February 27, 2021

DUP openly working with loyalist gangs

dupudauvf.jpg The DUP has “given cover” to the ongoing crimes of the loyalist paramilitary UVF and UDA after a high-level meeting took place between the party and representatives of the two organisations.

High-tech spy device found hidden in rock

rockspy.jpg" A British military intelligence agent was spotted placing a listening device in an allotments area of west Derry on Tuesday, leading to the recovery of a sophisticated surveillance device.

Files show British Army always involved with loyalist groups

files71.jpg Britain’s failure to deal with loyalist paramilitaries in the early 1970s has been exposed by recently uncovered British military files which prove that the Crown Forces worked with an extensive database of suspected loyalist paramilitaries.

Mixed news in legal quests for truth

gerardrorycairns.jpg The father of two brothers murdered by loyalist paramilitaries has been refused a judicial review seeking a public inquiry into suspected Crown force collusion with the killers.

Man lost job after PSNI demanded his phone

psnivehicles2.jpg" A former hospital porter has secured High Court permission to challenge the lawfulness of having his phone seized by the PSNI.

Ireland’s police team up with Israel’s torture ministry

israelipolice.jpg Ireland’s police forces have given unconvincing explanations about why they are cooperating with an Israeli ministry implicated in torture and war crimes.

The Clonmult Ambush

clonmult2.jpg One of the greatest losses of life incurred by the IRA during the War of Independence occurred at Clonmult, seven miles north of Midleton in County Cork, 100 years ago this week.

Unionists selling supporters a false prospectus

davidtrimble2.jpg Who said this? Johnson’s Withdrawal Agreement which established an Irish Sea border is “a great step forward and is fully in accordance within the spirit of the Good Friday Agreement.” David Trimble. That was October 2019.

February 20, 2021

‘Anti-Irish abuse must stop’

mccleans.jpg Irish soccer international James McClean has welcomed widespread support after speaking out about anti-Irish abuse directed towards him and his family in England.

DUP extremism exposed by Brexit protocol

sammywilsonflat.jpg DUP politicians have been condemned for again talking up the potential for loyalist violence against new port regulations whilst engaging in political stunts to defeat what they describe as the ‘Irish Sea border’.

Unexplained killing of two Catholic men to be reviewed

gilfordminibus.jpg The murder of two Catholic men in County Armagh once wrongly blamed on the IRA is being reviewed as part of an investigation into the series of killings by the pro-British death squad known as the Glenanne Gang.

British soldiers seen not co-operating with inquest

kathleenthompson600.jpg A former British Army soldier has been accused of “choosing not to help” an inquest into the killing of a Derry mother shot dead in her garden, while another claimed former soldiers were being “persecuted” over state killings.

Johnson’s union tunnel strategy ridiculed

floatingtunnel.jpg The increasingly desparate efforts of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to save the union has seen his proposed sea tunnel between Ireland and Scotland branded as ‘hallucinogenic’.

Commemoration cancelled after online attacks

edobrien2.jpg Attempts to demonise a young Wexford-born IRA Volunteer who died tragically at the age of 21 when a device he was transporting exploded prematurely in London have been condemned.

The Catalan rapper arrested for his message

pablohasel.jpg The arrest of a pro-Catalan independence rapper over his lyrics following a police stand-off has echoes with ongoing censorship in Ireland.

The Kilmainham jail escape

kilmainhamjail.jpg An article by Liz Gillis for Kilmainham Tales on one of the most dramatic episodes in the history of the prison, which took place 100 years ago this week.

February 13, 2021

Nationalists turn against PSNI

psniout.jpg An egregiously insensitive example of PSNI harassment has led to a surge in nationalist support for disbandment of the hated police force.

New inquest for ‘New Lodge Six’

newlodge6600.jpg A decision to order a new inquest into the killings of six men shot dead in one night in Belfast in 1973 has been widely welcomed.

Staff return to ports as DUP blamed for whipping up tension

postersseaborder.jpg The DUP Minister for Agriculture used port staff as “pawns” in efforts to whip up a reaction against new Brexit trade rules, Sinn Féin’s John O’Dowd has said.

‘Incredible’ plan to delete electoral roll

electionform.jpg A plan by the North’s Electoral Office to remove all registered voters from the Electoral Register has been condemned as outrageous by Sinn Fein West Belfast MP Paul Maskey.

Loyalists threaten journalist

trishadevlinthreat.jpg There was widespread condemnation following the latest loyalist threat to shoot a journalist. Graffiti has appeared in a number of locations in east Belfast with the name of reporter Patricia Devlin along with cross hairs.

DUP MP insists on white gospel singers

gregorycampbell.jpg DUP MP Gregory Campbell has denied he is a racist after he criticised a gospel singing show for not including more white people.

Memories of childhood Belfast

seangraham600.jpg Memories of the Lower Ormeau Road at a turning point in history.

Isolated but unbowed - Frank Stagg’s hunger strike

frankstagggrave.jpg Volunteer Frank Stagg died on hunger strike on 12 February 1976, 45 years ago this week. The story of his sacrifice by Jonathan O'Meara.

February 6, 2021

Brexit deal could unravel

protocolposter.jpg A weak response to the controversial inclusion of a reference to Brexit’s Irish Protocol in preliminary EU legislation for vaccine exports has encouraged unionist extremists to believe they can force a renegotiation of Brexit’s protocol on Ireland.

Alleged informer shot dead

danielmcclean.jpg There has been no claim of responsibility for an attack in which a former British soldier accused of infiltrating an IRA breakaway group was killed.

PSNI’s handcuffs ‘dug into my bullet wounds’

sykesarrested.jpg A victim of the Sean Graham bookmakers atrocity has spoken out after he was arrested while he and other relatives laid flowers at a memorial to their loved ones.

Loyalist mob intimidates community as PSNI keep watch

uvfdoor.jpg A loyalist community centre that delivers food parcels has been closed due to threats delivered by a unionist paramilitary gang on Tuesday which were overseen by the PSNI.

Anti-Catholic graffiti on the rise

graffiticross.jpg A Catholic church in Limavady has been the target of a disturbing hate crime.

State censorship targets republicans on social media

psnifacebook.jpg Saoradh has said it is enduring a second censorship attempt by the British State in conjunction with social media corporations.

Gino Gallagher

ginogallagher.jpg A former chief of staff of the INLA, Gino Gallagher was assassinated 25 years ago this week. In this article, Peter Urban of the International Republican Socialist Network recalls his comrade.

A new plan for Moore Street

newmoorest.jpg The Save 16 Moore Street Committee and the Families of the Signatories of the 1916 Proclamation have published the first images of a regeneration plan for the area.

February 5, 2021

Shock as PSNI attacks Lower Ormeau commemoration

ormeauharass.jpg A small and quiet wreath-laying by relatives of innocent civilians killed in the Ormeau Road bookmakers atrocity was attacked today by the PSNI, who arrested one of the survivors of the 1992 mass shooting.

February 2, 2021

Unionists escalate tensions over Brexit Protocol

protocolfleg.jpg People are being urged to remain calm in the face of attempts by unionists and loyalists to force a reversal of Brexit’s Irish Protocol, which they say has created a border down the Irish Sea and could lead to increasing economic unity on the island of Ireland.

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