March 30, 2010

Scale of Irish banking bailout revealed

Several generations of Irish citizens are to pay the cost of bailing out Ireland’s bankers and developers following the crash in the state’s financial sector, the 26-County Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan revealed today.

Public sector pay deal agreed

The Dublin government and public sector trade unions in the 26 Counties have reached a surprise agreement on pay and reform after a marathon session of talks last night.

March 29, 2010

Adams linked to IRA actions

adamshughescages.jpg A new book published this week reveals details of controversial interviews given by legendary IRA figure Brendan ‘The Dark’ Hughes to Boston College in 2001 and 2002.

Unionism stretched by election

sylviahermon.jpg The Ulster Unionist Party’s only MP has confirmed she is to stand as an independent in the upcoming Westminster elections, further complicating the election picture for the three competing unionist parties.

Orangeman is BNP candidate

nickblake.jpg The Protestant Orange Order has refused to disassociate itself from a leading member who is due to stand in the Westminster election as a candidate for the racist British National Party.

Govt urged to recover 1916 tricolour

1916tricolour.jpg Sinn Fein’s Barry McElduff has called on the Dublin government to purchase an Irish tricolour that was captured from the GPO, the headquarters of the Easter Rising in 1916. The attempted auctioning of this item went ahead but it did not receive the reserve price last week at an auction in New York.

Progress in legal battle over SAS killings

grewmccaughey.jpg The planning and control of controversial British military operations in Ireland could be examined by coroners after a landmark ruling allowed relatives of two IRA men shot dead by the British Army’s ‘elite’ SAS unit to take their case to Britain’s highest court.

eirigi registers as political party in 26 counties

eirigi.jpg eirigi chairperson Brian Leeson has announced the registration of the organisation as a political party within the Twenty-Six Counties. The registration was formally confirmed by Leinster House officials this week.

Action alert - Gerry McGeough

gerrymcgeoughbw.jpg An action alert was issued by supporters of leading republican Gerry McGeough following a bizarre intervention in his trial by far-right Swedish operatives.

Culture of ‘moving on’ sets us back years

namaodds.jpg Every single aspect of State policy, every red cent of available cash and of discretionary borrowing, is shaped by a demented, obsessive drive to save banks, at least two of which are beyond saving.

March 25, 2010

Deck-chairs on the Titanic

deckchairs.jpg 26-County Taoiseach Brian Cowen is facing a potential rebellion among his own backbenchers after a reshuffle of his cabinet of Ministers was widely criticised as inadequate in the face of Ireland’s economic crisis.

Anger at British tactics on Bloody Sunday

bloodysundayredacted.jpg Sinn Fein’s Martin McGuinness has told British Prime Minister Gordon Brown that further delays in publishing the Bloody Sunday report are unacceptable.

Court to hear amnesty question

gerrymcgeoughposter.jpg A senior loyalist is to be called to give evidence at the trial of a former IRA prisoner following claims that the British government agreed a secret ‘amnesty’ for the IRA and loyalist pamilitaties.

Church struggles with abuse inquiry calls

bishopjohnmagee.jpg The resignation of Bishop John Magee as Bishop of Cloyne has been described as “too little, too late” by victims of clerical child abuse in Ireland amid calls for a root-and-branch investigation into the Catholic church.

‘No more cover-ups’, Policing Board told

shoottokillpics.jpg Eight families of collusion victims have met with the Policing Board to express concern at a decision to transfer investigation of the north Belfast murders away from the Historic Enquiries Team (HET) to the PSNI’s Serious Crime Branch.

British practise war on Derry coast

britishmortars.jpg A Sinn Fein councillor is calling on the British Ministry of Defence (MoD) to pack up and leave Magilligan base in the northwest of county Derry to let residents live in peace.

The Black and Tans

blackandtans.jpg On the 90th anniversary of the arrival in Ireland of one of England’s most notorious of militias, we present a brief history of the infamous Black and Tans.

Truth & Justice: Foreign concepts to the 6-County state

truthandjustice.jpg While nationalist politicians are proclaiming desperately the dawn of yet another new beginning in the affairs of the Six County state, their touted future justice minister, the British government and its police force are quietly going about the work of solidifying the status quo in occupied Ireland

March 22, 2010

MI5 blocks Bloody Sunday report

bloodysunday2.jpg The long-awaited report into the British Army Bloody Sunday massacre will not be released by the current British government, it has emerge

British MPs criticise Omagh secrecy

omaghbomb.jpg A committee of the Westminster parliament in London has criticised British prime minister Gordon Brown over his refusal to reveal what British military intelligence knew about the August 1998 Omagh bombing.

Gun attack follows wave of alerts

bombsquad.jpg There was a burst of activity by republican armed groups across the North at the weekend. The most serious incident saw a number of shots fired at the PSNI on Saturday during a bomb alert near the rail line outside Newry.

Donnelly ends Maghaberry hunger strike

garydonnelly.jpg Jailed Derry republican Gary Donnelly was ended his hunger strike protest after his demand to be housed with other republican prisoners at Maghaberry jail was granted.

Miscarriage of justice overturned

christywalsh.jpg A West Belfast man has told how his life was ruined as he struggled to overturn a miscarriage of justice imposed by a non-jury Diplock court in a trial 20 years ago.

Warning over worsening strike situation

passportofficeq.jpg A backlog of more than 40,000 passport applications has arisen as a result of industrial action by public sector workers in the 26 Counties, which this week is set to be joined by the Garda police.

Omagh - The search for the truth

gchq.jpg A reporter responds to the call by the ‘Northern Ireland Affairs Committee’ at the London parliament for a further investigation into the Omagh bomb.

People can become the architects of the future

gerryadamsflat.jpg it is precisely at the point when all seems lost that people, about to be overwhelmed by the magnitude of the task facing them, are liberated by their own strength and that of others.

March 17, 2010

Irish leaders meet US President Obama

The North’s political leaders have invited Barack Obama to the Six Counties after meeting the US president in the White House to discuss the political situation in the region.

March 15, 2010

Cardinal accused of cover-up

cardinalbrady.jpg The head of the Catholic church in Ireland, Sean Brady, is resisting intense calls for his resignation following revelations about his involvement in an 1975 church inquiry into child sex abuser Fr Brendan Smyth, in which two children were forced to take a vow of secrecy.

Donnelly mounts hunger protest

garydonnellyprotest.jpg A prominent member of the 32 County Sovereignty Committee, Gary Donnelly, is refusing food at Maghaberry jail in protest at what he said is attempt to criminalise him by prison authorities.

‘Acceptable level of violence’ - Orde

hughorde.jpg Former PSNI Hugh Orde has come under widespread criticism after he said republican armed actions were at an “acceptable level”.

Prosecutors under pressure

alasdairfraser.jpg The north’s most senior prosecutor is under pressure to quit after being forced to review a controversial decision by the Robert Hamill inquiry.

Adams and McGuinness in St Patrick’s Day trip

adamsmcguinness.jpg Sinn Fein’s Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness are currently visiting the United States as part of their annual St Patrick’s Day trip, the highlight of which will be a meeting with US President Brack Obama at the White House.

Wheelock family may take case to Europe

terencewheelock.jpg The family of Terence Wheelock have released photos of injuries he is believed to have suffered in garda custody as they called for a public inquiry into his death.

The Irish Republican Brotherhood

irb.jpg On March 17, 1858, 152 years ago this week, James Stephens founded the Irish Republican Brotherhood (IRB) in Dublin at the same time as John O’Mahoney was founding the American branch of the revolutionary group.

No political home for advocates of a just society

laurelandhardy.jpg All the parties in the Dail are willing to go into government with either Fianna Fail or Fine Gael, knowing one or other of these parties will be the major party of government and will set the agenda for that government.

March 12, 2010

Hamill inquiry calls for prosecution

An inquiry into the murder of Robert Hamill has urged the North’s Prosecution Service to “urgently reconsider” a decision not to prosecute a retired member of the PSNI (formerly RUC) police

March 11, 2010

Unionism divides as key vote passes

stormontpsni.jpg A historic vote in the Belfast Assembly has bolstered last month’s agreement at Hillsborough on policing and parades but led to renewed divisions between the two main unionist parties in the North.

Specialist police deployed as MI6 recruit

arv.jpg The PSNI has confirmed that heavily armed specialist police have been deployed in county Fermanagh following increased dissident republican activity in the area.

Delinquency at Tallaght hospital

tallaghthospital.jpg Tens of thousands of X-rays were not reviewed by a radiologist and large numbers of patient referral letters were ignored at the ‘flagship’ Tallaght Hospital in Dublin, it has been revealed.

Thousands rally for collusion victim

marshallrally.jpg On Sunday March 7, over 2,000 people gathered to commemorate the life of Lurgan republican Sam Marshall and to demand the truth about British collusion with unionist death squads in his murder.

Call to take veteran republicans off govt ‘hit list’

seangarland.jpg A group campaigning against the US extradition of former Official IRA leader Sean Garland has called on the Dublin government to raise the matter with the Obama administration during their visit to Washington next week.

Setback in Derry name campaign

derrysignpost.jpg A plan to offically change the name of Derry city to ‘Derry’ was thrown into chaos this week when three separate motions were voted down at Derry City Council.

Trial of Gerry McGeough brings back echoes of the old days

gerrymcgeoughbw.jpg The trial of Gerry “McGeough raises a number of issues.

A moment to savour for Sinn Fein

stormontpandjsf.jpg A crucial juncture has been reached by Sinn Fein, amazingly in partnership with the DUP.

March 9, 2010

Stormont backs devolution of policing and justice

The Belfast Assembly has voted in favour of taking over policing and justice powers for the Six Counties from London, despite opposition from the Ulster Unionist Party.

March 8, 2010

UUP rejects ‘dysfunctional’ Stormont

uupmlas.jpg Senior Ulster Unionists have said that they will not be supporting the deal to devolve policing powers from London to Belfast at a crucial vote in the Six-County Assembly at Stormont tomorrow.

Gerry McGeough trial begins

gerrymcgeoughbaby.jpg A prominent republican has gone on trial for an IRA attack on a UDR soldier almost 30 years ago.

Crumbling government ‘must go’, SF Ard Fheis hears

sfardfheis2010.jpg Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams told the party’s annual Ard Fheis [annual conference] that rather than a reshuffle by Brian Cowen of his coalition government, the Dublin government “needs to go”.

Orange Order backs parade deal

orangemen2.jpg The Orange Order has given its overwhelming backing to parading proposals drawn up as part of the Hillsborough Agreement.

UVF ‘grasses’ get shortened sentences

psniuvf.jpg Two brothers who committed dozens of loyalist crimes will serve as little as three years in jail because they have turned ‘supergrass’.

Public service strikes escalate

ino.jpg Schools and hospitals are expected to be worst hit as trade union chiefs escalate a fight to reverse pay cuts with a series of work stoppages.

Women freedom fighters

armaghprison.jpg To mark international women’s day, we carry the following article on the women hunger strikers of Armagh prison, by DM Daugherty.

Why MI5 is free to operate here

mi5.jpg Once devolution is complete, the north, as far as accountability is concerned, will be a limbo-land for spooks to cavort in.

March 6, 2010

Address by Gerry Adams to Sinn Fein Ard Fheis 2010

The full text of the speech delivered by Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams to the party’s ardfheis [annual conference] at the RDS in Dublin tonight.

March 4, 2010

Massacre inquiry ‘pointless’ - Ford

davidford.jpg Victims of Bloody Sunday have expressed outrage at comments by the proposed future Six County Justice Minister David Ford in which he said the Saville inquiry into the killings was “pointless”.

PSNI warnings treated with scepticism

riragraffiti.jpg Two republicans in Derry have been told their lives are under threat following the “execution” last week by the Real IRA of senior member Ciaran Doherty

Provocative loyalist parade on St Patrick’s Day

markharbinson.jpg A notorious loyalist flute band whose leader is awaiting trial on child rape charges has been granted permission to march through a village which has seen some of the worst sectarian intimidation of recent years in the North.

Doubts persist ahead of crucial devolution vote

stormontstatue.jpg The DUP has ruled out the appointment of a minister for justice if the Ulster Unionist Party refuses to endorse the establishment of a department of justice within the Executive.

Election battle looms as Paisley steps down

paisleyold.jpg Ian Paisley announced he is stepping down as MP this week, leaving his namesake son to battle Jim Allister, leder of the extreme unionist TUV party, in the upcoming British general election for north Antrim.

Liam Adams denies charges

liamadamsbail.jpg Liam Adams, the brother of Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams, has denied charges of sexual abuse following his arrest today in Dublin.

Sam Marshall - A set up

sammarshall.jpg Twenty years ago, Sam Marshall was walking home with two other men when they were confronted by masked gunmen who opened up with automatic fire.

Crossing the line

dennys.jpg If you are going to invoke a tragedy on the scale of the famine to flog your products, why stop at Ireland's greatest one?

March 1, 2010

Dirty war in Derry

ciarandoherty.jpg The family of Ciaran Doherty said he had been under “continuous harassment” from the British secret service (MI5) in the months before he was shot last week.

PSNI clash with rioters in Craigavon

psniplastic.jpg The PSNI fired plastic bullets during serious rioting in County Armagh at the weekend as rioting broke out in the nationalist Drumbeg and Meadowbrook estates in Craigavon.

IRA groups as strong as Provisionals - Ahern

dermotahern.jpg The 26-County Minister for Justice Dermot Ahern has said the Real IRA and Continuity IRA have successfully pooled their resources and the threat posed by their co-operation is now as serious as that from the Provisional IRA during the height of the conflict.

Former Basque prisoner to be extradited

inaki.jpg A Belfast court has ruled that a Basque man living in Belfast should be extradited to Spain on the basis of draconian Spanish legislation which outlaws any expression of support for armed groups in the Basque Country.

Hunger strike over labour dispute

greenislehunger.jpg A 58-year-old grandfather is among those on hunger strike outside the Green Isle Foods plant in Naas, County Kildare, in a fight for workplace rights on behalf of himself and his fellow workers.

Parties gear up for Westminster election

ritchieruane.jpg SDLP leader Margaret Ritchie has announced that she intends to seek her party’s nomination to stand in Eddie McGrady’s South Down seat in the Westminster election.

Irish peace process has lessons for Basques

basquecountrymap.jpg The impact of the peace process in Ireland is clearly evident in the language used in peace efforts in the Basque Country.

Cooking the Bloody Sunday report

shaunwoodward.jpg The British government's attempts to change the findings of a judge in order to conceal evidence of its security services’ wrongdoing has ramifications for the victims of the Bloody Sunday massacre and their families.

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