January 31, 2015

Turmoil in north Belfast

meehanfennell.jpg In a night of drama for north Belfast, Martin Og Meehan, a prominent republican spokesperson in the area, has been dramatically expelled by two organisations for allegedly ‘collaborating with loyalists’.

OTR letter delivered to suspect in 2003 killing

garethoconnor.jpg The suspension of the inquest into the death of Armagh man Gareth O’Connor in 2003 caused shockwaves on Monday after it was claimed that a former Provisional IRA Volunteer accused of involvement received an ‘On the Run’ (OTR) letter, potentially giving him immunity from questioning on the killing.

Anti-water charge protests to be held across the country

galwaywater.jpg A hundred thousand people are set to take the streets and march in protest against water charges across the country today [Saturday].

Syriza triumph inspires Irish campaign against austerity

tsipras.jpg The victory in last weekend’s Greek general election of the left-wing Syriza party has electrified European politics and inspired new confidence in Ireland’s anti-austerity movement and parties.

Top QC backs the Craigavon Two

michaelmansfield.jpg A high profile lawyer who represented the Guildford Four and Birmingham Six has said he believes that two County Armagh men are the victims of a miscarriage of justice.

Sinn Fein denies speculation over Westminster pact

milibandsf.jpg The British Labour Party has denied claims that it has tried to persuade Sinn Fein to take up its five seats at Westminster to collectively oust the Conservatives and put Labour leader Ed Miliband into Number 10.

‘Conditions never better to achieve United Ireland’

mcguinnessomaghagm.jpg The address by Sinn Fein’s Martin McGuinness to his party’s Six-County AGM in Omagh last weekend.

Bloody Sunday ‘murder’ investigation has become a sham

bloodysundaybody3.jpg While there may be a semblance of peace our quest for justice seems to involve endless promises and sham processes.

January 24, 2015

Britain’s chopper propaganda

choppercrossmaglen.jpg A newly-released British military file has finally admitted that a British Army helicopter, said to have crashed in a 1978 air accident, came down trying to avoid IRA gunfire.

Robinson, McGuinness shut out of TV debate

bbctvdebate.jpg Both the DUP and Sinn Fein have been refused permission to take part in a televised debate of British party leaders ahead of the Westminster general election.

Inquest frustrated by mystery witnesses

harrythornton.jpg The failure of the British Ministry of Defence to track down three soldiers holding vital information about the killing of Crossmaglen man Harry Thornton is another example of its determination to deny families of state violence truth and justice, Sinn Fein has said.

More sectarian attacks as tensions resurface

conorlynch.jpg A County Tyrone man who was stabbed while walking past a loyalist part of south Belfast believes he may have been deliberately targeted for wearing a Gaelic sports top.

Adams sees left-wing coalition, backs debt conference

adamselectionpress.jpg Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams has said he can’t see his party sharing power with either of the two main right-wing parties, Fine Gael or Fianna Fail, after the next 26-County general election -- but that Sinn Fein wants to be in government.

Former PoWs battle discrimination, resentment

expowsreport.jpg A ground-breaking study has painted a bleak picture of the situation former political prisoners find themselves in.

Resist - Bloody Sunday commemoration 2015

marchforjusticeresist.jpg The Bloody Sunday March for Justice programme will see a raft of civil rights events and speeches held in Derry. This year’s programme of events has been themed ‘Resist’.

Letter from the Craigavon Two

woottonmcconville.jpg An open letter written by miscarriage of justice victims Brendan McConville and John-Paul Wootton, followed by a recent synopsis of the case.

January 17, 2015

Billions written off

michaelnoonangrumpy.jpg The coalition government has indicated it has abandoned efforts to recover 30 billion euro pumped into Ireland’s banking system following its collapse in 2008.

Cover-up investigation will not hear from RUC boss

michaeltighe.jpg An investigation into the destruction of evidence in a Crown force murder ambush has been announced just weeks after the reported death of the deputy head of the police Special Branch who was central to its destruction.

Sectarian attack in Derry

gemmahasson.jpg A teenage Catholic girl was knocked unconscious following an apparent sectarian assault on New Year’s Eve in Claudy, County Derry.

Inquest in jeopardy

seanbrown.jpg An inquest into the murder of prominent Gaelic sports official, Sean Brown, may have to be abandoned because of the failure of the PSNI police to hand over documents relevant to the case.

Death of ‘legendary republican’

paddyjoerice.jpg IRA veteran Paddy Joe Rice has died aged 64. The high-profile republican passed away at his home in west Belfast on Thursday following a long illness.

The death of an internee

jamesmoyne.jpg Derry man and IRA volunteer, Jim Moyne, was 29 years-old when he died whilst being interned in the early hours of January 13, 1975. Jim’s family will mark his 40th anniversary with a commemoration next week.

The sham of the West’s “free speech” celebration

leadersparisrally.jpg This week’s celebration of France - and the gaggle of tyrannical leaders who joined it - had little to do with free speech and much to do with suppressing ideas they dislike while venerating ideas they prefer.

Don’t repeat mistakes here in Paris kneejerk

merkelcameron.jpg Who will guard the guards themselves?

January 10, 2015

A state of denial

emigrant.jpg The Dublin government issued a number of statements to claim the successes of its economic policy this week, even as thousands of recent emigrants bade tearful farewell to their loved ones following a Christmas break in Ireland.

Brutal killing blamed on UDA faction

brianmcilhagga.jpg Elements of the unionist paramilitary UDA have been blamed for the murder of a father-of-five in Ballymoney in County Antrim.

McLaughlin to take Stormont chair

mitchelmclaughlinbig.jpg Sinn Fein’s Mitchel McLaughlin is expected to become Speaker of the Six-County Assembly as an outcome of the recent talks that resulted in the Stormont House Agreement

Hopes raised for Bloody Sunday prosecutions

bloodysundaypriest.jpg A murder investigation into the Bloody Sunday massacre will restart ahead of the 43rd anniversary of the killings in Derry, it has been announced.

Delight for Donnelly as appeal is successful

donnellyappeal.jpg An independent republican councillor in Derry this week won his appeal against a term of imprisonment that would have cost him his seat on the new super council of Derry/Strabane.

Row over treatment of ‘Continuity Sinn Fein’ group

continuitysinnfein.jpg The detention of a group of men linked to a small factional organisation has caused a controversy over their political status.

A citizens’ initiative for 2016

rv1916launch.jpg A group of concerned individuals has established “Reclaim the Vision of 1916--A Citizens’ Initiative for 2016,” in order to reassert the political principles and objectives that animated the 1916 Rising and to show their continuing relevance for Ireland today.

Door has been opened to shed light on past

justiceprotest.jpg For the first time since the conflict in the north broke out in the mid-1960s and after decades of campaigning, a door has been opened to the past which potentially should allow the truth to be known for the relatives of those bereaved in the conflict.

January 3, 2015

FitzGerald fuelled Thatcher’s intransigence

fitzgeraldthatcher2.jpg Declassified papers have revealed Margaret Thatcher’s infamous “out, out, out” speech on nationalist aspirations in Ireland may have been motivated by a summit in which the Dublin government admitted it was working towards a “lowering of expectations” rather than Irish reunification.

Minister’s four-letter insult for Sinn Fein

charlieflanagan.jpg The 26-County Foreign Affairs Minister Charlie Flanagan has been urged to apologise for internet comments in which he referred to Sinn Fein as ‘c*nt politics’.

Irish incomprehension at Famine comedy plan

famine.jpg There has been a furious response to news that a British broadcaster has commissioned a ‘comedy’ television series based on the Irish famine when an estimated one million people died of starvation and disease as a result of British colonial policy in Ireland.

Low-profile launch for new political party

rebootireland.jpg An announcement by former Fine Gael leadership figure Lucinda Creighton that she is going ahead with efforts to form a new right-wing political organisation has been criticised by Sinn Fein’s Gerry Adams who said that another conservative political party is “the last thing” that Ireland needs.

Review of the archive papers

archivesbig.jpg A round-up of the stories emerging from the declassified papers released over the New Year.

New Year statements

2015.jpg A collection of the statements issued by Sinn Fein and republican groups to mark the New Year.

DUP left red-faced by glimpse into the past

ulstersaysno.jpg It has become an annual tradition: just as the last of the leftovers are fed to a grateful dog, the declassified government files are released giving a glimpse of a not so bygone time, a time when Paisley was still rabble rousing and Adams was wearing a duffle coat.

Agreement is really a stop-gap of ideas

stormonthousetalks2014.jpg The north is to be privatised, its past sanitised and its electorate anaesthetised. That appears to be a reasonable summary of what the Stormont parties agreed in their annual sleep-over at Stormont.

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