the north of Ireland.

Biden backs Ireland to insist Johnson honours Protocol

johnsonbiden.jpg US President Joe Biden has made a dramatic intervention in the Brexit dispute as one EU official accused the British government of acting as a “coloniser” against Ireland and its place in the EU.

Showdown expected over installation of new DUP First Minister

paulgivanband.jpg Irish language activists are piling pressure on Sinn Féin not to proceed with the confirmation of the DUP nominee for First Minister, Paul Givan, until an unstoppable process is set in train for legislation to protect the rights of Irish speakers.

Lewis announces unionist ‘envoy to USA’

ringland.jpg The British appointment of a minor unionist celebrity as “Northern Ireland’s special envoy to the United States” is the latest evidence that the London government is determined to flout the Good Friday Agreement, and to cause maximum offence in doing so.

Attacker walks free after sectarian hate crime charge dropped

morgans.jpg The wife of a Catholic building contractor brutally assaulted in County Down two years ago said his family are fearful of going into the town after his attacker escaped jail.

Mural for teenage victim of British gunman

barrettmural.jpg A mural has been erected in north Belfast ahead of the 40th anniversary of the killing of a schoolboy by a British soldier.

The Carrowkennedy Ambush

flyingsquadmayo.jpg One of the most important battles during the Irish War of Independence took place 100 years ago this week. A look at a famous episode in Mayo history.

Time for Boris Johnson to stop playing the fool

bennyjohnson.jpg It’s somewhat stating the obvious but Joe Biden is not some angry councillor who phones his local paper every week in order to boost his profile.

June 5, 2021

A royal insult

hillsboroughcrown.jpg A decision by the London government to rechristen a village in County Down in honour of the English royal family is the newest British humiliation to be directed at the nationalist people of occupied Ireland.

‘Retraumatising’ police behaviour over Glengannon attack

christycummings.jpg The son of a loyalist paramilitary shooting victim is set to mount a High Court challenge against the PSNI police over its failure to return his father’s clothes for an extraordinary 23 years after the massacre bid.

Shocking persecution of ‘registered’ republican

stopandsearch21.jpg A republican activist from Derry suffered two invasive searches of his vehicle and was dragged away from his hotel to a Crown Force barracks as a night away with his wife was wrecked by British state harassment this week.

Eddie Fullerton recalled as proud activist

fullertonleinsterhouse.jpg On the 30th anniversary of his death, Sinn Féin has called for an independent public inquiry into the killing of party councillor Eddie Fullerton in County Donegal, in 1991.

Republican prisoners demand vaccines

vaccinedemo.jpg A protest took place in Dublin on Monday to protest against the refusal by the 26 County authorities to provide Covid-19 vaccines to republican political prisoners in Portlaoise.

South Dublin facing a referendum on housing

housesdublin.jpg An upcoming by-election in Dublin is set to be dominated by the escalating cost and scarcity of housing in the city.

Partition: 100 years of language rights denied

dreamdeargprotest.jpg For more than six centuries, British policy in Ireland has been aimed at the destruction of the Irish language.

The end of the DUP

dupcrowneplaza.jpg A couple of weeks ago you read here that electing Poots leader would hasten the demise of the DUP.

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