November 25, 2022

British soldier found guilty of manslaughter

holdenmcanespie.jpg A guilty verdict in a case against the British soldier who killed Tyrone man Aidan McAnespie in 1988 is of “exceptional poignancy” for his family, according to justice campaigners.

November 24, 2022

Scotland denied freedom vote

sturgeon1200.jpg A judgement by the Supreme Court in London that a Scottish independence referendum cannot be held without the backing of the Westminster parliament has made clear that the ‘United Kingdom’ is a union that exists by force, not by democracy.

Armed action challenges narrative

strabanepsni.jpg British forces may have believed their own propaganda in regard to the status of IRA breakaway groups to judge by their shocked response to an attack on a PSNI patrol in Tyrone last Thursday night, November 17.

Collusion fears following arms finds

collusionmural2.jpg Two former British soldiers are among a group of loyalists who have appeared in court on weapons charges linked to the unionist paramilitary UVF.

Loyalists mount Belfast ‘culture war’

tg4ad.jpg An advertising hoarding for Irish language channel TG4 has been defaced with sectarian death threats in north Belfast.

Protests over ‘callous’ legacy legislation

derrylegacyprotest.jpg ‘Bin the Legacy Bill’ protests have been taking place in Derry, Belfast and London as a bid to end conflict-related prosecutions and investigations takes place at the Westminster parliament.

US political leaders maintain support for Ireland

schumer.jpg US political leaders continue to show strong support for the Irish cause despite a change in the balance of power following mid-term elections there.

Brutal State executions remembered

executions.jpg The centenary of the execution of four young rebels by the Irish Free State has been marked in Kilmainham Jail.

Reform of GFA would shift goalposts

michelleoneill1200.jpg Sinn Féin’s First Minister-designate Michelle O’Neill argues that there should be no fundamental change to the Good Friday Agreement without the consent of the people.

November 16, 2022

Britain’s dirtiest secret

lurganmartyrs.jpg The son of an IRA Volunteer shot dead in the first of a series of planned British ambushes forty years ago has said he will never give up his fight for the truth.

Strip searches rise as authorities fail to use scanners

stripsearch.jpg More than one hundred forced strip searches have been carried out against Republican prisoners in the past two weeks, despite new scanners that make the infamous procedure redundant.

‘Big Brother’ bid to control movements across border

biometricsborder.jpg Many crossing the border from the south into the north of Ireland may soon be required to submit biometric facial and fingerprint data to the British government.

Poppy Day parade held by UDA killer unit

udaparade.jpg An event organised by a sectarian and criminal murder gang to mark Remembrance Sunday has been condemned by its victims.

New pressure to move beyond Brexit deadlock

stormontclosed.jpg People in the north of Ireland overwhelmingly believe Dublin should have a role in governing the region should unionists continue to block the return of power-sharing, a new poll has shown.

Further protests over cost of living

costoflivingnov.jpg Protestors at more than twenty regional events have called on the Dublin government to tackle economic injustice and provide more help to people struggling with soaring bills.

DUP failing to see the danger ahead

vdlsunak.jpg It’s surprising that there’s any surprise about support for increased Irish government involvement in the north in the absence of a devolved administration here as evidenced in the latest LucidTalk poll.

The kite that couldn’t fly

paisleyjr1200.jpg Unionist politicians, I sometimes think, compete with each as to how they can make the rest of us gape, open-mouthed in wonder.

November 10, 2022

New decade, same old British approach

heatonharris2.jpg The British government has ripped up a requirement for holding an election in the ‘New Decade, New Approach’ Stormont talks deal.

Anger as children targeted for UVF bonfire ‘education’

actmodel.jpg A ‘charity’ linked to loyalist murder gangs is incredibly attempting to win support for sectarian bonfires in schools in the North of Ireland.

RAF activity raises tensions

rafplanes.jpg A training mission conducted by Britain’s Royal Air Force has drawn attention to the continuing and unwelcome presence of the British military garrison in Ireland.

Aggressive raid on home of very elderly woman

psniraidportadown.jpg A heavy-handed raid by the British Crown Forces has taken place on the home of a vulnerable 80-year-old woman in Portadown. The victim, a lifelong Republican, has never previously been arrested or imprisoned, leading to claims that the raid was an act of collective punishment against the local nationalist community.

Desperate Donaldson can’t stop telling lies

jeffreydonaldson1200.jpg DUP leader Jeffrey Donaldson has been caught making a series of false claims in an attempt to win support for the party’s position on the Irish Protocol of Brexit.

Paisley move exposes DUP’s fear of democracy

paisley1200.jpg The DUP has been accused of “having trouble respecting democracy” after north Antrim MP Ian Paisley drafted a Westminster bill to increase the majorities required for referendums on Irish unity and Scottish independence.

Stanislaus Carberry

stancarberry.jpg IRA Volunteer Stanislaus Carberry was killed as he travelled in a hijacked car on the Falls Road in west Belfast, 50 years ago this week.

Sinn Féin Ard Fheis – Presidential Address

mcdonaldaf22.jpg The prepared text of the address by Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou McDonald to her party’s ard fheis (annual conference) last weekend.

November 3, 2022

Loyalist bluff must be called

loyalistflag.jpg Despite mixed messages from the British government, nationalists and republicans are clear that new threats of political conflict by unionist paramilitaries cannot be allowed to succeed.

Britain ‘undecided’ about Stormont election

heatonharris.jpg The British government has been accused of ‘playing for time’ after backing away from a legal requirement to hold an Assembly election in the north of Ireland.

Professor threatened after research on Irish unity

harveyreport.jpg Belfast academic Colin Harvey continues to receive widespread support as he endures an escalating unionist hate campaign.

Secrecy over PSNI database breach raises collusion fear

collusionmural1200.jpg Concerns have been raised regarding possible collusion involving a former PSNI member who is facing charges over the use of a police database “to obtain information on a series of individuals”.

Sailortown attack remembered, 50 years on

paulaclare.jpg The sectarian killing of two young Catholic girls in a loyalist bomb in Belfast on Halloween has been remembered as one of the darkest days of the conflict.

Noah inquest to take place before a jury

noahinquest.jpg The family of Noah Donohoe have welcomed a Coroner’s decision that the inquest into his disappearance and death should be held before a jury.

Helicopter escape from Mountjoy

mountjoyescape.jpg At Halloween 1973 in Dublin, one of the most audacious, cleverly planned jail escapes in Irish history occurred.

Conway Mill

conwaymill.jpg Conway Mill has been at the heart of west Belfast for over almost 200 years. Last week it celebrated its 40th birthday.

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