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‘Immediate action’ urged to address Stormont stalemate

michelleoneill1200.jpg Sinn Féin’s Stormont leader Michelle O’Neill has called for “immediate action” from the London government to address the political deadlock in the Six Counties.

Published December 7, 2023

Britain’s smokescreen for Israel’s ethnic cleansing

gazababy.jpg In 1917, the British government announced its support for the establishment of a “national home for the Jewish people” in Palestine. After leaving in 1948, Britain kept a foothold on nearby Cyprus from where it now helps Israel bomb Gaza. Now, Britain is secretly backing Israel’s complete takeover of Palestine.

Published December 7, 2023

Stalemate driving support for Irish unity

sammywilson1200.jpg Across the political spectrum, the British government is being accused of ignoring the north of Ireland amid another bout of political turmoil in London.

Published November 16, 2023

Offensive items removed from sale

poppymerchandise.jpg A major supermarket chain has reportedly withdrawn the sale of offensive Crown Force merchandise following a protest by a lone nationalist woman in Lurgan, County Armagh.

Published November 16, 2023

Sinn Féin Ard Fheis - Presidential Address

mcdonaldardfheis23.jpg The following is the full prepared text of Mary Lou McDonald’s address to the Sinn Féin 2023 Ard Fheis.

Published November 16, 2023

Moving the goalposts

supermajority.jpg Since its creation over a century ago, we have been told that the North is part of the Union because that is the wish of a majority of its population.

Published November 9, 2023

Minister looks to waive the rules on a border poll

bakerbipb.jpg A suggestion by a British Direct Rule Minister that a majority vote for Irish reunification in a border poll would not be enough to bring about unity has been strongly rejected across the political spectrum.

Published October 26, 2023

Starmer says vote on Irish unity ‘hypothetical’

starmer1200.jpg The leader of the British Labour Party has cast doubt on the prospect of the peaceful reunification of Ireland, saying that a referendum on Irish unity is ‘not even on the horizon’.

Published October 12, 2023

‘Sea Border’ a damp squib

seaborder.jpg Unionism is facing a moment of truth as patience with the DUP’s attempts to block political change has run out.

Published October 5, 2023

Inquests frustrated by erratic access to files

browntopper.jpg Efforts are intensifying to ensure investigations into British war crimes can obtain files still being withheld by the Crown Forces ahead of a cut-off date for conflict investigations.

Published October 5, 2023

Brexit ‘driving acceptance of Irish unity’

bonofarage.jpg U2 lead singer Bono has gained international headlines for comparing moves towards Irish reunification to a marital relationship – and a small frog pond.

Published October 5, 2023

Joint authority between London and Dublin is next step

varadkarsunak.jpg In the north, across the political divide, the general electorate share a belief that they get little to-nothing from having an actual government.

Published October 5, 2023

It really was a Great Escape

greatescape.jpg Forty years ago today, the British establishment was rocked by the biggest prison escape in the history of these islands.

Published September 28, 2023

McDonald, back from surgery, targets unity, housing

mcdonaldback.jpg Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou McDonald has returned to work after having undergone major surgery in late June.

Published September 21, 2023

A ‘new Ireland’ isn’t exclusively a Sinn Féin project

martinmcdonaldvaradkar1200.jpg The southern election will probably be next year, and government partners Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael are under serious pressure.

Published September 21, 2023

Britain’s Big Lie

heatonharris1200.jpg British Direct Ruler Chris Heaton-Harris was accused of delivering “breathtaking fake news” after claiming there is “no alternative” to legislation which includes a full amnesty for British war crimes in the north of Ireland.

Published September 14, 2023

Defend human rights

justiceformajella.jpg The Dublin government has been urged not to delay a legal challenge against Britain’s ‘Bill of Shame’ after the massive legal cover-up passed its final hurdle at Westminster on Wednesday.

Published September 7, 2023

John Joe McGirl – an unbreakable Fenian

johnjoemcgirl1200.jpg In the course of almost 60 years of activism I have been very lucky to meet many wonderful, committed, compassionate republicans. On Saturday, in Ballinamore in County Leitrim, Republicans from Leitrim and beyond gathered to celebrate the life of one of these – John Joe McGirl.

Published September 7, 2023

The push factors toward a United Ireland

frankgibneymap.jpg I came across a striking image this week. Shared by Dr Patrick Bresnihan, it depicted urban planner Frank Gibney’s 1942 vision for a United Ireland.

Published September 7, 2023

‘A new dawn is breaking’

hscommemcork.jpg Thousands gathered on Grand Parade in Cork to commemorate Irish republican hunger strikers at Sinn Féin’s 42nd annual Hunger Strike Commemoration, which was addressed by the North’s First Minister-designate, Michelle O’Neill.

Published August 31, 2023