September 24, 2016

Soldiers reveals spying, shoot-to-kill bid

charlieone.jpg A former British army soldier has admitted he planted listening devices in the homes of senior politicians in the north of Ireland, years after the 1994 ceasefires and some still thought to be in use today.

Families walk away from humiliation meetings

ballymurphyfamiliesmeeting.jpg Families of victims of state killings have announced that they will be suing the British government, DUP leader Arlene Foster and Sinn Fein’s Martin McGuinness as the London and Belfast regimes again stonewalled their demands for legacy inquests.

Orange march to end Ardoyne dispute?

orangemarchardoyne.jpg Orangemen are to seek permission for a march through north Belfast next weekend, which if it goes ahead, could bring about the removal of their three-year protest camp at a sectarian interface.

Sinn Fein furious over new BBC smear

jenniferoleary.jpg A new claim broadcast by BBC Spotlight journalist Jennifer O’Leary against Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams has been rejected by police and could provoke a libel action by Mr Adams.

Children flee for lives after loyalist mob attack club

watersideyouthclub.jpg A Derry mother has described how her family was forced to lie on the floor of her car as she fled through the city’s Waterside area after a loyalist mob targeted Catholic teenagers.

Anti-water charges campaign remains defiant

watercharges0917.jpg Political tension is building in the 26 Counties ahead of the annual budget announcements after a giant demonstration in Dublin again demanded the abolition of water charges.

The history thieves

historythieves.jpg An extract fro a new book examining Britain’s record of covert government actions and cover-ups.

A response to the BBC

markthompsonbig.jpg Mark Thompson of Relatives for Justice responds to the BBC Spotlight documentary on the death of British double-agent Denis Donaldson.

September 17, 2016

Adams and McGuinness reveal timescale to quit

sfthinkin2016adams.jpg Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams has announced that he will step down from his leadership role as part of the party’s ten year plan. Mr Adams indicated a time frame within ten years for his departure as party president, and confirmed that it was a matter of not ‘if, but when’.

Inquiry announced into northern corruption scandal

mcguinnessquaylerobinson.jpg The 26 County Taoiseach Enda Kenny has agreed that an inquiry should go ahead into evidence of corrupt practices in the sale of distressed property assets in the North of Ireland, but is refusing a broader inquiry into the actions of NAMA, the bank set up to handle such sales.

Maghaberry horror leaves prisoner blind

seanlynchdamian.jpg An “extreme and shocking” case of neglect has been reported at Maghaberry jail after prison staff watched but failed to intervene while a mentally ill prisoner blinded and mutilated himself.

Stormont political dynasties face new challenges

newwestminstercons.jpg The entry of a political party from the South and a profound redrafting of Westminster constituencies is set to shake up the political establishment in the North.

Woman interned in 1970s takes test case

evelyngilroy.jpg A West Belfast woman interned during the conflict is pressing for full disclosure of documents which she believes will show she was subjected to inhumane conditions.

Spain fights back against surge for independence

catalanprotest16.jpg Sinn Fein has condemned a decision by Spain’s Constitutional Court to back a ruling that Basque separatist politician Arnaldo Otegi cannot run as a candidate in an upcoming regional election due to a conviction against him for links to the armed group ETA.

The women’s hunger strike, Armagh 1943

armaghprisoninterior.jpg In 1943, the women interned by the northern government in Armagh Prison went on hunger strike over their status and conditions in the jail.

Building Gaeilge for future generations

glornamonalily.jpg Irish history is full of examples of policies intended to deter the use of the Irish language while promoting English. But it is also full of courageous men and women who strove to defend the language and music and culture of Ireland.

September 10, 2016

PSNI accused after CS gas death

gerardmcmahon.jpg A man from a well-known republican family died at the hands of the PSNI on Thursday amid a new wave of police harassment and abuses in Belfast.

‘Profit process’ creamed hundreds of millions off property deal

carparkbag.jpg An auditor’s report has found that several hundred million euro have been lost to the 26 County exchequer in a notorious billion-pound property transaction as a recording emerged of a central figure in the deal apparently receiving a bag full of cash in a Belfast car park.

Brexit goes before the Belfast courts

mccordcourt.jpg The peace process is based upon membership of the European Union, the High Court in Belfast has heard, in one of two legal challenges to be taken against the British decision to withdraw from the EU.

Documents reveal British Army likely shot single mother

jeansmyth.jpg A judicial review is being heard in connection with the discovery that the British Crown forces concealed the truth about the suspected military killing of a woman in west Belfast for more than 40 years.

Accusations fly amid calls for republican dialogue

mackeykearney.jpg A new war of words has broken out between Sinn Fein and rival republicans following a claim that ‘dissidents’ were responsible for an arson attack on a community centre in Derry.

Barman quits over policy of ‘no Irish allowed’

cormacobruic.jpg There have been calls for new measures to protect the rights of Irish speakers after an employee of a well-known Cork city pub was told that he was not allowed to speak Irish on the premises.

Jimmy Gralton, Leitrim’s feared radical

jimmygralton.jpg President Michael D Higgins has said that an apology is due to Jimmy Gralton, the only Irish person deported by an Irish government.

Honest and transparent debate needed on united Ireland

unitedirelandunionists.jpg A welcome off-shoot from the recent ‘Brexit’ referendum in Britain is that talk of a United Ireland has come again to the fore of political discourse all across Ireland.

September 3, 2016

Fake economy exposed by Apple tax ‘windfall’

noonanapple.jpg The Dublin government is the subject of anger and ridicule after it defended illegal tax dodges by multinational corporations and rejected a European ruling that it receive up to 13 billion euro in unpaid taxes from US corporation, Apple.

Sinn Fein suffers damaging Antrim split

mcguiganmla.jpg A Sinn Fein councillor and 17 party activists have quit the party in response to its treatment of Daithi McKay, a party Assembly member who was forced to resign his seat last month over his contacts with loyalist Jamie Bryson.

Tories set to wreck human rights basis to peace deal

liztruss.jpg The Tory government in London is to push ahead with a decision to scrap its Human Rights Act as part of its ‘Brexit’ agenda to drag the north of Ireland and Scotland out of the European Union.

Soldiers lurk as RNU commemorate McCracken

mccracken16.jpg The Republican Network for Unity has condemned the presence of British army troops in the area of their annual commemoration for Henry Joy McCracken last Sunday, August 28.

Housing crisis linked to tax scandal

boardedhouses.jpg The scandal over the Dublin government’s failure to collect tax from US multinationals has refocused attention on its favourable treatment of international ‘vulture funds’ who purchased large property asset portfolios following the 2008 economic crisis.

Success for Bobby Sands movie

brendanjbyrne.jpg An Irish-made documentary exploring the life and death of IRA hunger striker Bobby Sands smashed the national box office record in its opening weekend, and continues to sell out weeks after it opened.

The Battle of Antrim and its relevance today

battleofantrim.jpg A look at the 1798 battle between British troops and Irish rebels led by Henry Joy McCracken, as delivered at his annual commemoration last weekend by RNU Vice-Chairperson Nathan Stuart

Thatcher’s offer

thatchertroops.jpg Former H3 blanketman Thomas Dixie Elliott gives his view of the exchanges that took place inside Long Kesh as negotiations were taking place to try to end the 1981 hunger strike.

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