[An Phoblacht]

Thursday 4 September, 1997


It's up to Trimble

Much of the onus for the commencement of real negotiations on the future of Ireland now rests with Ulster Unionist Party leader David Trimble. more

`United Ireland will be reality'

Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams MP's first words on landing at Kennedy Airport in New York last Tuesday afternoon reflected the confident mood among the strongest Sinn Fein delegation ever sent to the United States.

Mowlam challenged on consent

Newspaper readers got a foretaste of negotiations to come with regard to the issue of consent this week, writes Micheal MacDonncha

Plastic bullets - time for justice

Last week it was revealed that the rules for firing plastic bullets are less strict in the Six Counties than in Britain. Sinn Féin Councillor Chrissie McAuley remembers visiting the family of one young victim as his life ebbed away

Larne attacks escalate

Sectarian attacks on Catholic residents of Larne are continuing to occur, with one local Catholic and his girlfriend being targeted at the weekend.

On the threshold of real talks

>Finally the moment is coming where Sinn Féin will enter negotiations on an equal footing with other parties, writes Micheal MacDonncha.

Loyalists still arming

North Down has again been the location for the manufacture of loyalist death squads arms with the find of an extensive weapons manufactury outside Newtownards.

Inquest dismissed as charade

The official inquest into the murder of three Belfastmen by a British undercover unit was dismissed by the relatives of the three as a ``charade'' because of its restricted scope of investigation.

RUC still targeting

Sinn Féin Councillor Gerry McHugh has raised the case of a young Enniskillen man who was approached by the RUC Special Branch to work as an informer.

The dead are owed the truth

Mary Nelis' thoughts on hearing the news of the car crash in Paris while reading an account of the Famine years.

Historic nationalists rally in Lurgan

Nationalists achieved a historic first last Sunday when hundreds of people, young and old, defied the miserable weather and years of RUC and unionist bigotry to march into Lurgan town centre for the first time ever.

From New Zealand to an Irish prison cell

Twenty years ago a young Maori, Ana Meihana, left New Zealand for Belfast. She intended to search out her Irish connections. What she found was Armagh Jail.

Sellafield `mess' slammed

The Celtic League in describing the British government's monitoring of pollution in the Irish Sea as ``an uncoordinated mess'' have called for urgent independent assessment of the Sellafield plant.

RUC attack Newry protestors

The RUC forcibly removed protestors from Kildare Street in Newry last Saturday to allow a Royal Black Preceptory march through the nationalist town.

`Not in Derry!' says RUC man on perjury charge

RUC constable Brian Hassan, who has admitted lying under oath, now claims he cannot get a fair trial in Derry.

No one ever celebrated Devolution Day

Next week the people of Scotland decide whether to have a devolved parliament. David Hewitt looks at why they aren't terribly excited about it all

Saoirse to march to Belfast City Hall

Saoirse, the prisoners support group, is set to hold a massive Belfast city march and rally at the City Hall on Sunday.

DIY demilitarisation continues

Residents in West Belfast's Whiterock and Springfield Road areas decided to assist the British army and RUC in their departure from the Henry Taggart Barracks on the Springfield Road last Friday.

Irish and Basque youth links planned

A visit from Jarrai, the Basque youth movement, to Sinn Féin Youth has strengthened growing links between the two groups.

Burst tank leaves seven flats ruined

Seven Dublin families were left homeless when a water tank burst early last Wednesday morning, flooding their flats.

Tom Williams - full of youth and hope

Last Sunday's heavy rainfall did not deter those republicans gathered to remember one of Ireland's finest sons whose remains still lie within a Belfast's Crumlin Road jail.

Commemoration stone unveiled

Sunday 17 August saw the unveiling of a stone monument and plaque in honour of Strabane IRA Volunteer Eugene Devlin who was killed by British troops on 27 December 1972.

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