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Plan for ‘agreed Ireland’ needed before poll - Adams

gerryadamsnewhair.jpg Former Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams has called for greater planning and an accommodation with unionists ahead of a referendum on Irish unity which he says he is confident will take place.

Published June 8, 2019

Talks uncertainty as language issue raised

dreamdeargstormont.jpg Sinn Féin has said it wants to focus attention on the rights of Irish language speakers at multi-party talks in Belfast which the two governments have said are due to intensify next week.

Published June 1, 2019

Election could provide catalyst for change

mcdonaldcount.jpg The elections last weekend are being seen to have had major implications for politics in Ireland and Britain, not least for Sinn Féin.

Published June 1, 2019

Carthy returned in election count drama

carthywinsep2019.jpg Sinn Féin’s Matt Carthy has been elected to the European Parliament in the last count in Midlands/North/West (MNW) tonight, although the party faces a recount to hold on to Liadh Ní Riada’s seat in Ireland South.

Published May 29, 2019

Down to the wire in the European election

niriadamcdonald.jpg Counting has been suspended in Dublin amid a legal dispute over procedure and the technical order of victory of the successful candidates following the elimination of Sinn Féin’s Lynn Boylan.

Published May 28, 2019

Mixed fortunes for Sinn Féin as counting continues

andersonwins.jpg Counting is taking place in elections in the North and South of Ireland today, with Martina Anderson’s performance in the Six Counties a highlight for Sinn Fein.

Published May 27, 2019

Talk of snap general election as votes are counted

ryanmartin.jpg There is growing speculation of a general election in the 26 Counties later this year after Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin appeared open to forming a coalition with the Green Party following Friday’s local elections.

Published May 26, 2019

Sinn Féin’s McDonald expects losses

mcdonaldrds.jpg Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou McDonald has conceded that her party will suffer some losses in the local elections, but she said: ‘Beidh lá eile againn’ [We will have another day].

Published May 25, 2019

May leaves behind a trail of failure

mayout.jpg Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou McDonald has warned that the resignation of the British Prime Minister and the Tory leadership contest should not distract from the threats posed by Brexit or derail efforts to restore the Six County Assembly at Stormont.

Published May 25, 2019

Security circus expected as Trump visit is confirmed

trumpss.jpg Donald Trump is expected to face unprecedented security and protests when he flies into Shannon Airport in the west of Ireland on June 5th. A state visit by the US President was finally confirmed this week.

Published May 25, 2019

The numbers game

seamusmallon.jpg Former Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams responds to a call by former SDLP Deputy Leader Seamus Mallon that the Good Friday Agreement should be rewritten and a United Ireland should now be contingent on the agreement of a majority of Unionists.

Published May 25, 2019

Green Party set to make gains in 26 Counties - exit poll

electionle19.jpg An official RTE-TG4-Red C exit poll following today’s 26 County elections at 10pm tonight predicted Sinn Féin is in a battle to hold onto its three seats in the European Parliament, while the Green party is in surprise contention to win up to three seats.

Published May 24, 2019

Theresa May to quit

mayquits.jpg Theresa May will step down as leader of the British Conservative Party on 7 June and will remain in office as British Prime Minister until her successor is selected, she announced today.

Published May 24, 2019

Trouble as voting takes place in historic Euro election

derrydevice.jpg Rioting took place in Derry on Thursday night as polls closed in the election to the European Parliament and as British Prime Minister Theresa May was said to be preparing to announce her resignation over the collapse of support for her party.

Published May 24, 2019

Sinn Féin’s John Finucane elected Mayor of Belfast

mayorfinucane.jpg Sinn Féin’s John Finucane, son of assassinated defence lawyer Pat Finucance, has been elected as mayor of Belfast.

Published May 21, 2019

Euro election could make history

allisteranderson.jpg Sinn Féin’s European election candidate in the Six Counties, Martina Anderson, clashed with hardline unionist Jim Allister on live television as campaigning for the European elections to be held across Ireland reached a climax.

Published May 18, 2019

‘We made history in a small but significant way’

mccloskeyelected.jpg With days to go before its first local election in the 26 Counties, Aontú’s first elected councillor, Dr Anne McCloskey, looks at a critical point in the establishment of Ireland’s newest republican political party.

Published May 18, 2019

‘New progressive society emerging’ - SF

mcdonaldle19.jpg Counting has been completed in the local elections in the north, with Sinn Féin picking up last minute gains on Belfast City Council.

Published May 4, 2019

Unionist hardliners count the cost

alliancevictory.jpg A second day of counting in the local elections has confirmed that the traditional unionist vote is well down across the Six Counties, while the moderate Alliance Party are the main beneficiaries of the election.

Published May 4, 2019

The troubling case of Julian Assange

assangearrest.jpg Julian Assange continues to ripple and roam as a cipher through the political and media scape of the world. Detained in Belmarsh maximum security prison, the sort of stately abode only reserved for the most dangerous of criminals, many with indeterminate sentences, he electrifies and concerns.

Published May 4, 2019