July 28, 2022

Majority in North now back immediate reunification

pollvote.jpg The latest poll results in the Six Counties point to a sharp decline in support for unionism and the emergence of a clear majority in favour of Irish reunification.

Death of David Trimble

davidtrimble1200.jpg Although widely praised for his role in the 1998 Good Friday Agreement, former Ulster Unionist leader David Trimble will also be remembered for his failure to deliver the leadership unionism needed in the years following its signing.

Secrecy order signed in Noah Donohoe case

varanoah.jpg A censorship order has been signed by the new British Direct Ruler Shailesh Vara to prevent the release of information on the investigation into Noah Donohoe’s disappearance and death.

Loyalist leaves legacy of unanswered questions

sammccrory.jpg The sudden death of a prominent UDA paramilitary in Scotland has brought home the failure of the authorities to investigate the acts of collusion he was involved in with British forces.

Human rights lawyer defended the underdog

padraigindrinan.jpg Tributes have been paid to human rights lawyer Pádraigín Drinan following her death aged 75. She has been praised as someone who “championed the rights of others throughout her entire life”.

Bomb warnings ‘were ignored’

bloodyfriday.jpg A research charity has discovered that coded IRA warnings were not heeded in a series of attacks in 1972 which became known as ‘Bloody Friday’.

The life and times of Rosie Hackett

rosiehackett.jpg The 1916 veteran and trade union activist Rosie Hackett was born 130 years ago this week.

This is a decade of opportunity

decadegreen.jpg The Irish government’s refusal to even begin the preparations for Irish unity is increasingly untenable.

July 21, 2022

Irish Unity ‘by 2030’

mcdonaldcanberra.jpg Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou McDonald has predicted a referendum on the reunification of Ireland would take place “in this decade” and that Ireland is “in the end days of partition”.

PSNI failed to pass on death threat to UDA murder victim

glenquinn1200.jpg The brother of a man found murdered by unionist paramilitaries in 2020 has said the police in the North failed to inform him that his life was under threat.

Little change seen after Tory process of attrition

sunaktruss.jpg One of two members of the former ‘war cabinet’ of the ousted British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, is set to become his successor following an ugly and dubious selection process by the party’s MPs.

PSNI accused in upsurge of sectarianism

steelepsni.jpg Two members of the PSNI police saluted the funeral procession of loyalist John Steele, who fell to his death while building a loyalist paramilitary bonfire in Larne earlier this month.

Sinister agency at work at Belfast Airport

belfastairport.jpg Two political parties have condemned separate interrogations of their members by unidentified ‘security’ personnel stationed at Belfast Airport.

Plastic bullet victims remembered

tobiasmolloyprocession.jpg The family and friends of Tobias Molloy have held a series of events to mark the 50th anniversary of his death at the hands of a British soldier on July 16, 1972.

The importance of Bodenstown

bodenstownrogers.jpg The historian, author and independent republican activist, Peter A. Rogers was a guest speaker at the recent Bodenstown commemoration for Anti-Imperialist Action, speaking on behalf of the Spirit of Irish Freedom Society, Westmeath.

Martin intends to do nothing to promote Irish unity

martinlemass.jpg Martin’s commentary on the north is entirely wrong. His appeal for reconciliation before developing any political or constitutional structures puts the cart before the horse.

July 14, 2022

Hopes for a ‘reset’ in London

newtories.jpg The edging out of Boris Johnson as British Prime Minister this week has raised hopes that his successor will end the multiple attacks of his government on the Good Friday Agreement.

Demands for change as sectarian nightmare continues

bonfires2022.jpg The complete failure of the authorities to tackle rampant hate crimes at loyalist ‘Eleventh’ bonfires has brought demands for forceful action and an end to the lip service which greets the scenes every year.

‘RUC has not gone away’ as shocking defilement revealed

simonbyrne1200.jpg The PSNI has been accused of descending new depths of inhumanity after it emerged members of the force shared perverted images of a suicide victim’s body accompanied by sectarian anti-Catholic comments.

Families are targeted at Maghaberry

maghaberry1200.jpg Children of republican prisoners attending a jail visit at Maghaberry prison were told to use a “mop bucket” after requesting to use the toilet.

Johnson departure gives hope to families

billofshameprotest.jpg Campaigners against legislation to give an amnesty to Britain’s war criminals in the north of Ireland have said Boris Johnson’s departure as Prime Minister could “be a window of opportunity”.

Springhill/Westrock massacre remembered, 50 years on

springhill50.jpg Relatives and friends gathered this week for a memorial march to remember five Catholic people shot dead by the British army 50 years ago.

Cathal Brugha

cathalbrugha100.jpg Cathal Brugha was born Charles William St. John Burgess in Dublin on 18 July, 1874. He adopted the Irish version of his name as his nationalist views took hold after he joined the Gaelic League in 1899.

The Orange Order: made to hate

twelfth2022.jpg Dare we hope that some day, a unionist leader will have the cojones to call the Twelfth for what it is, and to work towards the ending of the annual hatefest?

July 12, 2022

Loyalist mayhem and hate now ‘mainstreamed’

eleventh2022.jpg Hundreds of loyalist bonfires have gone ahead tonight across the North despite the death of a bonfire builder who fell to his death from one of the pyres.

July 7, 2022

Johnson ‘resigns’ but remains in power; reshuffles Cabinet

johnsonresigns.jpg Controversy continues in London after British Prime Minister delivered a resignation speech in Downing Street but insisted he would stay on as British Prime Minister until a successor is appointed.

Lewis quits as Johnson seeks to stay until October

johnsonlewis1200.jpg Britain’s Direct Ruler in Ireland Brandon Lewis has resigned from the Cabinet as Prime Minister Boris Johnson is now on the point of yielding to the overwhelming pressure for him to go.

July 6, 2022

‘Pray for Johnson to go’

johnsonout.jpg After one of the most bizarre days in British politics, Boris Johnson is still clinging to power in London despite no fewer than 42 resignations from his government, including a record 14 Ministers in one day.

Collusion alleged as Irvine walks

irvineloyalist.jpg The open involvement of a British minister in the release on bail of a top loyalist paramilitary figure has hiked tensions in the north of Ireland ahead of next week’s ‘Twelfth’ marches.

Legacy ‘Bill of Shame’ passed by MPs

legacyprotest0622.jpg The British government has been accused of retraumatising victims of the conflict after legislation for a broad amnesty for its war criminals in the north of Ireland was rushed through the House of Commons.

PSNI working alongside MI5 to recruit informers

psnimi5.jpg The PSNI are increasingly facilitating British military intelligence in their attempts to recruit nationalists as informers.

Royalist propaganda delivered to Irish schoolchildren

queenbook.jpg A new ‘patriotic’ book to promote the Queen of England has been distributed to schools in the occupied north of Ireland.

Demands grow for action on unity

unitydemo.jpg Calls for Irish self-determination and Scottish independence look set to grow amid the meltdown of Boris Johnson’s administration in London. Sinn Féin TD for Cavan-Monaghan Matt Carthy called on the Tory government to now “clarify the criteria” for an Irish unity poll.

New evidence in Michael Leonard shooting case

michaelleonard1200.jpg The family of Michael Leonard, who was shot dead by the RUC almost 50 years ago have called for a fresh inquest into the 24-year-old’s death after new evidence emerged suggesting his killing had not been properly investigated.

A tipping point

johnsonlewis1200.jpg It feels like we are at a tipping point, or at least a crunch point – again.

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