April 25, 2024

Bittersweet vindication for Stardust families

stardustinquest.jpg The 26 County state has finally acknowledged a multi-generational trauma it inflicted on a community following a verdict of “unlawful killing” for all those who died in the Stardust Ballroom fire.

Gaza protests grow as further atrocities are uncovered

massgravegaza.jpg As a new mass grave was being unearthed in Gaza, tens of thousands of people marched through Dublin city centre on Saturday afternoon calling for freedom and justice for Palestine.

British Army escapes punishment for Bloody Sunday lies

1para.jpg Families of Bloody Sunday victims have said a decision not to prosecute 15 former British soldiers over perjury is “a continuation of the injustice that was perpetrated on Bloody Sunday.”

Second inquest collapses as coroner seeks public inquiry

fergalmccusker1200.jpg A coroner at the inquest of a second Catholic man murdered by a British death squad has halted the inquest and urged the British government to hold a public inquiry.

‘Murder admissions’ of double agent to be ignored

peterkeeley1200.jpg Victims’ families have reacted with anger after it emerged that a former British double agent in the IRA who allegedly admitted to murder while giving training presentations to members of the Crown Forces will not be prosecuted.

Derry soccer fans issue PSNI warning

kidsderrypsni.jpg Tensions are mounting over the increased presence of PSNI police in the nationalist Brandywell area of Derry.

Saving Moore Street, the cradle of the 1916 Rising

moorestconf.jpg The future of Moore Street in Dublin and harnessing its potential was the focus of a special conference on Wednesday.

The opportunity for a new beginning

donaldsoncourt.jpg As former DUP leader Jeffrey Donaldson was mobbed by a media scrum outside Newry Courthouse following a first court hearing of shock sex crime charges dating back to 1985, DUP interim leader Gavin Robinson has been appealing for unionist unity. Unionism can use the current crisis to plan for the future.

April 18, 2024

Waffling Harris urges people to ‘get to know each other’

simonharris1200c.jpg Sinn Féin vice president Michelle O’Neill has warned the new 26 County Taoiseach Simon Harris that he cannot ‘hide his head’ in the sand on Irish unification.

Brown family shocked at British legal intervention

seanbrownflat.jpg The daughter of a man murdered by loyalist paramilitaries says the British government’s decision to mount a judicial review over his case is “a real insult” to his memory.

Report into PSNI surveillance of journalists ridiculed

birneymccaffrey1200.jpg The PSNI will have to produce a new report into its surveillance of journalists and lawyers after the first one was rejected as “utterly vague” by members of the Policing Board.

RUC predicted murder of Francis Bradley, inquest told

francisbradley1200.jpg The brother of a County Derry man shot dead in an SAS ‘shoot-to-kill’ targeted attack has told an inquest that shortly before he was killed, the Crown police said he would be dead before he was 21.

‘Shameful’ Legacy Act bringing curtain down on legal actions

legacyact.jpg A number of legal processes are facing a critical time ahead of an overarching British shutdown of inquests, investigations and other legal processes related to the conflict on May 1.

Campaigning university chief inspired by Bobby Sands

sittahsands.jpg The new rector of Glasgow University, a well-known British-Palestinian surgeon, has cited IRA hunger striker Bobby Sands in an inspiring first official speech.

Aontú leader Peadar Tóibín interviewed

peadartoibin1200.jpg Aontú has reached up to 5% support in opinion polls and is just shy of becoming the fourth largest party in the 26 Counties, just over five years since the party began as a more socially conservative alternative on the republican left.

New memorial stone to mark anniversary of Peggy Whyte

peggywhytestone.jpg The son of a woman murdered in a UVF bomb attack on her south Belfast home has said the Catholic community living in the Lower Ormeau Road area were one of the most targeted during the conflict.

April 11, 2024

New Taoiseach goes AWOL

harriswave.jpg Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou McDonald has hit out at the new 26 County Taoiseach Simon Harris for failing to attend parliament following his election to the premiership of the state.

British secrecy slapdown for PSNI, coroners

chhboutcher.jpg Hopes that British Direct Ruler Chris Heaton-Harris will accede to a call by a coroner for a public inquiry into the 1997 murder of GAA official Sean Brown have faded after it emerged that he politically intervened in a related inquest in an attempt to suppress information being released to the families of the deceased.

Papers show Blair’s demilitarisation demands

blairmcguinnessadams1200.jpg Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair demanded Sinn Fein’s Gerry Adams betray former comrades who had joined the breakaway Real IRA, according to British state papers held in London.

We should match German commitment to unity - Varadkar

varadkarrte2024.jpg The outgoing Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has said the cost of a united Ireland to the 26 County state is a ‘small price to pay’ for reunification.

State harassment of republicans raised in Brussels

irpwabrussels.jpg A delegation from a republican prisoners group met members of the European Parliament during a visit to Brussels to show a documentary and highlight the continued harassment of Republicans in both the Six County and 26 County statelets.

UDA linked to publicly-funded Shankill organisation

lsca.jpg An alleged UDA drug dealer sat on the board of a ‘charity’ which has been paid £375,000 in state cash handouts since 2021, it has emerged.

Legacy of Bobby Sands MP’s victory

sandselected1200.jpg The election of hunger striker Bobby Sands as a Westminster MP 43 years ago marked an historic change and set the Provisional movement on the path to political settlement.

Harris couldn’t care less about the North

simonharris12000b.jpg The Irish government must be the only one in the world which has an objective, a constitutional imperative, repeated dutifully, religiously, but no plan to achieve it and refuses to do anything to achieve it.

April 4, 2024

Uneasy peace as New IRA message delivered

derryeaster24.jpg The New IRA has vowed to continue its armed campaign in an Easter message.

Michelle O’Neill represents North at official Rising event

oneilleaster.jpg The North’s First Minister has attended the official commemoration of the 1916 Easter Rising in Dublin for the first time.

Legal action over Kenova cover-up

braniffwilson.jpg The widow of an IRA Volunteer murdered by a British double-agent has launched a legal action over the decision not to prosecute anyone in connection with the killing.

Pressure builds in Britain for Irish reunification

shaunwoodward1200.jpg A former British Direct Ruler has said a referendum on Irish unity could happen in the next decade following a recent poll which confirmed that there is majority support in the north of Ireland — and every British constituent nation — for a united Ireland.

Donaldson’s unionist mentors are alleged child abusers

powelldonaldson.jpg The shock resignation of DUP leader Jeffrey Donaldson after being charged with rape and other sexual offences has renewed long-standing concerns in the north of Ireland over the links between political unionism and paedophile networks.

Direct action against Gaza genocide

shannongaza.jpg Three Palestine solidarity activists were charged following a protest at Shannon Airport which saw the activists attempt to block US military planes.

Easter speeches and statements 2024

easteroration.jpg A round-up of the messages and orations delivered around Ireland to mark the 108th anniversary of the Easter Rising.

Israel’s destruction of Gaza’s healthcare system

alshifa.jpg Israel has ended its assault on the al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza, because there is nothing left to assault.

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