July 27, 2023

PSNI harvested journalists’ phones for cover-up plot

nujdetail.jpg The phone records of a respected Belfast-based journalist were secretly searched by the PSNI police during an investigation into allegations against the force.

Loyalists threatens judge after children hit by feud gunfire

mhamilltarget.jpg A unionist paramilitary gang is threatening to kill a senior district judge over his refusal to grant bail to gang members caught up in a long-running feud.

Shock at unionist tribute to Shankill Butchers

butchersplaque.jpg There has been strong local condemnation of a tribute to the notorious ‘Shankill Butchers’ who terrorised Belfast with their infamously brutal ‘romper room’ sectarian killings.

Charges linked to stop-and-search harassment of families

briancarron1200.jpg A member of the PSNI is to be prosecuted over an assault on prominent republican Brian Carron, it has emerged. The PSNI man will appear in court later this month in connection with the incident, which came after a campaign of state harassment against the prominent republican.

Republicans challenge sinister ‘debanking’ strategy

bankemail.jpg Saoradh’s national chairperson Stephen Murney and his family are the latest republicans to have their bank accounts frozen at the apparent behest of the British state.

Prison protest forces MI5 climbdown

maghaberry1200.jpg Four republican prisoners announced a dirty protest at Maghaberry jail last week in an effort to end their isolation at the prison away from their comrades.

Margaret Buckley

margaretbuckley.jpg Margaret Buckley was an Irish republican and president of Sinn Féin from 1937 to 1950. She was the first female leader of Sinn Féin and was the first Irishwoman to lead a political party. An account of her life from Saoirse, first published by RSF in 1998.

A pain that never leaves

quinncommemoration.jpg Brothers Richard (10), Mark (9) and Jason (8), died when a petrol bomb was thrown through the living room window of their home in Carnany estate in Ballymoney, on July 12 1998. Dave Joyce, father of one of the Quinn boys, spoke to the Sunday World.

July 26, 2023

Death of Sinéad O’Connor

sineadoconnor.jpg Ireland is mourning the loss of Sinéad O’Connor, arguably its most famous singer, who became known for her fearless political activism as much as her haunting voice and stirring live performances.

July 20, 2023

‘Bill of Shame’ passes Westminster vote


Tory MPs have once again voted to disregard the opposition of people in both parts of Ireland to further advance an overarching cover-up of British war crimes in the Six Counties.

No joke over unionism’s response to the Twelfth

twelfth2023.jpg Supposed ‘outrage’ over a utility worker’s whispered joke at a loyalist bonfire has marked a new low for unionist hypocrisy.

Call for talks after Ballycastle incident

uvfflagmarch.jpg A disturbing scene in which a man was set upon by loyalist bandsmen at a provocative Orange Order parade has raised concerns in Ballycastle, County Antrim.

Bonfire breakthrough in Derry

freederry1200.jpg A decision to call off a nationalist bonfire in Derry’s Bogside following an intervention by young republicans and socialists in the city has been welcomed.

Visa plan shows no concern for Ireland

touristbus.jpg The British government’s rejection of calls to allow some tourists to cross the border through Ireland without its new ‘Electronic Travel Authorisation’ (ETA) has been criticised amid warnings the tourism industry will suffer.

‘Monstrous’ spymast must go

dungannonmast.jpg Independent republican councillor, Barry Monteith, has called for the ‘immediate’ removal of a huge British military mast on the Hill of O’Neill heritage site in Dungannon in County Tyrone.

Kincora won’t go away

mountbatten1200.jpg The decades-old snake pit that is the former Kincora Boys’ Home in Belfast, where children were abused in blackmail tactics against unionist politicians and loyalists by British spooks, is about to resurface.

Don’t call a spade a shovel

ardoynemarch1200.jpg It is difficult to tell whether certain sections of society in the 26 counties are naïve, disingenuous or deliberately intent on deceiving the public in relation to the nature and purpose of the Orange Order.

July 13, 2023

Colluding in hate

bonfires23.jpg ‘Eleventh Night’ bonfires have once again exposed the acquiescence of the Six County statelet in the violent, hate-filled actions of loyalist gangs.

Nurse escapes terrifying arson bid

loughranarson.jpg An Aontú representative has been targeted by loyalists after her car was set alight in Newry on Wednesday morning in a shocking hate crime.

Mixed signals as Twelfth passes quietly

ballycastleparade.jpg A nationalist residents’ group has criticised attempts by the anti-Catholic Orange Order to reignite 25-year-old tensions over sectarian marches down the Garvaghy Road in Portadown, County Armagh.

An unspeakable horror recalled

quinnbrothers.jpg Balloons were released at a gathering on the 25th anniversary of the murders of the three Quinn boys in Ballymoney.

Inquests delayed as deadline looms

courtsofjusticebelfast.jpg The family of a man shot by soldiers in Derry in 1978 has urged that a fresh inquest into his death is completed before a potential cut-off date next year.

Protests over Israeli attack

jeninattack.jpg Demonstrations have been organised in Belfast and Derry over an Israeli assault on Jenin refugee camp in Palestine.

End internment now

endinternment2.jpg Increasing numbers of Irish republicans are being detained without bail and with little prospect of facing trial. Members of the Soaradh leadership have now endured three years of ‘internment by remand’. The party is calling on all republicans and human rights groups to speak out about the mounting scandal.

What compels young men to die?

martinhursoncolour.jpg This poem was written by hunger strike martyr Martin Hurson at Easter 1981, just before he himself joined the protest against the criminalisation of the armed struggle.

July 6, 2023

Landmark judgment finds murdered teen was blameless

norneyjudgment.jpg The family of a teenage boy killed by the British Army in 1975 has welcomed an inquest judgment that found he was entirely innocent when he was the victim of a cold-blooded military execution.

Move to block internment compensation blasted

johnfinucane1200.jpg Sinn Féin has described as “disgraceful” an attempt by the British government to bring in legislation to retrospectively excuse the unlawful and illegal detention of hundreds of people during the 1970s, including former party leader Gerry Adams.

DUP ‘throwing dead cats on the table’

posterseaborder.jpg The DUP has been accused by a Sinn Fein Assembly member of raising “deflection issues” amid pressure for the largest unionist party to end its Brexit-related boycott of the Six County political institutions.

Decision not to prosecute killer soldier overturned

danielhegarty1200.jpg Daniel Hegarty’s sister, Margaret Brady, says her family will keep fighting for justice after successfully challenging a decision not to prosecute the British soldier who killed Daniel in Derry in 1972.

Move to grant inquests ‘inspires victims and survivors’

kellyanderson.jpg A fresh inquest has been granted into the death of nationalist councillor Patsy Kelly in 1974.

Eighty Afghan civilians summarily killed by SAS, inquiry told

sasafghan.jpg Eighty Afghans may have been victim of summary executions by three separate British SAS units operating in the country between 2010 and 2013, lawyers representing the bereaved families have told a public inquiry.

Neutrality is at the heart of Irish sovereignty

connollystatue2.jpg A contextual background to the recent protests opposing the efforts of the Dublin government to bring the 26 Counties into international military alliances.

What exactly is the Orange Order celebrating?

orangewalk1200.jpg Today marks the start of the marching month of July. It is sometimes called the mad month which, just like clockwork, sees bonfires in built-up areas, parades (and feeder parades), speeches and resolutions, banners, and all the rest.

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