Election round-up
Election round-up

A constituency-by-constituency look at the Assembly election result.

West Belfast - SF 5, SDLP 1: SF win seat from DUP. Magnificent SF result and vote management. The SDLP’s Alex Attwood better watch out because SF will want a clean sweep next time. An increased first preference vote could not save the DUP’s Diane Dodds.

South Belfast - SDLP 2, SF 1, DUP 1, Alliance 1, UUP 1: Alliance gain from UUP: Poor showing by unionist parties means, for the first time, more nationalist than unionist Assembly members in Belfast’s poshest constituency. The Alliance’s Anna Lo gets headlines by becoming Europe’s first public representative from a Chinese background.

North Belfast - SF 2, SDLP 1, DUP 2, UUP 1: No change in seats with UUP holding on despite strong DUP challenge. SF now outpolling SDLP two-to-one and SF pressure will increase. Impressive vote for anti-collusion campaigner, Raymond McCord.

East Belfast - DUP 3, UUP 1, Alliance 1, PUP 1: DUP gain from UUP in home constituency of UUP leader, Reg Empey. Great result for Alliance deputy leader, Naomi Long, who came within 52 votes of beating DUP deputy leader, Peter Robinson, to top the poll. New PUP leader, Dawn Purvis, remarkably held David Ervine’s seat.

Foyle - SDLP 3, SF 2, DUP 1: SF vote slightly down due to good performance from independent republican, Peggy O’Hara (76), whose son Patsy died on hunger-strike. With 37% support, this is still the SDLP’s best constituency.

East Derry - DUP 3, UUP 1, SF 1, SDLP 1: DUP win seat from UUP. SF vote climbing here and party will be eyeing the SDLP’s seat next time.

South Down - SDLP 2, SF 2, UUP 1, DUP 1: UUP lucky to hold on. SF snapping at SDLP heels here, and unionist votes may not be enough for the SDLP top hold off the challenge of Caitriona Ruane in the Westminster election.

North Down - DUP 2, UUP 2, Greens 1, Alliance 1: Greens gain their first Assembly seat. UK Unionist leader, Bob McCartney, pays the price for standing in six constituencies and loses his seat, all but ending his political career. DUP vote up 11% but party would have liked a third seat. Nothing here for nationalists.

South Antrim - DUP 2, UUP 1, SF 1, Alliance 1, SDLP 1: UUP loses a seat, SF gains one. SF’s Mitchel McLaughlin topping the poll, delivering a seat his party had long wanted. Cliff-hanger here with DUP narrowly missing out to SDLP for final seat.

North Antrim - DUP 3, UUP 1, SDLP 1, SF 1: The SDLP’s Declan O’Loan, whose wife Nuala is the Police Ombudsman, just held on and stopped the DUP taking a fourth seat. DUP vote continues to grow in Ian Paisley’s constituency. SF’s Daithi McKay polled remarkably well.

East Antrim - DUP 3, UUP 2, Alliance 1: DUP vote up 11%. Courageous SDLP Larne Mayor, Danny O’Connor, whose home has been attacked by loyalists many times, misses out leaving nationalists unrepresented here.

Mid-Ulster - SF 3, SDLP 1, UUP 1, DUP 1: Another strong SF performance led by Martin McGuinness. DUP vote fell slightly in this constituency, bucking the overall trend.

Upper Bann - DUP 2, UUP 2, 1 SF, 1 SDLP 1: SF unlucky not to take two seats here. Outpolled the UUP but unionist transfers brought that party a second seat.

Newry and Armagh - SF 3, SDLP 1, DUP 1, UUP 1: SF comfortably held its three seats here. Despite SDLP high hopes for Sharon Haughey, the party’s vote actually fell 5%. Best independent republican performance in the North from Davy Hyland. Ex-DUP Assembly member, Paul Berry, requiring open-mindedness from his unionist voters, lost his seat.

Strangford - 4 DUP, 1 UUP, 1 Alliance: DUP win a UUP seat in this constituency where Iris Robinson dominates. SDLP dreams of a seat ruined as party vote didn’t increase enough, even as the overall unionist collapsed.

Fermanagh and South Tyrone - SF 2, DUP 2, SDLP 1, UUP 1: Independent republican Gerry McGeough incredibly hauled away from the count centre by the PSNI. Slight growth in SF vote but party may be disappointed that former Long Kesh OC, Sean Lynch, didn’t take a third seat.

West Tyrone - SF 3, DUP 2, Ind 1: Omagh hospital candidate, Dr Kieran Deeny, very lucky to hold on. UUP loses seat to DUP. Sinn Fein vote up 6%, winning a new seat; SDLP loses one due to mismanagement - running three candidates and having none elected. RSF’s Joe O’Neill also fails to make an impact.

Lagan Valley - DUP 3, SF 1, UUP 1, Alliance 1: SF comfortably took SDLP seat. DUP vote up 28%, the same percentage the UUP vote fell. Jeffrey Donaldson’s defection has cost that party dearly.

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