October 28, 2010

UVF’s collusion riots

rathcooleriots.jpg The UVF ‘ceasefire’ is increasingly being viewed as a sham after the unionist paramilitary groups organised two nights of heavy rioting in the Rathcoole area of Belfast in response to an ongoing collusion inquiry.

Brady report ‘a whitewash’

johnbrady.jpg The sister of a Strabane republican who was found hanged while in PSNI police custody has branded a report into his death “a whitewash.”

Death of ‘Whitey’ Bradley

gerrybradley.jpg Former IRA Volunteer Gerry ‘Whitey’ Bradley has been found dead, just hours after the screening of a shocking documentary based on interviews with former IRA leader Brendan Hughes.

Charges brought in corruption cases

mcgrathlydongilbridefox.jpg Five former politicians charged with taking bribes were sent forward for trial today as the 26 County state began to grapple with the legacy of institutional corruption.

‘Consensus for cuts’ points up political divide

kennycowengilmore.jpg The two main opposition parties in the 26 Counties are still supporting the coalition government’s plan to reduce the state’s budget deficit to 3% of GDP by 2014 -- despite learning that the plan involves cutbacks and taxes of 15 billion euro, exactly double what had been previously outlined.

Arthurs attacks SF leadership

brianarthurs.jpg One of the most senior ex-Provisional IRA figures in the North has said that the nationalist community should not pass on information or “collaborate in any way” with the PSNI.

Maire Drumm

mairedrumm.jpg A tribute to Maire Drumm, the vice president of Sinn Fein and a commander in Cumann na mBan, who was killed by loyalists while recovering in Belfast’s Mater Hospital. 34 years ago today.

Free Conor Casey

smashinternmentposter.jpg The recent internment of Conor Casey at the behest of the British establishment is nothing short of a disgrace.

October 24, 2010

British subvention slashed

georgeosborne.jpg Thirty thousand public service jobs in the Six Counties are to be eliminated after the British government slashed its promised contribution to maintaining society in the Six Counties.

IRA trial collapses

mi5.jpg An IRA trial dramatically collapsed yesterday after top secret documents which reveal that an alleged MI5 agent orchestrated a bombing campaign were withheld from the defence.

Legal development delays Duffy ruling

colinduffy2.jpg A new submission by lawyers acting for Colin Duffy forced a judge to postpone a decision on whether he should stand trial for the Real IRA attack on Massereene British Army base in March of last year

Fermanagh/South Tyrone election result finally confirmed

gildernewelectionshouldered.jpg A legal challenge against the re-election of Sinn Fein MP Michelle Gildernew in the Fermanagh/South Tyrone constituency has been rejected.

Family of loyalist victim call for fresh inquiry

frankhughes.jpg The family of a taxi driver lured to his death by a loyalist murder squad have called for an independent inquiry as they prepare to mark the 20th anniversary of his killing.

Secrecy surrounds royal visit

queen.jpg A surprise visit by the 'Queen of England' Elizabeth Windsor to the Six Counties last week has been criticised by republicans.

Turf Lodge – a proud community

turflodgeposter.jpg Through many difficult years the people of Turf Lodge demonstrated time and time again a commitment to their families and to each other.

For your community – act now

margaretthatcher.jpg That, on the day an ailing Margaret Thatcher was being treated in a private hospital, British Tory chancellor George Osborne was rising at Westminster to wield his ideological axe was highly ironic.

October 19, 2010

26-County democracy in the dock

fourcourts.jpg Five hundred days after the seat was vacated, the Dublin government has incredibly told the High Court that there has been no unreasonable delay in holding a by-election in Donegal South West.

Robinson opposes Catholic schools

peterrobinson.jpg DUP First Minister Peter Robinson has described Catholic education as a “benign form of apartheid”.

Budget black hole has doubled

budget2010.jpg Cross-party talks between the Dublin government and the two largest opposition parties are to go ahead despite the revelation that the 26 County budget deficit is heading for 15 billion euro -- double the previous worst estimate.

Real IRA issues warning

riracork.jpg The ‘Real IRA’ in Derry says it had to abandon an attack in the city recently because of what it described as “civilian interference.”

Killer soldier’s lies exposed

bernadettefriel.jpg A British soldier who served less than a year in jail over shooting a woman should have been charged with her murder, the Historical Enquiries Team has found.

New future for British base

forkhill.jpg A former British military base in south Armagh is to be transformed into a housing development, leisure centre and play park.

Raiders of the lost archives

archives.jpg Declassified official documents shed an interesting light on British government attitudes towards loyalist infiltration of the security forces and loyalist violence in the 1970s.

Politicians content to let us wait in the dark

hole.jpg The ineptitude of our current masters is nowhere as clear as in this: they can’t even give us the illusion of control.

October 14, 2010

A national stitch-up?

kennycowengilmore.jpg The Dublin government is to hold talks with the leaders of two of the main opposition parties -- pointedly excluding Sinn Fein -- as it struggles to cope with the consequences of its own ineptitude and corruption.

Massareene files vanish

duffyshiversposters.jpg The PSNI investigation into the Real IRA attack on Massareene British army base has ‘lost’ documentation surrounding a vehicle which was the only evidence alleged to have connected two men to the killings of two British soldiers.

Campaign seeks answers on west Belfast killing

joeoconnor.jpg A West Belfast mother has broken a ten-year silence to plead with the Provisional IRA to admit that it killed her son.

More spies for ‘Spook City’

britisharmyintelligencecorps.jpg A fresh wave of British army intelligence officers have been deployed in Derry to combat the increasing activity of the Real IRA and Oglaigh na hEireann.

Large numbers take part in ‘illegal’ march

grewmccaughey.jpg Over a thousand Irish Republicans Marched from Galbally Community centre to Galbally graveyard last weekend to remember IRA Volunteers Dessie Grew and Martin McCaughey who were killed by the SAS on IRA active service 20 years ago.

PSNI harass political activists

psniposters.jpg Republican activists were subjected to a humiliating and aggressive ordeal at the hands of the PSNI on Tuesday night, according to éirígí.

Sinn Fein proposals for the economy

sflogoflat.jpg An edited version of Sinn Fein’s proposals for the Six-County economy which were published today.

Big stars, blood relatives and one guilty silence

donalogcusack.jpg Cork sports star Donal Óg Cusack has been mooted as a possible candidate for Sinn Féin at the next electio

October 12, 2010

Catholic-only internment

internkeshcages.jpg Unionist paramilitaries who killed more than 100 people during the first 18 months of internment escaped detention because the British government believed there was “no serious Protestant threat” to the state, newly discovered papers reveal.

Duffy, strip-searched, refuses prison clothing

colinduffy.jpg Lurgan republican Colin Duffy was forcibly strip-searched and assaulted both before and after a tense court appearance in Coleraine, County Derry on Monday.

Parts of Newry are no-go areas

newry.jpg The security forces in the North have accepted that parts of Newry are no-go areas, it has emerged.

Fresh calls for torture inquiry

amnesty.jpg Amnesty International and British Irish Rights Watch today urged British authorities not to forget victims of torture in Ireland, following the release of a new Guardian film by Ian Cobain.

Insult upon injury for Ballymurphy families

adamsballymurphy.jpg Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams clashed with British Secretary of State Owen Paterson after he wore a wristband supporting the British Army’s notorious Royal Irish Regiment at a meeting with the families of victims of a British Army massacre.

Adams blasts Dail opposition

gerryadamsflat.jpg Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams has accused Fine Gael and the Labour Party of being involved in a “cosy political consensus” with what was probably the most unpopular Government in the history of the state.

Inside Castlereagh

castlereagh.jpg Former RUC men who worked at Castlereagh torture centre in Belfast described for the Guardian newspaper what was expected of them.

Bombing Derry

mcguinnessflat.jpg It was entirely appropriate that Martin McGuinness’s condemnation of the IRA operation came from the Tory conference.

October 8, 2010

Shock at 'dissident' support

dissidentgraffiti.jpg Public support for so-called ‘dissident’ republican groups has been significantly underestimated by the Irish political and media establishment, according to academic research published on Thursday.

Real IRA claims Derry bomb

ulsterbankbomb.jpg The ‘Real IRA’ has claimed responsibility for detonating a bomb with more than 200 pounds of explosives outside an Ulster Bank in a commercial district of Derry in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Cameron defiant on union

cameronucunf.jpg British Prime Minister David Cameron has expressed his determination to sustain British rule in the Six Counties despite the Real IRA attack in Derry on Tuesday.

Orange tirade against ‘Roman Catholic IRA’

robertsaultersbanners.jpg There have been calls for an investigation into whether anti-Catholic statements made by the head of the Orange Order broke hate laws.

Greens reach out as budget crunch looms

johngormley.jpg The Green Party has suggested the formation of a national unity government and is seeking to establish an all-party forum to discuss the economic crisis.

Government, union figures named in slush fund scandal

dailcommitteeslushfund.jpg A blame game has erupted over a fund which was uncovered earlier this year involving the 26-County Department of Health, the Health Service Executive (HSE) and the powerful SIPTU trade union.

‘Dissident revolt’ - the 2010 dirty protest

blanketman.jpg Gary Donnelly, a former prisoner in the North's high-security facility at Maghaberry, speaks about a shocking, largely unnoticed protest by republican dissidents that erupted inside the prison ealier this year.

Derry bomb desecrates October 5th

nicraposter.jpg It was totally inappropriate that there should be a bombing in Derry on October 5th.

October 5, 2010

Bomb explodes in Derry

A car bomb exploded in Derry city tonight in a commercial riverside district near the junction of the Strand Road and Culmore Road.

October 4, 2010

Dublin's fight for survival

cowenlenihanbanks.jpg The Taoiseach Brian Cowen has denied the sovereignty of the 26-County state has been jeopardised by the banking and budget crises, even as European officials began dictating Irish economic policy.

‘Real IRA’ claims killings

riragraffiti2.jpg The ‘Real IRA’ has admitted killing drug dealers on both sides of the border, according to a Belfast-based newspaper.

Judge prohibits Mass attendance

bradyfuneral.jpg A man facing charges over the firing of shots over the coffin of a Strabane republican has been banned from attending his memorial Mass.

Asylum application used against McGeough

gerrymcgeoughbw.jpg An application for political asylum in Sweden allegedly made almost 30 years ago by Gerry McGeough from Tyrone is due to be used as evidence against him in a Belfast court.

Israel deports Irish Nobel laureate

maireadmaguire.jpg Irish Nobel Peace Prize winner Mairead Corrigan Maguire is to be deported from Israel following a ruling by Israel’s Supreme Court.

Shell pipeline blamed on weak government

shelldrilling.jpg The state’s unprecedented use of law and order forces against its own citizens while protecting private commercial interests augurs badly for a remote community in north Mayo and for the State as a whole, a planning hearing has been told.

Action alert for Gerry McGeough and Vincent McAnespie

actionalert.jpg What can we do to help support Gerry and Vincent at this time”?

Is there anyone else who can run the country?

cowenconfused.jpg There is a sense of apprehension now about how our country is being run that I don’t recall having witnessed before.

October 1, 2010

The fifty billion Euro robbery

anglotruckprotest.jpg A massively increased price-tag for the bank bailout by the Fianna Fail/Green Party government has left the 26-County state braced for deeper cuts and rising taxes and blighted the state’s finances for a generation.

‘Shame’ campaign targets child

psnichildabuse.jpg The family of a 14-year-old boy whose face was published in newspapers and leaflets as part of a PSNI police “naming and shaming” tactic have taken a legal challenge against his treatment.

New UVF supergrass emerges

garyhaggarty.jpg One of the UVF’s most senior members has turned ‘supergrass’ and is ready to give evidence against other members of the loyalist murder gang, it has been revealed.

PSNI clash with eirigi over Newry alert

psniraids.jpg The PSNI were accused of using of repressive legislation to harass a nationalist community on Tuesday as the force launched a major “security operation” on the outskirts of the Derrybeg estate in Newry.

Shoot-to-kill inquest challenge thrown out

shoottokill.jpg Relatives of those killed in Britain’s shoot-to-kill campaign of assassination seem set to finally see reports on the cases - albeit censored.

Questions mount as truth process stalls

truthandjustice.jpg The family of a Derry man say they will lobby outside Downing Street if police are not given clearance to question MI5 about his death.

See how the one percent live

onepercentwalkposter.jpg Just 1% of the population are estimated to own 34% of the wealth of the Twenty-Six Counties. The &lsquo1% Network’ is to hold a political walking tour through the heartland of the golden circle in Dublin.

Conjuring truth from the tricks of memory

memory.jpg I have known Gerry Adams for almost forty years and there is no way would I ever enter him for a ‘Memory Man’ competition.

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