March 30, 2007



Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams has said a breakthrough deal on power-sharing following the first-ever direct talks with DUP leader Ian Paisley means that “a new and unprecedented opportunity for progress now exists”.

Mixed reaction to power-sharing delay

“Everything we have done over the last 10 years has been a preparation for this moment,” proclaimed British Prime Minister Tony Blair, leading a vocal and mainly positive response by Irish and British political leaders to the successful outcome of the DUP-Sinn Féin negotiations this week.

Dissent at deal within DUP

The representative of Ian Paisley’s DUP at the European Parliament, Jim Allister MEP, has resigned following the party’s deal to begin sharing power with Sinn Féin in May.

Legal breakthrough in shoot-to-kill cases

The father of an IRA Volunteer shot dead by the British Army’s SAS in 1990 today won a five-year legal battle over disclosure of confidential British reports about the killing.

Bombers may escape justice - Ahern

Nobody will be brought to justice as a result of the long-awaited report into the 1974 Dublin and Monaghan bombings, the 26-County Taoiseach Bertie Ahern has said.

UDA tensions follows grant aid

The unionist paramilitary UDA is still heavily involved in extortion rackets, the PSNI police has said, despite the British government handing the group 1.2 million pounds sterling last week.

North needs a new political vocabulary

A sea change occurred on Monday when you watched Gerry Adams and Ian Paisley sitting nearly beside each other at Stormont.

An omen of good days to come

It is difficult to decide which captures best the ground-breaking nature of the event - the photo or the statements.

March 26, 2007

Parties agree new date for power-sharing

Sinn Féin and the DUP have agreed a new deal to start sharing power on May 8 following historic face-to-face talks between DUP leader Ian Paisley and Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams at Stormont today.

Adams and Paisley to meet

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams and DUP leader Ian Paisley will hold their first ever face-to-face talks today as parties are faced with a deadline for the restoration of the Six-County political institutions, or, more likely, an agreement to suspend the process for a number of weeks at the request of the DUP.

March 25, 2007

Devolution restored pending agreement

British Direct Ruler Peter Hain has signed the restoration order to devolve governmental powers from London to Belfast, requiring the Belfast Assembly to meet tomorrow [Monday] to nominate a new locally elected administration of unionists and nationalists.

Adams calls for 'Plan B'

Responding to the news that Ian Paisley’s DUP is seeking a further delay in Monday’s planned restoration of the political institutions in the Six Counties, Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams has said the Dublin and London governments must now proceed to put in place their all-Ireland partnership arrangements for the governance of the North.

March 24, 2007

DUP refuse to commit to power-sharing

Nominations to the Belfast Assembly executive will not take place by Monday’s ‘deadline’ following a resolution of the DUP’s ruling council, reports have indicated.


Victims of UDA death-squads expressed outrage at the British government’s plans to give the paramilitary group 1.2 million pounds sterling.

‘Yes but No’ - DUP mulls options

A long-awaited commitment to power-sharing by Ian Paisley is in doubt this weekend amid reports that the DUP may go through the motions of appointing a Six-County Executive but will block meetings of the Executive taking place for an undefined “testing period” of at least two months.

Brit chopper crashes in border town

Villagers in Crossmaglen, South Armagh are outraged after a British Army helicopter crashed, narrowly missing a nearby estate.

Sinn Féin set to join Policing Board

Sinn Féin will participate fully in the Policing Board and other structures once the power-sharing institutions in Belfast are restored, party president Gerry Adams has said.

McGeough still being held

A bail application for republican political leader Gerry McGeough has been postponed after lawyers for the British Crown claimed that either Germany or the USA might seek to have him extradited.

RSF warned of ‘threats’

Two members of Republican Sinn Féin in Belfast were visited in their homes by the PSNI police and informed that their lives are under threat from a previously unknown group, the party has said.

A ‘yes’ from ‘Dr No’ could usher in a new era

In a few days time the people of this country will know the answer to one of the most pressing political questions which has dogged the peace process for the best part of the last 10 years

It’s time PSNI was accountable for its actions

In the past week we’ve had two very serious incidents involving the PSNI and the British Army.

March 18, 2007


Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams has said a political deal to secure power-sharing by March 26 is close and that the British government can “smell” a breakthrough.

Bush backs deadline at shamrock ceremony

At the annual St Patrick’s Day White House reception, US President George Bush threw his weight behind efforts to hold all sides to the March 26th deadline for the return of a local Six-County power-sharing administration.

Double murder mystery

Allegations and rumours have multiplied in Belfast following the murder of two nationalist taxi-drivers on Monday.

False dawn for Irish speakers

The British government has reneged on new Irish language legislation at the insistence of the DUP.

MacEntee report on bombings completed

The injured and bereaved of the Dublin and Monaghan bombings reached a potentially crucial milestone yesterday with the completion of an long-awaited report into the attacks.

St Patrick’s Day shame for Dublin government

Part of the ancient Irish capital of Tara dating from the seventh century has been dismantled this week to make way for the controversial M3 motorway.

Minister strangles Irish act

The dream that new legislation would enshrine the rights of the thousands of Irish-speakers has been shattered.

A good news election story for republicans

With a brilliant election result behind him Gerry Adams will lead northern republicans southwards with the intention of building on his success.

March 13, 2007


There is mounting optimism that the peace process can make a historic breakthrough this month after the Dublin and London governments appeared willing to hold to their stated March 26th deadline for the return of local power-sharing in the North of Ireland.

Plan ‘A’ for Sinn Fein after gains

Further electoral gains for Sinn Fein has effectively turned the Six Counties into a two party statelet and created a situation unimaginable a decade ago.

McGeough arrest ‘highlights lack of change’

The arrest at an election centre of an independent republican candidate has been described as an abuse of the democratic process and a return to the dark ages of political policing.

RSF blames censorship for low vote

Republican Sinn Fein president Ruairi O Bradaigh has said RSF’s failure to make an impact in last week’s Assembly election was “as expected” after an “almost total media blackout” of his party.

Ombudsman to investigate ‘Dirty War’ killings

Allegations that British military intelligence and Special Branch police sanctioned their informers and agents within the IRA to carry out certain killings are being investigated by the North’s Police Ombudsman.

SF backs Irish ‘illegals’ campaign

Sinn Fein has backed a campaign on behalf of undocumented Irish immigrants in the United States.

Election round-up

A constituency-by-constituency look at the Assembly election result.

DUP chokes on its own history

Elections are supposed to provide answers. When the people speak, the politicians are supposed to respond accordingly. Not so in the North.

March 9, 2007

Assembly election - Final update

Counting in the Belfast Assembly elections is drawing to a close this evening with significant gains for Sinn Féin and Ian Paisley’s DUP, a major setback for Reg Empey’s UUP, a breakthrough for the Green Party and the apparent final demise of Bob McCartney’s UKUP.

SF and DUP set to dominate Executive

Gerry Adams’s Sinn Féin and Ian Paisley’s DUP have continued to add seats in the election to the Belfast Assembly as counting continued late into the night in some centres.

March 8, 2007

Gains for SF, DUP; Gerry McGeough arrested

Results are being announced in the North of Ireland’s Assembly election with the DUP and Sinn Féin polling very well.

March 7, 2007


Voting to the election for the new Belfast Assembly got underway across the Six Counties this Wednesday morning.

Pre-election PoW shock for SF

Sinn Féin has dismissed an election-eve statement by 320 former IRA and INLA prisoners who have called for republicans to vote against the party and for independent republican candidates in today’s election.

SF Ard Fheis builds party momentum

Seven motions running contrary to Sinn Féin’s policy of tentative support for Britain’s PSNI police were either voted down or withdrawn during the party’s annual conference (Ard Fheis) at the weekend, which mainly focussed on election preparations.

Injustices mount for ‘McCabe killers’

A High Court judge has again allowed the 26-County state another three weeks to avoid a challenge by four republicans jailed for the manslaughter of a Garda police detective to its repeated refusal to grant them temporary release.

Election: Constituency profiles

An indicative constituency-by-constituency look at today’s election, with the emphasis on the nationalist and republican contests.

Election: Pre-election statements

Election-eve statements by the Presidents of Sinn Fein and Republican Sinn Fein.

History: Election campaign fifty years ago

Four Sinn Féin candidates were elected in the general election which took place on March 5, 1957, fifty years ago this week.

Brown doesn’t give tuppence about this place

We’re at present in the lull before the storm - and what a storm it will be.

March 3, 2007

SF Ard Fheis - Presidential Address 2007

The full text of the keynote Presidential address by Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams to the party’s annual conference, which is taking place this weeekend at the RDS in Dublin.

March 1, 2007


Unionists in Belfast would benefit from an all-Ireland economy, Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams said as he launched his party’s platform for the election to the Belfast Assembly.

RSF blasts ‘exclusion politics’

Republican Sinn Féin has criticised what it says is a “media blackout” of their candidates.

March for Irish language rights

Thousands of supporters of the Irish language took part in a march through the city centre last weekend demanding equal rights for the language.

Republican graves attacked

The graves of nearly 40 people have been desecrated in an overnight attack on the republican plot at Milltown Cemetery in west Belfast.

Connolly House reopens

Sinn Féin’s traditional Belfast headquarters has reopened following a refurbishment, including new repairs to structural damage suffered in loyalist attacks.

Holy Cross case goes to House of Lords

The mother of a Holy Cross schoolgirl is taking her legal claim to the House of Lords with her complaint at the manner in which the PSNI failed to defend her daughter from sectarian violence and intimidation five years ago.

Good election for SF will spur party

A good election result for Sinn Féin in the north will spur party activists on in their efforts to achieve the long-worked-for breakthrough in the elections in the south in a few months time.

Power-sharing in North must not be stopped

By the standards of western democracy, the election in the North must be one of the most bizarre ever to have taken place.

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