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Police Ombudsman complains of workload

The new Police Ombudsman Al Hutchinson has warned that his office is in danger of reaching a “tipping point” because of its heavy workload.

Published April 18, 2008

Welcome for equality-based US investment

A $150m investment package is being provided to the Six Counties from New York and will be subject to the MacBride equality principles.

Published April 18, 2008

Surge of support for Scottish independence

For the first time, independence has taken a lead in an opinion poll on Scotland’s constitutional future.

Published April 18, 2008

Peter Robinson to be next First Minister

The DUP has elected Peter Robinson to succeed Ian Paisley as its new leader and First Minister in the northern Executive.

Published April 14, 2008

Good Friday Agreement marked ‘transition’

Unionists must be persuaded to scrap partition, Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams has said.

Published April 11, 2008

Omagh civil case begins

The Omagh bomb civil action must be public, the judge said during legal discussion this week at the start of the trial.

Published April 11, 2008

No police role for IRA - Adams

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams has said people in west Belfast must “get real” and understand that the Provisional IRA is not going to return to tackle criminality in the area.

Published April 11, 2008

Cowen assumes FF leadership, backs process

Tanaiste Brian Cowen has been elected leader of Fianna Fail unopposed and is set to become 26-County Taoiseach when Bertie Ahern steps down on May 6.

Published April 11, 2008

Appointment of Victims Commission disrupted

Growing tensions between Sinn Féin and the DUP over the proposed appointment of a chief Victims’ Commissioner has caused the passage of a Bill to be unexpectedly postponed.

Published April 11, 2008

Brian Cowen to be next Taoiseach

Brian Cowen will be the next 26-County Taoiseach and leader of Fianna Fail, it was confirmed today.

Published April 5, 2008

Loyalists rampage in Castle Street

A Celtic fan remains seriously ill in hospital after his throat was slashed during a mob loyalist attack on a pub in west central Belfast.

Published April 4, 2008

PSNI ‘alienating nationalists’ - Maskey

A furious row erupted between the PSNI Chief Hugh Orde and Sinn Féin’s Alex Maskey at a public meeting of the policing board on Thursday amid rising fears over a crime wave in nationalist west Belfast.

Published April 4, 2008

Hunger-strike dispute lost in translation

New light has been shed on reported republican reaction to a British offer which might have ended the 1981 hunger strike after four deaths.

Published April 4, 2008

UDA ‘will never go away’, court hears

A guarantee that the unionist paramilitary UDA would not disband was set to be declared before a planned 'show of strength', according to court documents.

Published April 4, 2008

Baby steps for Bill of Rights

A proposed Bill of Rights for the Six Counties was published in Belfast this week despite major public differences by its drafters on its main proposals.

Published April 4, 2008

Bertie Ahern announces resignation as Taoiseach

The Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern, has announced he is resigning as the Prime Minister of the 26 Counties and as the leader of Fianna Fail.

Published April 2, 2008

Riot at Derry Easter commemoration

The PSNI police clashed with republican youths in Derry during what the PSNI described as an “illegal” Easter commemoration at the city cemetery on Monday.

Published March 28, 2008

Ahern under pressure over British currency payments

The 26-County Taoiseach Bertie Ahern has come under serious political pressure from his Coalition partners for the first time since the formation of the current Dublin government.

Published March 28, 2008

Bugging device found

A piece of electronic equipment described as a “sophisticated bugging and tracking device” has been found in the vehicle of one of its Dublin-based members, the 32 County Sovereignty Movement has said.

Published March 28, 2008

Tenth anniversary of Agreement marked

Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness has said Sinn Féin is proud of the role they have played in the course of the negotiations which led to the Good Friday Agreement.

Published March 28, 2008


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