September 28, 2009

O Bradaigh steps down

ruairiobradaigh2.jpg The President of Republican Sinn Fein, Ruairi O Bradaigh has stepped down from the post “for reasons of age and health”. He will continue as a member of the party’s leadership and is expected to move to the position of patron of the party.

Bureaucrats spending millions on ‘Yes’ vote

euigi.jpg Anti-Lisbon campaigner Patricia McKenna has threatened the European Commission with legal action over what she claims is a “propaganda campaign” over the Lisbon Treaty.

McGuinness played role in hunger strike tragedy

martinmcguinness.jpg Sinn Fein’s Martin McGuinness has revealed that he was a conduit for an offer from the British government to the 1981 hunger strikers.

Gormley gives hostage to fortune

johngormley.jpg The Green Party could collapse the deeply unpopular 26-County government unless party members back two key motions at the party’s convention on October 10, it has been confirmed.

Call for all-Ireland plan on banks crisis

namaprotest.jpg An all-Ireland economic summit must be held to find an alternative to the controversial plans to establish a ‘bad bank’ to handle toxic debt south of the border, Sinn Fein said today.

Irish ships are sailing once again

airplane.jpg The 26 County state is suffering net emigration for the first time since 1995.

The Lisbon Treaty is unchanged

lisboncover.jpg On Friday you have an opportunity to shape the future of Europe. The question you have to ask yourself is whether the Lisbon Treaty is a good deal for Ireland and whether it takes the European Union in the direction you want it to go

Stature of ten men unassailed

blanketman.jpg Out of the five demands the only thing the British were offering to the hunger strikers after four men had died was that they could wear ordinary clothes, “provided these clothes were approved by the prison authorities.”

September 24, 2009

Freedom: one week left?

lisbonflag.jpg The Lisbon Treaty referendum campaign continues to expose a gulf of opinion between the people of Ireland and the wealthy elites.

Major PSNI operation for new chief’s arrival

mattbaggott.jpg A major military-style operation similar to that mounted for royal visits swung into action this week as Matt Baggott officially took over as the new PSNI chief.

Anger over new Bloody Sunday delay

bloodysunday2.jpg The Bloody Sunday families have described the latest delay in the publication of the Saville report into the 1972 deaths as a “kick in the teeth”.

Republican confrontation at DPP meeting

dppderry.jpg Up to 50 republicans forced their way into a public meeting of the local District Policing Partnership in Derry on Wednesday morning

‘Wake up and smell the coffee’ - DUP

dupexecutive.jpg A prolonged contradiction has arisen in talks over the proposed devolution of policing and justice powers from London to Belfast, with the DUP continuing to deny Sinn Fein claims that progress is being made in the talks.

Fas directors are ‘scapegoats’

fas.jpg A prosecution is being prepared into the “worthless” expenditures of State training agency Fas as questions are being asked about a seven figure payment made by the Dublin government to its former director general last year.

Lisbon hides ticking time bomb of EU defence body

euarmy.jpg The Lisbon Treaty proposes to incorporate the European Defence Agency within the institutional structure of the European Union.

New SDLP leader must heal division with Sinn Fein

sdlpsf.jpg There is only one certainty to emerge from several days of media interviews with Mark Durkan about his leadership of the SDLP and that is he does not want to continue to lead the party.

September 21, 2009

Armagh mayhem follows sentencing

vanroadclosed.jpg Three days of serious disorder erupted in north county Armagh at the weekend after three members of the Continuity IRA received heavy sentences for possession of a homemade rocket launcher.

Durkan ‘jumped rather than be pushed’

markdurkan.jpg SDLP leader Mark Durkan was forced to announce his intention to step down yesterday by colleagues who made it apparent that the knives were out for him, it has emerged.

Shivers bailed from Maghaberry ‘death sentence’

brianshivers2.jpg Brian Shivers, who suffers from cystic fibrosis, was granted bail on Friday after a judge heard prison authorities had failed to provide essential medical treatment for him.

Developers celebrate windfall as families queue for food

puertobanus.jpg Ireland’s multi-millionaire developers were this week toasting the Dublin government’s bailout of the Irish real estate market in the Spanish playground resort of Puerto Banus, according to newspaper reports.

Barroso mounts Lisbon PR stunt

josebarroso.jpg The European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso kissed babies and pressed the flesh in an Irish-style political canvas, hours after threatening serious repercussions for Ireland if the Lisbon Treaty is not approved in the October 2 referendum.

Secrets of Royal Black Institution revealed

rbplogo.jpg Loyalist secret societies have “cultivated hatred and sectarianism” and should be disbanded, according to the author of a new book on the Royal Black Institution.

The surrender of our fishing waters: A continental coup

fishingboat.jpg It is worth remembering when vested intersts remind you yet again of the structural funds we received from the European Union what we ourselves as a nation have given to the EU. Namely, our entire fishing waters, which was the admission price for entry.

A plank in the DUP election platform

duplogo.jpg Peter Robinson made a speech last week calling for decisions to be taken by a weighted-majority vote in Stormont.

September 20, 2009

SDLP leader Durkan to step down

SDLP leader Mark Durkan has said he intends to stand aside as party leader after the next Westminster general election, which is expected around May next year.

September 17, 2009

The sorry saga of Shell

shellhell.jpg Maura Harrington is a spokesperson for the Shell to Sea campaign, from County Mayo, who has now been jailed four times for her opposition to the Shell Corrib gas project in north Mayo. Here she looks back at a decade of resistance by the local community and its supporters against an unwanted, dangerous and apparently corrupt exploitation of a sensitive environment.

NAMA: The big lie

lenihan.jpg The 26 County Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan has confirmed a bailout measuring in tens of billions of Euro for Irish developers, property speculators and their bankers.

Humanitarian appeal for Brian Shivers

brianshivers.jpg A man currently being held on remand at Maghaberry jail on the basis of controversial ‘low copy’ or ‘low threshold’ DNA evidence could be dead by the time he is cleared of charges, his lawyer has said.

Coroner gives shoot-to-kill ultimatum

shoottokill.jpg The PSNI has been given seven weeks to hand over top-secret reports into the deaths of six men shot dead in Crown force shoot-to-kill operations.

Pro-Lisbon side ‘using economic fears’

lisbonpostersf.jpg The main political parties are using the current economic crisis to scare people into supporting the Lisbon Treaty, Sinn Féin’s Dáil leader Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin has said.

Protest against British Army recuitment

eirigibarmy.jpg A British Army recruitment event in Belfast city centre was disrupted on Saturday, September 12 after éirígí activists staged a demonstration.

Devolution talks go on

mcguinnessrobinsonchuckle.jpg Sinn Fein’s Martin McGuinness has insisted that the North’s political parties have reached “the end game” in negotiating a financial package with the British government on the transfer of policing and justice powers from London to Belfast.

Might Sinn Fein merge with Labour?

laboursf.jpg Gerry Adams would be well advised to seek a much closer formal alliance with the Irish Labour Party rather than move away from Left politics.

September 16, 2009

Scale of NAMA bailout revealed

The 26-County Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan has revealed the extent of the highly controversial bailout to be provided to the main Irish banks following heavy losses by Irish developers in the property markets.

September 14, 2009

Collusion behind Loughinisland

loughinisland.jpg A report into the RUC police’s handling of one of the major loyalist massacres of the conflict is expected to reveal that four British Crown force agents were aware that unionist paramilitaries were planning the atrocity.

Following the FAS money trail

fas.jpg There have been calls for a criminal investigation into the actions of the board of directors of FAS, the 26 County state training agency, who are to resign en masse over their questionable spending practices.

Policing tensions spill over in Derry

riragraffiti.jpg Two devices were planted by the ‘Real IRA’ outside the homes of relatives of a Catholic PSNI member in Derry on Friday.

Flanagan ‘blamed Hamill family for death’

ronnieflanagan.jpg The Robert Hamill inquiry has heard that former RUC/PSNI police chief Ronnie Flanagan claimed that the Portadown man may have been accidentally killed by his own family.

People to pay for my mistakes, Cowen admits

cowenconfused.jpg The Taoiseach Brian Cowen has accepted that he had “not got everything right” on managing the country’s finances, adding that the Irish people will endure further “short-term pain” to help balance the budget.

Call for truth over loyalist weapons

udaguns.jpg Two Belfast families whose lives changed forever after their loved ones were gunned down by weapons obtained by a British agent in South Africa have called on the government to tell the truth about their role in the murders.

Time for the transfer of powers

stormontstatue.jpg Policing has again reached a critical juncture but with a fresh opportunity to accelerate the process of change.

The true cost of violence in Ireland

britishlegion.jpg They talk about the violence of the past 40 years - as if what people suffered in Ireland’s northeast before the 1960s was not violence.

September 10, 2009

Bomb warning ignored

roadside.jpg Civilians in Forkhill, south Armagh have expressed their anger after an abandoned bomb was left in a culvert on the border for over a week.

No respect for Nama ‘lipstick’

namaodds.jpg Amendments have been made to the proposed legislation establishing the National Asset Management Agency (Nama) to help the Green Party leadership get support for the plan at their special conference of members this weekend.

Arms body done with UVF, holds talks with UDA

johndechastelain.jpg The IICD arms body under General John de Chastelain has said in a statement that it believes that the arms decommissioned in June by the unionist paramilitary UVF is all that remained under the control of that organisation’s leadership, and that UVF decommissioning has ended.

DUP ‘seeking new renegotiation’

peterrobinson.jpg Nationalists have warned that unionists are seeking a new political agreement for the North of Ireland in return for the transfer of policing and justice powers from London to Belfast.

Bogside gates cut down

fahanst.jpg Angle grinders and saws were used to cut down so-called “peace gates” in Derry’s Bogside on Tuesday.

Prosecutors back decision on McGuinness charges

mcguinnessgun.jpg Crown prosecutors have said that Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness was not charged with membership of the IRA in 1994 because there was not enough evidence.

Stand together for our own good

unitedirelandribbon.jpg Nationalists and republicans should have a united policy about one most important issue: Our right to make our own political, economic and cultural decisions.

A message to the elites

lisbonposterwsm.jpg There are plenty of good reasons to vote ‘No’, again, on Lisbon - far more than there are reasons to vote ‘Yes’.

September 7, 2009

Victims caught in oil game

brownandgaddafi.jpg The issue of compensation for victims of the conflict in Ireland has become enmeshed in a political row over Anglo-Libyan relations and oil deals believed to be worth billions.

A tax plan for the rich

commissionontaxation.jpg A Commission on Taxation has recommended the taxation of child benefit and water charges as part of a reform package of the 26-County taxation system.

UDA victim attacked again

damienfleming.jpg A Coleraine man was set upon by loyalists on Wednesday night just yards from the spot where he was left for dead in a previous UDA attack which killed his friend, Kevin McDaid, in May.

Covert SAS operation in Tyrone

sas.jpg A Dungannon man has told how he returned home on Thursday to find two armed individuals dressed in fatigues with their faces blacked out running up a field behind his house.

Nama ‘legalised corruption’

corruption.jpg Sinn Fein has vowed to systematically disrupt the business of the Dublin parliament to prevent passage of the bill setting up the National Assets Management Agency.

Irish neutrality’s last stand

irisharmy.jpg A conference held at Shannon airport on Saturday heard repeated calls to prevent major corporations from spending over a million Euro on promoting a ‘Yes’ vote in the Lisbon Treaty referendum.

The killing of Loughlin Maginn

loughlinmaginn.jpg The killing of Loughlin Maginn was to spark a chain reaction of events that would finally lift the lid on Crown force collusion.

Three good reasons to spurn Lisbon once again

lisbon2.jpg The deceivers and manipulators are out again.

September 3, 2009

Scotland’s bid for freedom

saltire.jpg The Scottish government outlined plans today [Thursday] to hold a referendum on independence for Scotland next year.

Blame game follows east Belfast riot

mountpottinger.jpg The PSNI has been strongly criticised for its actions during a major riot in east Belfast following a Sinn Fein rally.

Decline in support for Fianna Fail, Lisbon II

govtpoll.jpg The Green Party has admitted that a snap election may have to be held within the next six months following a sharp decline in support for the 26 County government and the Lisbon II Treaty referendum.

UDA threats widen

udaletter.jpg The UDA has stepped up a campaign of intimidation in the north Antrim, sending threatening letters to Rasharkin residents and expanding a list of targets in nearby Coleraine.

Hamill inquiry struggles to reach truth

roberthamill.jpg The PSNI chief who led the investigation into the sectarian murder of Robert Hamill claimed the reason he did not record significant evidence in police files was because he was so concerned about the risk of collusion.

More choppers over south Armagh

helicopter.jpg There has been in increase in the number of helicopter patrols in the skies over south Armagh amid a debate over the possibility of a return of British Army foot patrols in the area.

Pro-Lisbon factions get desperate

bollocksposter.jpg With just five weeks to go to the referendum on Lisbon 2, the Yes side grows ever more desperate and its advocates more bizarre.

Baggott’s reputation will quickly be put to the test

mattbaggott.jpg The past, present and future of policing in the six counties emerged unexpectedly in the north’s media last week.

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