Republican News · Thursday 4 September 1997

[An Phoblacht]

Major step forward

THE RESURGENCE in activity by the Concerned Parents Against Drugs in Dublin has continued, with more communities taking action to rid their areas of drug pushers.

The latest community to move against them has been the people of the southside suburb of Crumlin, an area where the drug pushing has provoked much fear in the lower Crumlin area and on Monday 31 August over 300 people attended a meeting at Scoil Iosagáin, Aughavenna Road.

The meeting was requested by people from Rutland Grove, where the drugs problem has become particularly acute. The nearby Sundrive Park has been described as a ``shopping centre'' for drugs, with pushers operating openly and preying on local young people.

At Monday's meeting, a drug pusher from Rutland Grove was given a week to leave the area while two others were named and it was decided to take similar action against them in the South Inner City at which locals barred drug pushers from the area. At Seagull House and School Street, people moved against pushers, one of whom, Rita O'Donoghue, is the mother-in-law of the infamous `Boyo' Dunne of the Dunne heroin family. She was given 48 hours to leave Marrowbone Lane Flats. Hundreds of people also marched on the home of another pusher in Oliver Bond Flats.

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