Republican News · Thursday 4 September 1997

[An Phoblacht]


Stop seeking excuses for not talking.

Mitchel McLaughlin on David Trimble's excuses for not sitting down face to face with Sinn Féin on 15 September, Irish Times Thursday 28 August.


It is as if people want to bury what happened... but with a peace process now it's time for a truth commission to be established.

Spokesperson for the Justice for the Forgotten campaign on the failure of Dublin/Monaghan bombings victims' releatives to secure Garda files. Irish News, Friday 29 August.


Clearly we have an awesome task before us.

Martin McGuinness, Irish Times Saturday 30 August.


How do they propose to achieve lasting agreement in our community if they are going to reject the current process?

John Hume on the attitude of the unionist parties, quoted in the Irish Times, Saturday 30 August.


In France or Italy, a judge or magistrate is appointed to look into any claims of impropriety. If they find there is prima facie evidence of corruption, the case comes before a full trial.

A Labour Party spokesman on the new tribunal being set up by the Dublin government into political malpractice. The Sunday Business Post, 31 August.


I don't want it to be seen as in some way a political issue.

Mary Robinson on whether the 26-County state should rejoin the Commonwealth. Quoted in the Sunday Business Post, 31 August.


As far as I am concerned they are insignificant criminals.

Billy Hutchinson speaking about the UVF. Sunday Business Post, 31 August.


If I am wrong let them say so. Let them tell the Irish people that they have no interest in maintaining the Union. That their preference is for the people of Ireland to reach a national consensus on the society which suits our needs best. That it is for the people of Ireland alone to reach agreement on this and to determine the agreement involved without British interference.

Gerry Adams in the Irish News, Monday 1 September.

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