August 30, 2019

Tories dispense with democracy

johnsondictator.jpg The far-right Brexit ‘war cabinet’ under unelected Prime Minister Boris Johnson has edged closer to outright fascism after it secured a royal order to shut down the Westminster parliament in London for over a month.

British police to be sent into Brexit front line

metcops.jpg English and Scottish police could be sent into conflict situations in the north of Ireland after Brexit, it has emerged.

New revelations of large-scale child abuse

mountbottom.jpg Two Fermanagh women have said they were abused by members of the anti-Catholic Orange Order when they were children and that the Order has covered it up. They say their abusers are “powerful men” and that the Orange Order has “protected them”.

British soldier in court over McAnespie killing

mcanespie600.jpg A former British soldier accused of killing Aidan McAnespie more than 30 years ago has appeared in court.

PSNI and courts seen defending loyalist paramilitaries

somervillebanner.jpg A man who removed a loyalist hate banner which paid tribute to a sectarian killer has been sent for trial on charges of theft.

No weighted advantage for unionists in poll - O’Neill

riggedvote.jpg The notion that a weighted majority should be necessary to secure Irish unity in a border poll would “turn democracy on its head”, according to Sinn Féin’s deputy leader.

The ‘94 Cessation – how it happened

1994ceasefirestatement.jpg Gerry Adams looks back at the historic peace initiative of August 1994 when the Provisional IRA declared a ceasefire. (For Léargas).

Best time in fifty years for a United Ireland

eirenuaflag.jpg A proposal for the current political situation by the Éire Nua U.S. Campaign, which is seeking the support of the United States Congress and House of Representatives to end the partition of Ireland.

August 23, 2019

Border bomb is Brexit statement

gatebomb.jpg A bomb which exploded less than a mile from the border on Monday has delivered an IRA message about Britain’s plans to reinforce partition as a result of Brexit. The blast was heard on both sides of the border.

PSNI attack home of grieving family

alxmurphyfuneral.jpg A PSNI raid on the grieving home of a former IRA Volunteer a day after his funeral has sparked considerable anger in west Belfast.

Irish unification will solve Brexit problems - France

macronjohnson.jpg The French President Emmanuel Macron has said Irish reunification and integration of the entire island in the EU “would solve all the problems” of Brexit, “but it is not up to France”.

Action against Drugs threatens criminals

aadnewlodge.jpg A vigilante group said to have links to former IRA members has threatened criminals in what it says is an attempt to tackle an epidemic of drugs and anti-social activity in north Belfast.

Handshake meant Adams was ‘tied into peace process’ - papers

peacehandshake.jpg A famous public handshake by the late 26 County Taoiseach Albert Reynolds with the Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams and the SDLP leader John Hume in Dublin was designed “to tie Adams into a process from which he personally would not be able to escape”, according to previously classified British government files released this week in Belfast.

Public Services Card deemed illegal

psccard.jpg The findings of a report by the 26 County Data Protection Commissioner into the government’s ‘Public Services Card’ has vindicated the concern of campaigners that it was geared towards a right-wing agenda of control and dehumanisation.

The Pogroms

pogroms2.jpg Dominic Corr recounts how he was burned out of his home on 14th August 1969.

Amazon fires put the planet at risk

amazonfire.jpg Tierra Curry, a senior scientist at the US Center for Biological Diversity, on the race to save the Amazon (for The Hill).

August 17, 2019

Derry parades crisis

parabandderry.jpg There have been calls for sectarian parades to be banned from Derry after an inflammatory display by a loyalist flute band led to three nights of serious disorder this week.

Killing of young IRA Volunteer ‘unjustified’

bradleysseamus.jpg Belfast Coroner’s Court has found that the fatal shooting of 19-years-old Seamus Bradley during Operation Motorman on July 31, 1972, was ‘unjustified’.

New Lodge clashes ‘a mistake’ - SF

newlodgebonfire.jpg Sinn Féin has said that the handling of a strongly opposed bonfire built by nationalist youths which led to a riot in the New Lodge area of Belfast last week was wrong and that ‘lessons needed to be learned’.

First child fatality of conflict recalled

patrickrooney.jpg A brother of the first child killed in the conflict fifty years ago has revealed how his dying father asked him to keep fighting for the truth.

Bonfire insults continue

tullyally.jpg Sinn Féin has called on the leaders of political unionism to condemn the ‘hatemongers’ who placed an image of the late Sinn Fein leader Martin McGuinness on a bonfire.

‘Safety’ threat in latest MI5 recruitment bid

mi5threat.jpg A Derry republican has taken a video of a highly sinister attempt to recruit him as an informer by British ‘military intelligence’ agency, MI5.

August 1969 - when ‘the Troubles’ began

rossville.jpg Fifty years ago this week in the space of five days, the north of Ireland changed for ever.

The Six Counties rise up - fifty years on

battlebogside2.jpg Statements issued by three republican parties to mark the anniversary of the Battle of the Bogside, when the cause of equality crystallised into a campaign for freedom.

August 9, 2019

Sinn Féin’s message of defiance to Johnson

andersonhs19.jpg At the annual hunger strike commemoration organised by Sinn Féin, party MEP Martina Anderson told the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson that his government’s “days in Ireland are numbered”.

Anti-internment protest to go ahead after parade ban

fennell600.jpg A decision to ban a march commemorating internment from reaching Belfast city centre is to be resisted, according to the republicans involved. They say they will hold a protest at Belfast City Hall at the time the march was due to be held.

‘Different state’ comment fuels debate on reunification models

varadkarfeile2.jpg A debate about the details of a united Ireland has begun after the 26-County Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said that a new Ireland must be a “different state” with a new constitution.

Plastic bullet campaigners vow to eliminate the weapon

plasticnewlodge19.jpg The campaigning mother of the last person killed by a plastic bullet in the north has said she will continue her fight against their use in the north of Ireland as they once again appeared on the streets of north Belfast.

Abortion row within nationalism after Westminster move

mccloskeymullen.jpg Aontú has condemned what it says is the British imposition of “one of Europe’s most extreme abortion regimes” on the north of Ireland.

Death of Hooded Man Paddy Joe McClean

paddyjoemcclean.jpg The oldest surviving member of the group of former internees known as the Hooded Men has died.

Oration at the funeral of Margaret Doherty

margaretdoherty.jpg An oration delivered by Sinn Féin TD Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin at the funeral of Margaret Doherty, mother of 1981 hunger striker Kieran Doherty, who passed away last weekend.

‘You will not divide us’

hs19march.jpg The following is the full text of a speech delivered by Sinn Féin MEP Martina Anderson last Sunday at the hunger strike commemoration organised by the party in Strabane, County Tyrone.

August 8, 2019

PSNI withdraw from New Lodge

newlodgebonfire192.jpg Riot police have withdrawn from a republican area of north Belfast following clashes today over their efforts to prevent a bonfire constructed by local youths from being lit.

Riot as PSNI lay siege to bonfire in New Lodge

newlodgebonfire19.jpg An attempt by hundreds of PSNI police to remove a bonfire in a deprived republican area of north Belfast has erupted in a riot this morning. Amid a standoff, one riot policeman has fallen to the ground after being struck by stone-throwing youths.

August 2, 2019

Tory ‘War Cabinet’ sets scene for violence

warcabinet.jpg A so-called War Cabinet has been formed by the new British prime minister, Boris Johnson to aggressively force Ireland to accept a hardening and reinforcement of Britain’s century-old border across the island.

Campaign to replace wrecked memorial

drumferrer.jpg A memorial to two IRA Volunteers killed by the SAS has been destroyed in a shocking large-scale attack in County Monaghan this week.

Retrial collapses over bogus DNA evidence

weldon.jpg The juryless retrial of a man accused of IRA membership collapsed in farcical scenes this week after a PSNI policewoman did not recognise a vehicle licence plate from which she was supposed to have recovered DNA evidence.

Claim to impartiality ‘laughable’ as Tories pile on insults

queenpic.jpg The new British government under Boris Johnson has already displayed its contempt for the political process in Ireland by holding a private dinner with the DUP ahead of meeting the other political parties, while new Direct Ruler Julian Smith’s first message to the public was to express his joy at seeing a picture of the English queen on his desk.

Cancer victim beaten in PSNI raid

raids0718.jpg Saoradh has accused the PSNI of engaging in violent attacks and detentions of republicans across Belfast in an intensifying campaign of repression against their activists and their families.

Agreement seen on need for forum on Irish unity

oneisland2.jpg A growing consensus is emerging that all-Ireland forum on Irish unity should be convened as a step towards planning for the reunification of Ireland.

The Gaelic League and the 1916 Rising

conradh.jpg This week 126 years ago – 31 July 1893 – the Gaelic League (Conradh na Gaeilge) was founded. A look at the role it formed in the Easter Rising.

Expecting Ireland to be servile is part of a British tradition

punchcartoon2.jpg An analysis piece by Limerick academic Richard McMahon which was published in both the Irish and British media this week

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