January 30, 2010

Progress reported as talks suspended

Negotiations on the implementation of the St Andrews Agreement have ended tonight without agreement, but are due to continue on Monday. The six days of talks represent the longest period of sustained negotiations since the peace process began in the 1990s.

Sinn Fein sees ‘responsibility to be honest’

The chances of an imminent deal to break the political stalemate in the north have receded tonight as negotiations continued despite the passage of a deadline set by the Dublin and London governments.

January 29, 2010

SF leadership meet to discuss talks position

Sinn Fein has announced that its negotiating team had left the talks to attend a meeting of party colleagues, as the deadline for reaching a deal on the devolution of policing and justice looms.

January 28, 2010

‘It’s not over yet’ - Adams

plenarytalks.jpg Transferring policing and justice powers from the London government to the Belfast administration cannot be held hostage to unionist demands on contentious sectarian parades, Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams warned today.

Concern Tories could seize Bloody Sunday report

bloodysundaymarch.jpg The Bloody Sunday families are concerned that the Saville report on the 1972 British Army massacre in Derry may be further delayed.

Court hears of brutal murder of teenage boy

thomasdevlin.jpg The mother of a murdered Catholic teenager wept in court last week as a pathologist told a court the full extent of the horrific sectarian attack which killed her son in north Belfast five years ago.

‘Real IRA’ claim over Cork drug dealer

riracork.jpg A claim has been made in the name of the breakaway ‘Real IRA’ that it killed a ganglord in Cork city in the south of Ireland.

Ballymurphy group ‘dismissed’ by Victims Commission

ballymurpymural.jpg Families campaigning for an independent investigation into the killing of 11 relatives in west Belfast in the aftermath of internment walked out of meeting with the victims commissioners after feeling insulted.

Scores of 26-County soldiers sent to Afghanistan

irisharmy.jpg In a reply to a question in the Dublin parliament, the Minister for Defence Willie O’Dea has admitted that he has sent over a hundred soldiers from the 26-County Army to serve with NATO in Afghanistan.

Unionists now puppets in Cameron’s political game

puppetmaster.jpg Unionists never learn do they?

DUP puts party before peace process

duptalks.jpg It is not easy being a democrat because you have to accept the will of the people at an election even when you do not like the result.

January 27, 2010

Sinn Fein dismay amid talks recriminations

Sinn Fein said it was “deeply disappointed” with the outcome of the talks at Hillsborough Castle and blamed DUP demands for a concession on contentious sectarian parades for blocking an agreement.

PMs quit talks; Brown demands deal by Friday

A deal in the Hillsborough talks to save the North’s power-sharing government is unlikely today following a decision by the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and 26-County Taoiseach Brian Cowen to leave the talks.

Progress reported in talks marathon

A draft document presented by Dublin and London officials at the multi-party negotiations in Belfast could yet lead to a breakthrough deal and the preservation of the North’s powersharing administration, it has emerged.

January 26, 2010

DUP claims crisis ‘contrived’ as talks continue

The Taoiseach Brian Cowen and the British Prime Minister held emergency talks with Sinn Fein and the DUP into the early hours of this morning but there were no signs of a breakthrough in the three-year-old stalemate.

January 25, 2010

Now or never

critical.jpg Martin McGuinness has said Sinn Fein has fulfilled its obligations in government and is now insisting unionists and the two government do the same to avoid a political crisis.

PSNI man arrested over Loughinisland massacre

loughinisland.jpg A member of the PSNI was suspended on Friday over allegations that he protected the UVF murder gang who carried out the Loughinisland massacre.

Gun attack in south Armagh

gundamage.jpg Crossmaglen PSNI base in south Armagh was last night targeted in a gun attack for the second time in less than a month. At about 9.30pm a car pulled up at the gates, two people fired shots at the station and fled. There were no injuries.

SF calls on PSNI to end informer pressure

mi5.jpg Sinn Fein has backed the case of a Derry republican who complained that British intelligence agencies had been “relentless” in their efforts to recruit him as an informer.

Anger at Cameron’s ‘Orange Card’

orangecard.jpg The British Conservative Party has been accused of engaging in sectarianism over its secret talks with the UUP and the DUP.

Waterford plant closes for last time

waterfordcrystal.jpg Hundreds of people came to pay their final respects to the Waterford Crystal visitors’ centre at Kilbarry in Waterford yesterday as it closed its doors for the final time.

Bloody Sunday - the struggle continues

bloodysunday2.jpg As many victims of miscarriages of justice will testify, admissions of guilt by Britain take a long time to come to pass.

Ruling greeted by the sound of silence

echr.jpg The British government contemptuously announced after the Strasbourg judgment that the discredited and unlawful Section 44 powers will remain in use.

‘Critical’ talks taking place today

DUP leader Peter Robinson and Sinn Fein’s Martin McGuinness are holding a crucial meeting in Belfast today that could determine whether the Northern Executive and Assembly can be saved from collapse.

January 23, 2010

‘Critical’ meeting planned between Sinn Fein and DUP

Sinn Fein’s Martin McGuinness is to seek a ‘defining’ meeting with DUP leader Peter Robinson over the deadlock in the peace process.

January 22, 2010

No agreement with DUP

Talks on saving the North’s power-sharing government have ended without agreement, Sinn Fein said today.

January 21, 2010

Pan-unionist front

empeycameronrobinson.jpg Secret talks have been taking place between the DUP, Ulster Unionist Party and the British Conservatives which could bolster unionist domination in the north of Ireland for generations to come, it has emerged.

Recriminations continue in abuse controversy

adamsmcguinness.jpg Sinn Fein Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness has voiced his support for party president Gerry Adams who is facing criticism over how he dealt with child sex abuse allegations against his brother Liam.

McCafferty appeals to London Supreme Court

terrymccafferty.jpg A Belfast man jailed following claims by British intelligence agencies that he is a Real IRA leader is to take his legal challenge to Britain’s highest court.

Final salute for Derry republican

volleygallagher.jpg A volley of shots was fired over the coffin of a republican in Derry on Tuesday evening.

Returned emigrants refused welfare payments

socialwelfarelogo.jpg A record number of Irish citizens were refused social welfare payments by the 26-County administration last year because they failed to satisfy increasingly bureaucratic residency requirements.

Govt to ‘whitewash’ banking collapse

whitewash.jpg The Dublin government’s decision on holding a semi-secret commission of inquiry into the banking crisis has been condemned by the 26-County opposition as a “whitewash”.

Inquiry must look at role of politics

banks.jpg Before deciding what form an inquiry should take, we must define what exactly we need to know.

Time for abuse inquiry

abuse.jpg The Stormont administration needs to exercise its responsibility for protection of children and young people.

January 18, 2010

Historic handshake

handshakegeneral.jpg The DUP leader Peter Robinson has revealed that he has shaken hands with Sinn Fein’s Martin McGuinness and suggested that he could be reinstated as First Minister within two weeks.

Councillor suspended as abuse controversy continues

haiti.jpg Councillor Briege Meehan has been suspended from Sinn Fein after being questioned by the PSNI over allegations of abusing her stepdaughter, it has emerged.

Bomb attack on GAA athletes

stcomgalls.jpg Loyalists are being blamed for a bomb attack at a community centre where a Gaelic sports team was training.

Republican wins right to challenge trial without jury

brianarthurs.jpg County Tyrone republican Brian Arthurs has won High Court permission to challenge a decision to hold his forthcoming criminal trial without a jury.

Secret banking inquiry plan slammed

cowengormley.jpg A row has erupted in the Dublin coalition government after Fianna Fail argued that an inquiry into the crisis in Irish banks should be held partially in private to avoid controversial or embarrassing details emerging into the public domain.

Dublin govt acts on Haiti

irishaid.jpg Irish President Mary McAleese has told Haiti’s head of state that Ireland is praying for his country as the Dublin government prepared to send a team of specialists to the earthquake hit region.

Response to Sunday Tribune

adams.jpg Gerry Adams replies to allegations published by Suzanne Breen and the Sunday Tribune newspaper.

Robinson now a prisoner

dupexecutive.jpg Peter Robinson is now the prisoner of his party’s hardliners. They are keeping him in custody until they can agree a method of disposing of his political carcass.

January 16, 2010

Pressure mounts on negotiations

The Democratic Unionist Party and Sinn Fein have resumed talks at Stormont Castle today after progress was reported yesterday in the attempt to break the deadlock on the transfer of policing and justice powers in the north of Ireland from London to Belfast.

January 14, 2010

Process fights back

cowenbrown.jpg 26-County Taoiseach Brian Cowen and British prime minister Gordon Brown declared “early completion” of the devolution of policing and justice powers to the North is achievable despite the turmoil within unionism over the Iris Robinson affair.

Ireland responds to Haiti devastation

haiti.jpg Irish relief agencies have joined international appeals for donations to help victims of the Haiti earthquake as the country grapples with shocking scenes and a potential six figure death toll.

Robinson’s future unclear

peterrobinson.jpg Castlereagh Borough Council has confirmed its plans to initiate its own investigation into the Iris Robinson affair.

Arbitrary detentions illegal, says human rights court

section44.jpg The European Court of Human Rights yesterday [Wednesday] ruled that British police powers to stop and search people without grounds for suspicion are illegal.

Omagh bomb retrial begins

omaghbomb.jpg The retrial of county Louth man Colm Murphy over the 1998 Omagh bomb has begun at the Special Criminal Court in Dublin.

Raytheon ships out

raytheon.jpg Raytheon, the controversial international arms manufacturer, is to leave Derry and close its operations plant there, it was announced on Wednesday.

The UDA and the pay-off

udaguns.jpg The basis of the UDA decommissioning settlement was set out back in 2007.

Abuse of political power is real issue

peterrobinsonshook.jpg Peter Robinson performed a sleight of hand trick brilliantly last week.

January 11, 2010

Scandal overwhelms Stormont

stormontscandal.jpg The Belfast Assembly at Stormont was in disarray today as the DUP leader Peter Robinson stepped down temporarily as First Minister following revelations of an affair between his wife Iris, and a 19-year-old youth.

PSNI man injured in attack

onh.jpg An armed republican group has claimed responsibility for an attack in which a member of the PSNI police was seriously injured.

Sinn Fein’s problems in Dublin mount

killianforde.jpg A third Sinn Fein councillor in Dublin has quit the party.

Adams ‘unaware’ of brother’s activities

liamadams.jpg Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams has said that his brother, Liam, should never have been a member of the party. Liam Adams is wanted by the PSNI over claims that he sexually abused his daughter.

British helicopter overflights increase

helicopter.jpg Complaints about helicopter overflights in the North of Ireland increased by 46% during the last year, British officials have admitted.

Fianna Fail ‘afraid’ of banks inquiry

banks.jpg Fianna Fail has been accused of being “afraid” to hold an inquiry into the banking crisis.

Liam Mellows’s escape

liammellows.jpg How Liam Mellows escaped from exile in England to return to Ireland in time for the 1916 Rising.

Power-sharing in North now hanging by a thread

iriskirk.jpg It is very tempting to ridicule the extraordinary state of affairs that has crashed down on the Robinson family.

Arlene Foster ‘to step in’ as First Minister

The DUP leader and Six-County First Minister Peter Robinson, battling for his political life following a lurid scandal centring on an extra-marital affair by his wife, has requested that party colleague Arlene Foster temporarily exercise the functions of the office of First Minister.

January 8, 2010

Strange family Robinson

peteririsrobinson.jpg An unprecendented scandal has embroiled the DUP leader Peter Robinson, and his wife, Iris, who has admitted having an extra-marital affair with a teenage youth.

Larger UDA group has ‘fully decommissioned’

udaguns.jpg The mainstream unionist paramilitary UDA has claimed that it has decommissioned all weapons under its control.

Liam Adams controversy continues

mcguinnessliamadams.jpg Gerry Adams was under fresh pressure this week after a Sunday newspaper claimed his suspected paedophile brother was Sinn Féin’s most senior official in County Louth.

Details emerge of British torture techniques

waterboarding.jpg Confirmation that the British Army tortured prisoners in Ireland during interrogations in the 1970s is emerging after one of the victims launched an appeal against his conflict-related conviction.

Activists in battle at Gaza border crossing

gazaconvoyriot.jpg Clashes erupted on the Gaza side of the Egyptian-Gaza border this week as more than 500 activists of the ‘Viva Palestina’ aid convoy on the Egyptian side of the frontier sought entry into the Gaza Strip.

Sinn Féin frustration at talks without talks

stormontstatue.jpg Talks to resolve the policing and justice dispute between the DUP and Sinn Féin have broken down once again.

Government frozen in inaction

icyroad.jpg The Dublin government has been accused of being in “disarray” with its poor response to the prolonged winter freeze.

Partition argument central

partition.jpg There has never been a time in the history of Irish republicanism when republicans were not faced with challenges in terms of bringing about an independent and a united Ireland.

January 2, 2010

British fury over IRA attacks

thatcherlynch.jpg British diplomats complained bitterly in secret about the lack of security provided by the 26-County authorities for British admiral, ‘Lord’ Mountbatten, following his assassination by the IRA, historical papers have revealed.

SDLP on Dublin’s payroll

johnhumeold.jpg The Dublin government secretly paid senior SDLP politicians expenses and “civil service mileage” during the 1970s, 26-County State papers show.

Gun attack on PSNI base

gundamage.jpg There was renewed activity by republican militants in south Armagh over the Christmas period.

Adams urged to resign from Sands trust

bobbysandsdrawing.jpg A former republican hunger striker has called on Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams to step down from the Bobby Sands Trust in light of recent allegations surrounding his suspected paedophile brother.

Iris Robinson quits politics

irisrobinson.jpg Iris Robinson, the DUP MP whose husband Peter is party leader and First Minister, has announced she is withdrawing from public life as a result of mental illness.

New Year statements

2010.jpg The annual New Year statements issued by the main nationalist and republican organisations

1979 papers

secret.jpg A review of the declassified documents released in Dublin, London and Belfast under the 30 years rule.

Still waiting for the new beginning

anewbeginning.jpg It is clear that we are still waiting for the new beginning to policing and justice that was promised.

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