Republican News · Thursday 4 September 1997

[An Phoblacht]


Thursday 28 August

A women and her two children are killed in a horror car crash on the outskirts of Galway.

Green MEP Patricia McKenna calls on the 26-County government to release the files on the 1974 Dublin/Monaghan bombings in 1974.


Friday 29 August

It is revealed that the British Army and the RUC are operating different guidelines on the use of plastic bullets.

Mo Mowlam announces that Sinn Féin are to be at the Stormont talks on 15 September.

Possibly up to 300 people are killed in the worst massacre of the Algerian civil war about 20km south of Algiers.


Saturday 30 August

Thousands gather in Dublin's Lansdowne Road for the U2 home-coming gigs.

The RUC fire plastic bullets as a crowd attacks the New Barnsley Barracks in Ballymurphy in West Belfast with petrol bombs and tries to force the main gates and set fire to look-out posts.


Sunday 1 September

Mayo defeat Offaly in the All-Ireland semi-final in Croke Park.

Diana Spencer, a member of the English royal family, her partner and driver are killed in a car crash in Paris.

The first ever nationalist rally in Lurgan town centre is delayed and re-routed because of a suspect device planted in a car park.


Monday 2 September

Rev Martin Smyth is the third UUP MP to come out against his party joining in face-to-face talks with Sinn Féin at Stormont (the other two being William Ross and William Thompson).

Russian President Boris Yeltsin confirms that he intends to retire in the year 2000.


Tuesday 3 September

Gerry Adams, Martin McGuinness and Caoimhghín O Caoláin fly to the United States to meet US political leaders and republican supporters.

Direct Ruler Mo Mowlam tells loyalists that the status of the Six Counties will not change without the consent of the majority of the people there.


Wednesday 4 September

nette Mangan, the Dublin women who wrongly accused three Irishmen of raping her in Cyprus is released from prison.

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