July 25, 2008


checkpoint.jpg The first formal border checks between Ireland and Britain for more than 80 years are set to begin following an announcement by the Dublin and London governments on Thursday.

DUP creating a crisis - Adams

Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams has accused the DUP of pushing the North's power-sharing government toward crisis.

Mixed reaction to Sarkozy visit

Thousands gathered outside the Dublin parliament this week to demonstrate their opposition to a second Lisbon Treaty during the visit of Nicolas Sarkozy, the French premier and current president of the European Unio

Struggle will re-ignite in Derry - 32CSM

A republican group in Derry has predicted that the conflict will begin again in the city as the conditions return for armed struggle.

Political realignment seen in North

The Ulster Unionist Party is in negotiations with the British Conservative Party over moves towards a possible merger between the parties.

Protestors arrested, removed in Shell land grab

Thirteen members of the Shell 2 Sea Group were arrested on July 22nd for challenging the legality of construction work on a contentious pipeline in an area designated for "Special Conservation

The Famine - A shared tragedy

One hundred and sixty years after one of the most traumatic events in the history of this island, the Dublin Government are to officially commemorate An Gorta Mor, the Great Hunger, which claimed the lives of an estimated one million Irish people and reduced the population of the country by half.

Truth and lies

Evidence is now emerging that the bombing of McGurks Bar, like many atrocities in the early years of the conflict, may have been part of a policy of assassination by British intelligence services.

July 18, 2008


sarkozy.jpg A declaration by French and current European Union President Nicolas Sarkozy that Ireland will have to hold a second referendum on the Lisbon Treaty has generated a furious reaction in Ireland ahead of his planned visit to Dublin on Monday.

North recovers from ‘Orangefest’

Attempts by the Dublin and London government to rebrand sectarian marches and ghoulish bonfires as “cultural events” failed before they began last weekend when loyalists embarked on violent rampages on the eve of the ‘Twelfth’, the height of the marching season.

British apology, 37 years on

The British government has accepted that its deliberately lied when it claimed that the IRA was responsible for a bomb which killed 15 people in December 1971.

Call for end to Stormont stalemate

The North’s power-sharing executive has failed to meet for over a month amid fears of a stalemate between Sinn Féin and the DUP.

RSF denounce Fermanagh arrest operation

Republican Sinn Féin has accused the PSNI police of “abducting” three republicans in County Fermanagh.

Gag order on ‘Stakeknife’ reports

Newspaper reports on the ‘Stakeknife’ spy, who was reputedly the British Army’s highest-ranking double agent within the IRA, are being censored by the British government.

‘For God and Ulster’

The Loyal Orders stress the cultural and religious aspects of their organisations. The reality of their involvement over the past 200 years tells a different story.

PSNI is failing to protect vulnerable Catholics

Inaction has thus far characterised the PSNI’s policing operation in defending Catholics in Stoneyford and in other parts.

July 11, 2008


bonfire.jpg As the height of the Protestant marching season approaches, nationalists are facing a weekend of sectarian intimidation, paramilitary displays, provocative marches and drunken, uncontrolled violence at ‘Eleventh Night’ bonfires.

Sarkozy to defy Irish referendum

The French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, intends to pressurise Irish voters to back the Lisbon Treaty in a second referendum after ruling out any possibility of renegotiating the draft constitution for the European Union.

Britain denounced for massive spying operation

The British government has been strongly criticised by the European Court of Human Rights for illegally and secretly monitoring all electronic communications between Ireland and Britain for years.

Sectarian attacks in north Belfast

A North Belfast father-of-three was stabbed in the head and neck with a spear in a near-fatal sectarian attack.

Call on Britain to release files

The Dublin parliament has urged the British government to release security files on the Dublin and Monaghan bombings.

Welcome for McShane inquest verdict

A jury has unanimously found that the British Army was responsible for the death of a former republican prisoner in Derry almost 12 years ago.

Bodenstown oration

The oration by Marion Price at the grave of Wolfe Tone in the Republican Unity Initiative’s Bodenstown commemoration.

Who should pay for the recession?

Why is the most objectively fair response to our economic difficulties the least acceptable to the economic and political establishment?

July 4, 2008


dannymorrison.jpg Sinn Féin’s former publicity director Danny Morrison is set to have his conviction for false imprisonment overturned amid secretive legal moves to conceal the truth in the case.

Media frenzy as McCartney trial ends

The case of a fatal stabbing outside a republican bar, and a subsequent media campaign which reached the White House, ended this week in a Belfast courtroom.

Parades held amid tensions over ‘secret’ Drumcree talks

An Orange Order march in west Belfast passed off quietly last weekend despite a controversial incursion onto the republican Springfield Road.

Republicans clash after Derry shooting

The PSNI have arrested two teenage girls and are also questioning three male teenagers in connection with the death of Emmett Shiels.

Inquiry hears of intimidation of lawyers

The Rosemary Nelson inquiry has been told that defence lawyers were subject to “deliberate and systematic intimidation” by the RUC police.

Report ‘sexed up’ in Tara fraud

A leading archaeologist employed to survey the motorway through the ancient Irish capital city of Tara has said her findings were altered to support the motorway when in fact she pointed to evidence against it.

Cypriot solidarity recalled

A bond of friendship and solidarity lasting over 50 years was celebrated in Dublin last month.

What price the Orange Card?

Are the people of the Six Counties to be again left high and dry due to the selfish interests of yet another British politician?

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