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Sinn Féin’s European election candidate in the Six Counties, Martina Anderson, clashed with hardline unionist Jim Allister on live television as campaigning for the European elections to be held across Ireland reached a climax.

Published May 18, 2019

‘We made history in a small but significant way’

mccloskeyelected.jpg With days to go before its first local election in the 26 Counties, Aontú’s first elected councillor, Dr Anne McCloskey, looks at a critical point in the establishment of Ireland’s newest republican political party.

Published May 18, 2019

‘New progressive society emerging’ - SF

mcdonaldle19.jpg Counting has been completed in the local elections in the north, with Sinn Féin picking up last minute gains on Belfast City Council.

Published May 4, 2019

Unionist hardliners count the cost

alliancevictory.jpg A second day of counting in the local elections has confirmed that the traditional unionist vote is well down across the Six Counties, while the moderate Alliance Party are the main beneficiaries of the election.

Published May 4, 2019

The troubling case of Julian Assange

assangearrest.jpg Julian Assange continues to ripple and roam as a cipher through the political and media scape of the world. Detained in Belmarsh maximum security prison, the sort of stately abode only reserved for the most dangerous of criminals, many with indeterminate sentences, he electrifies and concerns.

Published May 4, 2019

The final days of Bobby Sands

sandscoma.jpg A contemporaneous account of the last-ditch efforts to save the life of IRA hunger striker Bobby Sands, who died this week 38 years ago.

Published May 4, 2019

Local elections - Voters seek out new political territory

countle19.jpg A strong performance by the Alliance Party and the Greens is one of the major trends of the local elections in the Six Counties, according to first results this Friday. The overall unionist vote is down, thanks to a poor performance by fringe unionist groups, while on the nationalist side, independent republicans and newcomers Aontú have made a significant breakthrough.

Published May 3, 2019

Turnout holds up in local elections

le19.jpg Voting has closed in local elections in the Six Counties after a quiet campaign which was overshadowed by non-local issues, mainly the crisis over Brexit, the political stalemate, and recent rioting in Derry.

Published May 2, 2019

Talks announced after funeral priest blasts politicians

mckeefuneral.jpg Political leaders in the North and the Dublin and London governments have been publicly humiliated by an angry condemnation from the pulpit at the funeral of journalist Lyra McKee, who died during a riot in Derry last week.

Published April 27, 2019

Scotland ‘should have independence vote by 2021’

sturgeonholyrood.jpg Scottish voters should be given the opportunity to vote again on independence before the next elections to the Edinburgh parliament in 2021, Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, has said.

Published April 27, 2019

‘It looks bad’ - DUP candidate wears literal UDA t-shirt

udadupmeet.jpg A DUP council candidate has denied being a supporter of the loyalist paramilitary UDA, despite attending an event glorifying the paramilitary gang and wearing a t-shirt branded with the UDA logo.

Published April 27, 2019

Easter statements 2019

dromboesf2019.jpg A round-up of the main Easter statements, messages and orations delivered by republican groups to mark the anniversary of the Easter Rising.

Published April 27, 2019

Landmark battle on the cards for European Parliament election

eastwoodanderson.jpg The election to the European Parliament in the North of Ireland on May 23 could be a historic one if two out of three seats are won by nationalists.

Published April 20, 2019

DUP boasts support of drug-dealing gangster

dupofficer.jpg The DUP in north Belfast has won the competition for the most outrageous pre-election news story after it emerged that their candidates’ nomination papers have been signed by a convicted cocaine dealer, as well as another infamous loyalist convicted of driving at speed into a crowd of nationalists.

Published April 13, 2019

Brexit deadline pushed out to October 31

brexiteuleaders.jpg European Union leaders have agreed to a request by British Prime Minister Theresa May for an extension to the Brexit date. They have agreed to a ‘flexible’ extension to October 31, subject to certain conditions, including one which calls for elections to the European Parliament to take place in Britain and the north of Ireland next month.

Published April 11, 2019

Irish are ‘second class citizens’ in new GFA breach


The British government has provoked anger after it said Irish citizens born in the north of Ireland cannot vote in a unity border poll or any other referendum under British law, and cannot have the same rights as other EU citizens.

Published April 6, 2019

Petition to boycott Israel’s ‘cultural whitewash’

eurovisionprotest.jpg Protests have been taking place to convince Irish state broadcaster RTÉ to withdraw from this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Israel over its attacks against the Palestinian people.

Published April 6, 2019

A referendum on unity is coming

unityref.jpg The fiasco that is Brexit, and the Tory and DUP shambles of a response to it, have together opened up a willingness for a real and meaningful conversation on Unity.

Published April 6, 2019

Standing up to the Fascists

bcab1903.jpg The people of the border communities in Ireland are today demonstrating against the demands of the unionist far right as Britain moves closer to a crash exit from the European Union and a remilitarisation of the border area across Ireland from April 12.

Published March 30, 2019

Harassment of republicans directed at political activity

bug1903.jpg A member of Republican Network for Unity discovered a sophisticated GPS tracking and recording device hidden within his car earlier this week. The discovery triggered a violent early morning raid on his home by armed Garda police.

Published March 30, 2019