August 31, 2006


The PSNI police has been covering up a series of unionist paramilitary arms discoveries -- according to the UDA themselves.

British knew Dublin bombers in 1974

Families of victims of the Dublin/Monaghan bombings have demanded a public apology after it emerged that the British government has always known the bombers’ identities but failed to bring them to justice.

‘Big house’ talks plan

26-County Taoiseach Bertie Ahern and British prime minister Tony Blair are reported to be considering holding “hothouse” talks with the North’s parties in Scotland in the second week in October.

Catholic homes attacked in County Antrim

A Catholic family in the County Antrim village of Ahoghill has come under attack for the fourth time in a year, while in nearby Ballymena, another Catholic family was targeted by petrol bombers.

Dispute fells republican ‘unity’ meeting

Republicans considering a debate on possible alternatives to the troubled 1998 Good Friday Agreement have abandoned a meeting scheduled for Tuesday night, with conflicting reasons given for the decision.

Summer marches end without violence

The summer marching season ended last weekend without serious trouble during the annual ‘Last Saturday’ marches by the ‘Blackmen’ of the Protestant Royal Black Order.

US ‘Fax Blitz’

An urgent action alert is being distributed by a number of Irish-American organisations.

Injustice must always be opposed and exposed

Britain’s history in Ireland is one of brutality and inhumanity, often characterised through the abuse of political prisoners.

August 27, 2006


Sinn Fein has revealed that Ian Paisley’s DUP are refusing to even look directly at the party’s representatives across the table at meetings intended to prepare the way for the two parties to share power in the Six Counties.

British soldiers admit using ‘unknown’ gas on prisoners

The British government is under pressure to confirm that it used a lethal gas on republican prisoners during a prison riot 32 years ago.

Loyalists butcher rival drug dealer

Unionist paramilitaries are believed to be behind the brutal murder of a rival drug dealer.

Republicans to discuss new political direction

A meeting to discuss the current state of republicanism and to establish “a way forward” is being held in the County Antrim village of Toome on Tuesday evening.

‘Fascist’ McDowell presides over Mountjoy hell

26-County Minister for Justice Michael McDowell has been described as “fascist” in a report issued as two more prisoners died in Mountjoy prison.

Scottish prosecutors caution Polish goalkeeper over blessing

The Catholic Church has led angry condemnation of a decision by Scottish prosecutors to caution a Polish footballer who blessed himself during a Glasgow soccer match.

Border lines

Partition is alive and well in Ireland.

Diplock claim equals justice denied

The British strategy on non-jury Diplock courts seems clearly and solely directed at Sinn Féin.

August 22, 2006


The Police Ombudsman has been asked to investigate the assault of a Sinn Féin politician by the PSNI police at a weekend loyalist parade.

Attempted mass murder

A couple and their three-month-old baby have been forced from their home in north Belfast following an arson attack on Sunday.

33 years of lies

The PSNI has finally admitted to the family of a murdered County Donegal teenager that the UVF was responsible for his death -- after 33 years -- despite the force knowing all along.

All-Ireland work ‘will go on’

Ian Paisley’s DUP has been warned that an all-Ireland agenda led by the Dublin and London governments would proceed in the absence of agreement on power-sharing in the Six Counties.

Sinn Féin criticised over INLA tribute

Organisers of a commemoration to mark the 25th anniversary of the death of hunger striker Michael Devine have defended the firing of a gun at the event.

Voter registration drive

All those entitled to vote in the Six Counties are being urged to complete the new registration form in order to register their votes.

Mickey Devine

The tenth and final hunger striker to die in the 1981 hunger strike was Mickey Devine. He died 25 years ago on Sunday.

Hunger Strike Anniversary

News of the protest against criminalization, by Republican political prisoners at Maghaberry, will strike a chord deep within the hearts and memories of many nationalists and Republicans.

August 18, 2006


Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams has called for greater compromise and confidence in dealing with unionists during a significant mass rally in west Belfast.

Dissidents bomb Lord’s estate

A large bomb was partially detonated by the Real IRA at the empty home of an industrialist and unionist peer in another attack by the breakaway armed republican group.

PSNI under fire

The PSNI police have been strongly criticised after raiding two homes in a violent manner in Dungiven, County Derry.

Gardai out of control - Morris

The Morris Tribunal of Inquiry into Garda police corruption has spoken of widespread anarchy in the force.

Campaign to demilitarise Derry beach

A senior Dublin government official has visited a stretch of beach in the North which is being used as a British army training ground.

Weekend of sectarian violence

Some of the worst rioting in north Belfast in months took place last Sunday night.

Famine tale uncovers common Irish ancestry

A little known shipping disaster which claimed the lives of almost 50 people from south Armagh during the Famine has inspired a new book.

30,000 people know who the victors were 25 years ago

The public demonstration for the anniversary of the hunger strikers was a powerful evidence of people’s determination, and of their dignity.

August 13, 2006


Republican prisoners held in Maghaberry jail have concluded a 48-hour fast as part of an escalating protest for the restoration of political status and the implementation of five demands.

‘Diplock’ courts to remain

Special non-jury ‘Diplock’ courts are to remain part of the British judicial system in the North of Ireland, it has been confirmed.

Real IRA claim disruption, firebombs

The Real IRA has forced the closure of the main cross-border road and rail links today, after it claimed responsibility for a series of firebomb attacks in Newry last week.

Ballymena family burnt out

A Catholic family in Ballymena have escaped a murder bid after their house was attacked with a petrol bomb in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Campaign for release of Michael McKevitt grows

A campaign to overturn the conviction of the republican prisoner Michael McKevitt gained momentum yesterday as a distinguished panel of human-rights advocates assembled in Belfast to highlight his case.

Apprentice Boys celebrate Derry siege victory

Clashes with republican youths preceded and followed the annual parade by the Apprentice Boys in Derry on Saturday, but the PSNI police has said they are pleased that the main parade passed off without greater incident.

Alert - US/UK Extradition Treaty

An action alert for US readers from the IAUC.

Sectarian rhetoric

The issue of sectarianism has to be tackled head on whatever its source.

August 10, 2006


The Continuity IRA are considered most likely to be responsible for a spate of fire-bomb attacks and bomb alerts in the town of Newry, close to the border, that damaged or destroyed at least four large British retail chain stores.

UVF arms find follows threat

Concerns increased last night over the state of the UVF’s ceasefire after it 20lbs of high-powered explosives -- enough to power ten car bombs -- was uncovered.

Tensions rise ahead of Apprentice Boys marches

Tensions have increased along two north Belfast interfaces ahead of parades by the unionist Apprentice Boys organisation.

‘Dissidents’ march in Ballymena

A parade by republican hardliners passed off peacefully in Ballymena last night with its organisers vowing to continue with the annual event until restrictions on it are lifted.

Jonty Brown arrested over McCord killing

The arrest of two so-called RUC police ‘whistleblowers’ and a third former RUC man by the office of the Police Ombudsman has clouded the issue of RUC collusion with unionist paramilitaries.

Activists take over war firm

Anti-war demonstrators yesterday occupied the premises of a military contractor in Derry in protest at the company’s involvment in the war in the Middle East and in particular its work for the Israeli Defence Forces.

Thomas McElwee

The story of the ninth hunger strike to die in the 1981 hunger strike. He passed away on August 8th, 1981.

Nothing is true until it’s officially denied

No-one any longer believes a word this British government utters.

August 5, 2006


The UDA has forcibly ousted its former north Belfast leadership from the city with the tacit support of the PSNI police.

UVF gang kill Scottish man

The brutal murder of a 36-year-old Scotsman in County Derry last week has been blamed on the UVF.

Child abused by PSNI

An 11-year-old girl caught scribbling her name on a section of Derry’s walls was subjected to a terrifying ordeal by the PSNI police.

Shell in pipeline ‘PR exercise’

An announcement by Shell OIl that the controversial Corrib gas pipeline is to be re-routed has not impressed residents of the Rossport area of County Mayo.

PSNI back down on land seizures

The PSNI has been forced into a climbdown over plans to make residents in Crossmaglen, County Armagh hand over valuable land to the force.

Hunger-strike rally to go ahead

A major national hunger-strike commemorative rally is set to go ahead on August 13th at Casement Park stadium, owned by the Gaelic Athletics Association, despite the opposition of the GAA’s Dublin-based central council.

A dedicated republican and an outstanding soldier

The story of Kieran Doherty, the eighth hunger striker to die in 1981, who passed away 25 years ago on Wednesday.

Nationalists have a right to proper policing

Any future decision by republicans to endorse policing in the six counties will be on a par with those landmark decisions which republicans have already taken over the last decade of the peace process.

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