June 27, 2020

Micheál Martin sworn in as Taoiseach

martinaras.jpg President of Ireland Michael D Higgins has officially confirmed Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin as the new 26 County Taoiseach at Áras an Uachtarán this afternoon after he was elected Taoiseach by 93 votes to 63, with three abstentions.

June 26, 2020

A pact among devils

coalitionffgg.jpg Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil and the Green Party have voted overwhelmingly to enter into a three-party coalition in Dublin which they say will “stand up” for Ireland at this time of crisis, but which republicans and socialists believe will only preserve the hegemony of a privileged minority.

Sinn Féin ends opposition to the Special Criminal Court

scc600.jpg For the first time since Sinn Féin entered the Dublin parliament, the party has abstained in a vote on the renewal of the infamous Offences Against the State Act. The legislation, which dates from 1939, facilitates the imprisonment of any individual which the 26 County government believes could pose a threat to ‘state security’ for any reason.

Loyalists terrorising kids in north Belfast

grovepark.jpg Children are being singled out for abuse and intimidation by loyalists in north Belfast if they are perceived to be nationalist or Catholic.

Adams pays tribute as ‘Big Bobby’ returns to Belfast

storeyfuneral1.jpg Former Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams has released a personal tribute to the former political prisoner and former party chairman Bobby Storey following his death at the age of 64.

Statue of Irish war hero vandalised

seanrussellpaint.jpg The National Graves Association (NGA) has praised an outpouring of concern by the public following an attack on a monument in Dublin in honour of former IRA Chief of Staff Sean Russell.

Signs of change in Belfast

lasairsigns.jpg Signs honouring deceased republicans including Maire Drumm, Bobby Sands and 1916 Rising leader James Connolly were erected around Belfast this week as part of what organisers Lasair Dhearg say is a campaign to highlight British State colonialism, and historic figures associated with it, in Ireland.

Stop the extradition of Liam Campbell

liamcampbell600.jpg A High Court judge has said that she will order the extradition of 58-year-old Dundalk man, Liam Campbell, to Lithuania for Real IRA arms offences allegedly committed there 14 years ago. After a process which has taken 12 years, the order is to be officially delivered on July 13. The following is an analysis of the latest bid to extradite him by Cait Trainor (damnyourconcessions.com)

Ireland can help save Palestine

palestinemaps.jpg Pressure is growing for Ireland to act against a new plan by Israel to further annex and re-partition Palestine. The 26 County state won a seat on the influential United Nations Security Council last week, but at the cost of its planned sanctions against Israel’s illegal settlements. The Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign outlines what is at risk and calls on the Irish people and politicians to act now.

June 21, 2020

Bobby Storey has died

bobbystorey600.jpg Republicans everywhere have expressed their shock and sadness at the death of legendary Belfast republican, Bobby Storey, at the age of 64.

June 19, 2020

Realignment seen as govt pact excludes Sinn Féin

dailsplit.jpg Nationalists and republicans have been left disappointed by the Programme for Government presented by the leaders of three potential coalition partners in Dublin.

Tory dissembling accelerates ahead of Brexit deadline

gove.jpg There are calls for the Dublin government to provide “push back” against the increasingly perfidious actions of London over the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement and its protocol for the north of Ireland.

Bigots offended by kids playing hurling

antigaa.jpg A sectarian banner was erected in a Belfast public park to denounce the GAA as “anti-British” and proclaimed the Gaelic Athletics Association is “not welcome”. The sign was later removed by council workers.

Johnson defends statue of Oliver Cromwell

cromwellstatue.jpg British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said said it would not be right to remove the statue of Oliver Cromwell despite the fact he “killed so many thousands of people in Ireland”.

McAllister campaign seeks deportation reversal

mcallisterbelfast.jpg A Belfast republican has said the US government has “thrown a wrench” into the Good Friday Agreement after he was deported after more than twenty years.

Truth demanded on tenth anniversary of Saville Report

savillecameroncrowd.jpg One of the organisers of the original Bloody Sunday march has said the report of the Bloody Sunday Inquiry did not get to the full truth of the massacre.

Commemoration of first IRA Volunteer to die in North

patrickloughran.jpg Republicans in Tyrone have marked the 100th anniversary of the first Volunteer killed on active service in the IRA’s Northern Campaign during the War of Independence.

Sean Russell fought for Ireland

seanrussellstatue.jpg The call, made by the head of the unelected 26-County Administration, Leo Varadkar, for the removal of the statue of the Irish patriot Sean Russell in Fairview Park in Dublin, is a display of historical illiteracy.

June 16, 2020

‘Don’t despair’, urges McDonald, as Martin set to become Taoiseach

martinmcdonaldcoal.jpg Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou McDonald has urged voters to “not give in” following a decision by the parliamentary parties of Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil and the Green Party to support the formation of a coalition government in Dublin which would see FF leader Micheál Martin become the next Taoiseach.

June 15, 2020

Party leaders propose coalition deal

After four months of negotiation, a proposed Programme for Government between Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil and the Green Party could give the 26 County state the largest right-wing government it has seen for decades.

June 12, 2020

End British export of rubber bullets

plasticbulletsmural.jpg There has been a surge of pressure for an end to Britain’s trade in plastic and rubber bullets following disturbing scenes of serious injuries to Black Lives Matter protestors in the US.

Repression in Derry ‘ignored’ by new campaign

judemccrory.jpg The chairperson of Saoradh in Derry has called on those protesting against racism and oppression around the world to address the issues of discrimination and repression in Ireland.

Gerrymander quashed after court upholds appeal

newwestminstercons.jpg An attempt by the Boundary Commission in the north of Ireland to drastically reshape constituencies has been declared unlawful by the Court of Appeal in Belfast.

Broad appeal for help to bring closure to grieving family

jeansmythcampbell.jpg The family of a young west Belfast woman shot dead almost 50 years ago have appealed for members of the public who may have information to contact them, including former IRA Volunteers or former members of the British Crown Forces.

Paramilitary flag seen in new soccer strip

linfielduvf.jpg The daughter of a loyalist murder victim has called for a Belfast soccer club to withdraw a new kit which has the same colours and a similar design to the flag used by the paramilitary group which killed her father

Republican prisoners in solidarity fast

portaoiseflag600.jpg Irish republican prisoners at Portaoise have this Friday, June 12, begun a 72 hour fast in support of Basque prisoners and political prisoners around the world. They have issued the following statement.

Derry 1920 - A civil war of independence

derry1920.jpg A century ago this month, conflict erupted in Derry with British state forces openly colluding with UVF gangs to quell the nationalist surge for independence.

All those injured in conflict must be included

markthompson.jpg For anyone who cares to peel back the veneer, the matter of who funds a payments scheme for the injured isn’t the only issue to be resolved.

June 10, 2020

Malachy McAllister deported from US

malachymcallisterfamily.jpg A former Irish political prisoner who fought deportation for over two decades after fleeing loyalist death threats with his family is believed to have been put on a plane back to Ireland by US authorities.

June 5, 2020

‘Hierarchy of victims’ may be used for payment scheme

brandonlewis.jpg The British government once again stands accused of reneging on its commitments after it insisted on a legal definition of a victim which would exclude thousands of nationalists and republicans.

Anti-racism protests across Ireland

blmdublin.jpg More than 5,000 people gathered on the streets of Dublin on Monday afternoon as demonstrations too place around the world in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter campaign.

‘No more delays’ - why must family wait until 2059?

paulwhitters.jpg A woman who wasn’t even born when her big brother was killed by a plastic bullet in Derry says she wants to know why a secret file into his death has to remain closed until she is nearly 80 years old.

Sinn Féin speak to Irish America, English Queen

oneilladams.jpg Former Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams has called upon Irish-American supporters to begin lobbying for a referendum on the unification of Ireland.

Prisoners’ campaigner remembered on fortieth anniversary

johnturnley.jpg Tributes have been paid to former British soldier John Turnley who campaigned for Irish republican prisoners before being shot dead by a loyalist paramilitary death squad linked to the British Army’s SAS regiment.

Gaelic blessing could be political statement, says church

churchjudge.jpg The Church of England has been accused of anti-Irish racism after it refused to allow an Irish language inscription on a gravestone on the basis that Gaelic ‘can cause intense feelings’.

Olaudah Equiano’s Irish friends

olaudahequiano.jpg Olaudah Equiano, a former slave and the author of an influential memoir, visited Dublin and Belfast in the 1790s, mingling among the most progressive voices of the day in Irish society.

The Counter Revolution 1920-2020

ffg.jpg What happened in Ireland over the last 100 years can be understood as a counter–revolution supported by the privileged classes in Ireland and in Britain.

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